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  1. Thanks for sharing the article! I didn’t realize he also wrote Twin Paradox, which I read bc Joe Tess had tweeted about it. Makes sense now. I figured they shot each hole all at the same time since they’d have to light it and get all the camera angles set. Too much work to do more than once. They also wouldn’t need the guest stars for more than part of a day. I didn’t think about how Joe and Rob would have to tailor their commentary to account for the previous play, though. And I was totally lost with those new holes! I’ve watched every episode (though I might’ve been reading or playing games at the same time) and couldn’t figure out how I might’ve missed a clown throwing pies in their faces. He seemed a little out of touch with some of the holes especially on the diving. The gag was supposed to be Guttenberg was America’s sweetheart but now he’s (playing) a raging asshole? And they didn’t clue in during editing that the Uranus jokes were tired after the first round? And then they named it #1 hole? I’d really like to know how they picked the golfers. Some were not good or interesting. Mostly, I want them to have another season. I liked how they made big changes between seasons and hope they do it again.
  2. Just read it got canceled. Disappointing. I hope it finds a home.
  3. I looked at it as he created a new strategy by purposely taking momentum out of the equation. (That presumes he knew the zip wouldn't retract back to the launch point.) I haven't liked either zip line game, though. Last year people had to land on the dock and they took hard falls on their knees, and this year everyone's getting whiplashed or concussed. Mini golf is supposed to equalize physicality, and Polecano adds it back in. I'd prefer to see them try to drop into target zones with nets under one zone to keep people dry and avoid the penalty.
  4. I'm ok with this. I lost interest in Christy when they made her a gambling addict and hocked the diamond earrings. Harried and overwhelmed law student wasn't more interesting. I think they still need someone to function as Christy, though. Bonnie's bad impulses are central to the comedy, and Christy confronted them. I don't want Adam to do it bc I don't want his and Bonnie's relationship to be so fraught. Tammy and Marjorie are willing to challenge Bonnie, but I think Tammy is less judgmental than Christy (not what Bonnie needs), and Marjorie is hands-off once she offers guidance. I thought the therapist if Rainn Wilson is available for a bigger role.
  5. Yeah, gotta give her props for the hole-in-1. He did everything well, but you just can't win some days. My support for the show has been flagging the past few weeks. I was unhappy when Cookie Grandma won (after she needed physical help and then Jon Lovitz mis-hit the shot for the NFL player, and she won because the guy's shot was so messed-up), and I'm glad next week is the finale.
  6. Old school week on Property Brothers, 2016 episode., Adam and Erin, "Bachelor Pad Condo to Family-Friendly Home." Their budget was a little over $1M and the pre-reno houses were selling in the $890K range. They wanted to be in a hot neighborhood, and Adam was convinced he knew best, kept ignoring Drew's advice and submitted low-ball offers. Their bids on 8 houses were rejected. Erin couldn't see past the wallpaper and light fixtures. They admitted upfront they were indecisive, and they were absolutely awful during the reno. At least Jonathan got in a "I told you so. I. Told. You. So." Horrible homeowners make it difficult to watch. I actually had to turn the channel at one point, but went back to watch the reveal.
  7. Motor City Mom moving closer to kids' school: I can't figure out if she's really going back to work outside the home because they bought the $670K mini-castle. If the goal is for her to not spend so much time driving around, she's going to spend more time at work. And even if her returning to work when the kids hit high school was their plan, who's going to do the school and activity runs? The kids aren't old enough to drive. I was surprised their wish list and none of the homes included the "must have status" pool. Sure enough, that was on their list of renovations.
  8. Katie and Sean from north Jersey -- I loathe people like her. Don't do me any favors by agreeing to something and then bitching incessantly. Her reservations with the timing were valid, but she negotiated her terms. Give it a fair go, and if it doesn't work, it doesn't work. And I didn't like the house. How many levels was it? And open straight to the roof? Gonna cost a fortune to heat and cool. Plenty of indoor space but virtually none outside. Too much house for the land especially if they have a child or two.
  9. I think the Sarasota couple made the right choice, but they seemed to be acting it up for the cameras a bit more than other couples. Her voice? I'm embarrassed for her. How does the real estate agent not know if the fireplace works? And why would the people ask when they already own it?
  10. Yep, they ended-up not buying the cement backyard house, which was the last one.
  11. Aubrey in a Indianapolis won’t have to worry about her dress for the “Mother of the Year“ banquet. The kid can ride his little tricycle on that tiny patch of cement? Ok, Aubrey. She didn’t even ask about nearby parks or agree it wasn’t ideal, just dismissed her husband’s concern. Asshole.
  12. A view of the lakes and the Alps?! How much more Swiss could you get, Kristen? She didn’t seem to care about anything her family wanted let alone what they needed. She didn’t want to spend so much time getting her son to/from school, but hey she wanted the single-family home where it’s further to school and (bonus?) her husband would hit his head on door frames. The kid had a better eye on what would work for them. And dinging a place because it didn’t have a microwave for the kid’s daily bag of popcorn? If you can pay $7200/month, you can buy a small microwave. I was thinking if he always won it’s because he focuses on the entirety of the situation and not one element to the detriment of everyone including himself.
