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  1. DaisyMae2011

    Season 3 Discussion

    Chantal's family is delusional. Mother Chantal claims they were being nice. Ummm, no ... you were provoking Pedro and Nicole throughout the entire dinner. They also claim Pedro and his sister aren't really brother and sister, but are in a relationship because of how close they are. Have they met Chantal and River? They act the exact same way! The Family Chantal is everything they accuse Pedro's family of being. These two are doomed if they don't keep their families at a distance .. which will never happen because Chantal runs to her family for every little thing, and Pedro's mom and sister think he owes them. What a mess.
  2. DaisyMae2011

    Catelynn (and Tyler)

    We experienced something similar when my daughter was very young. She was eventually diagnosed with a social anxiety disorder called Selective Mutism. She would only speak to immediate family, and as she got a bit older, she would speak to a few of her friends. When any other adults tried to speak to her, she would put her head down, or whisper in my ear for me to respond to them. I never realized how bothered adults would get when a child refused to speak to them! Some of them would even make a point to bring her candy, but it made no difference because she wasn't ABLE to speak to them. I had to learn through therapy not to try and make her say thank you to people for bringing her things because she wasn't being defiant, she truly had no control over it. She would have horrible meltdowns. It must have been so frustrating for her to go through an entire day not being able to speak to people, so when she got home to her safe place, she would completely lose it. I'm not saying this is what your little girl has, but kudos to you for having her evaluated. Early intervention made all the difference for my daughter. Her social anxiety was severe. Trust me, I cried many tears over it because as exhausting as her meltdowns were, and as much as her tantrums tried my patience, my heart broke for her. Today, she is 22 years old, is in her senior year of college, and .... is a social butterfly with tons of friends. She even works as a waitress! I never thought I'd see the day, because one of the last things she was able to do (even as old as 12 or 13) was order her own meal in a restaurant because the waitress was a stranger. The therapy really taught me how to help her, as well as how to counsel her teachers at school, and others who had to interact with her. It made all the difference. Hang in there!
  3. DaisyMae2011

    Amber: A Rill Woman Goes to Gel

    Didn't she say that she started using again and acting like a lunatic because of Matt? And she's in such a better place now because of the new boyfriend? So basically her theory on mental health has everything to do with who you're shacking up with at the time. She is the absolute last person who should be bestowing her mental wisdom on anyone!
  4. DaisyMae2011

    Marriage Boot Camp

    When amber tells someone off, she sticks her chin out making her look like a spoiled toddler throwing a tantrum instead of the badass bitch she thinks she is. I still can't believe anyone impregnated her after witnessing this display of craziness. She throws a hissy fit over every little thing.
  5. DaisyMae2011

    Marriage Boot Camp

    I finally figured out who Amber reminds me of when I saw the above 'before I flip this table' picture ..... Ursula! I wish I knew how to post a side by side.
  6. DaisyMae2011

    Marriage Boot Camp

    I'm watching. All I have to say after the first 5 minutes is .... Amber really thinks she's a badass bitch. Have a seat, dumbass.
  7. DaisyMae2011

    S07.E00: Teen Mom OG After Show

    She's the reason I can't watch any of the afters shows. She is annoying as hell! She asks a question about one of the kids, and no matter what the answer, her response is always "awwwww, that's sooo cuuutte!". She's awkward, and a horrible host.
  8. DaisyMae2011

    Marriage Boot Camp

    He always laughs when he's lying, but it's that "you're being ridiculous for not believing me" type of laugh. It's a definite trigger for Amber (what isn't?), but I loved the way the therapists completely shut him down. He is such a slimy, manipulative, liar. I wonder if his 2 kids who were shown on teen mom regret singing his praises now. They were obviously brought on the show to rehab his image, but unfortunately for him, the general public isn't as dumb as the women he can manipulate, and we weren't fooled by anything those kids had to say.
  9. DaisyMae2011

    Marriage Boot Camp

    I enjoy reading the Teen Mom forums here because you all are always spot on with your assessments. After watching MBC on demand, I had to chime in. If I didn't know it before, I know it now.. Amber is a complete psycho. Going off like that because someone made a comment about reality TV? Really? I truly fear for that unborn child. God forbid he is colicky like my first born was. I'm a patient person (and not lazy like Amber), and a colicky baby tested my patience every single day. And the fact that her new boyfriend will be there isn't very reassuring because how stable can he be if he observed all that carrying on, and still chose to start a relationship with her? She thinks she's so gangster, but one of these days, when security isn't around, someone's going to give her what she deserves. She's lucky Chrissy or Mama Jones didn't get to her. I watch Love & Hip Hop, and they don't play!
  10. DaisyMae2011

    Amber: A Rill Woman Goes to Gel

    So sorry for your friend and her family. That is a lot for one family to go through. Hearing stories like this is what makes my blood boil when I hear Amber and some of the others on these shows constantly complaining about how rough things are. What would they do if real tragedy ever struck? And as far as the complaints about being so stressed (Tyler), and tired (Amber), I'll echo what another poster mentioned above ... those of us who were pregnant, working a full time job while caring for other small children, know what it's like to be tired, but Amber can't even go shopping without a wheelchair! Imagine how many vacations these nitwits would need if they actually lived in the real world.
  11. DaisyMae2011

    The Brineys

    Yes! That was my first thought!
  12. DaisyMae2011

    Nicole & Azan: Supersize My Tagine

    I watch this show here and there, so I have missed a lot, but I caught the part where Nicole said "we finally figured out what the problem was with Mae .. she was hungry". Isn't Mae 3 years old? At 3 years old, both of my kids were not only able to tell me they were hungry, they were conversational , but I also spent a lot of time with them. I'm pretty sure I remember, at their check ups, the pediatrician asking if they were saying at least 50 to 100 words by 24 months, so if she's well past that and can't say "I'm hungry", then she's behind. As far as potty training, that's a tough one. My first born was out of diapers before 2, but the second one had no interest in using the potty. I had to catch her in the act! LOL She'd sneak off into another part of the room and get quiet, but as soon as her eyes would get watery, I knew it was time to scoop her up and put her on the potty. Potty training can be work, and I have no doubt Nicole can't be bothered, and it's easier for her to just allow Mae to stay in diapers. All that being said, Mae is as cute as a button! I just want to pinch those little cheeks!
  13. DaisyMae2011

    WAGS LA: The OGs of E! Waggier Than the Rest?

    It's crazy how much Michelle looks like Hazel E.! If I weren't so technically challenged, I would do a side by side just for kicks. Unless there was some serious editing, I don't understand how Autumn got blamed for the blow up at the restaurant. The way I see it, she didn't start it. She stepped into the bathroom and heard Sasha's friend sh*t talking her. Then, when she said she was just there to go the bathroom, Sasha's friend got cocky about it. How is Barbie's marriage on the rocks already? I agree with the poster who said conversations about work, babies, etc. is something that should be discussed before getting engaged. To get married, and then a year later have these issues create serious problems in your marriage is just so odd to me.
  14. DaisyMae2011

    Siesta Key

    I was just coming here to make that exact comment! He looks exactly like Shrek!
  15. DaisyMae2011

    Being Matt

    My kids are just a bit older than Brooklyn and Andrew and they still rely on us a lot. They can fool themselves into thinking Matt is a good dad because he waited until his kids were in their teens to abandoned them, but they needed him then, and they need him now. Clearly he thinks he deserves a medal because he texts his son every night. That visit was so awkward and uncomfortable. Those kids are old enough to know they were used in an attempt to make their father look good for a reality TV special. The whole show was nothing more than "look, I'm not a dead beat dad". Actions speak louder than words, and this show failed miserably at even making him look like a decent human being, let alone a good dad.