  13. This was the best episode this season, I thought, even with the disappointing Diving Range. Greg and Steve did well in the confines of the show, but, oh my, they misused Greg just as they did so many other celebrities the first season. The golfers were pretty good, and I was glad Noor won. (How do they explain those twins, btw??)
  14. Watching the series, I thought “Last Night Gus” would’ve been a pretty perfect reunion movie. Between the two, we’ve seen a lot of old home week. I’m trying to think of who else I’d like to see. A Despereaux mystery (maybe an answer to whether he was MI6 or a true con artist), Gus’s parents, LLoyd. I’ll have to watch the whole series again with an eye to that.;-)
  15. I had to download the app on my iPad — it wouldn’t let me watch it through Safari. The voice sync is way off when I cast it to my non-smart TV, so I had to watch it on the tablet. It worked just fine on there, though. The sync problem happened on another show, so it’s a platform issue. I wanted to wait for more people to be able to watch, too, so I’m not spoiling specifics. I liked it much more than the first movie(!), which I would’ve scored a low C. Shawn and Gus’s chemistry was still there while the mystery felt secondary to the “c’mon sons,” Gus’s nicknames, and nostalgic elements which were most of the first half. Mary and God’s comma! McNabb! Woody! Favorite running joke was everyone confusing Lassie’s nurse for Gus’s girlfriend and making the gf think Gus was cheating. I got confused with them going back-and-forth between San Francisco and Santa Barbara as they seemed to teleport between locations with Jules mentioning she visits Lassie every Monday. I had the whodunnit figured out almost immediately, and the “why” really didn’t matter. I’d score the mystery a B- but rate the movie an A- overall. I hope they’re working on Psych 3 already!
  16. The showed is more than 30 years old, so no need to wonder why you haven’t heard of it! It still shows a couple hours every night starting around 2:00am. It has a lot of great quotes and the 4 “Girls” are so different that everyone can find a favorite, which are why I think it’s been on the air for so long.
  17. It’s up! I had to download the app and sign-up for the 7-day trial (using a cc or PayPay.) They put all the ads up front, so it’s supposed to be commercial free. 👍🏼
  18. As Rose's support group refused to tell her on GG, "You're special!"
  19. Just a thought: I don’t know what you do in your day-to-day life, but if this ties into your day job or your career goals and you’re using it to try to generate income, maybe you can expense it on your taxes?
  20. I’m with you here, not just to get the Psych movie but to keep access to the shows that are on Hulu as well as NBC Sports including the Olympics. NBC sold their share in Hulu, so I expect everything to be pulled off as soon as contracts expire. Not that I want to pay another monthly fee or manage another app. Death by a thousand cuts.
  21. Unless the kind-hearted people at NBCU have taken pity on a suffering nation, it’s under the Premium option, and non-Comcast subscribers will have to pay. (Or hope there’s a free 7-day trial.) Hulu had the same tier system when it launched, iirc. Psych 2 is one of the few new, original content shows Peacock has at the moment. We’re going to have to pay. 👎🏼
  22. ohhh, she told us often enough that I think we all know she's an (undervalued) architect. She even has a masters! I believe many architects handle projects from nuts-to-bolts including interior decorating while others have teams with specialists. Methinks she was confident enough in her skills to do both. 🙂 Did anyone else think her husband gave her a backhanded compliment at the end? When he said something like, "I have a whole new respect for her" (or maybe he said "her training")? Maybe he was being genuinely complimentary, but I inferred he hadn't had much respect before.
  23. Is it ok to discuss David’s other shows here? HGTV showed a couple episodes of Color Splash (which ran from 2007-2012), and showed David’s design choices. I watched one about bring outdoor colors indoors, and then he painted the internal trim neon yellow/green and designed custom wallpaper with trees. The woman he hired to hang it told people she didn’t like it, and they told David, who promptly called her on it and basically forced her to say she liked it once his brilliance had all come together. (He’d jokingly called himself “brilliant” earlier in the episode.) Two thoughts: For someone from MN, he didn’t seem to get the whole “Minnesota Nice” of her reply, and a good Minnesota boy would never be so indelicate as to embarrass someone who is probably older than his mother. Also, good luck to the homeowners when they go to resell. They’re either going to have to pay to undo it before listing or lower the price a bit to accommodate the work the new owners will have to do. Not many people would want that look!
  24. Austin architect: I don’t think having children has stalled her career as much as she thinks it has. Her attitude about having a locking door on her office made me wonder how much she resents/regrets having them. Those minor changes weren’t creative, and—here’s what I think is a genuine problem—she doesn’t seem to recognize that much of design is personal opinion. I, for instance, thought her kitchen/living room changes were horrendous, but if she loves them who am I to tell her she has poor aesthetics. They’d already shown her in those velour pants. Hasn’t she suffered enough?
  25. Found this show on Netflix last week. I’m years late, but am really enjoying it! From reading the show’s description I thought the characters would be complete assholes, and I was happily surprised when they turned out to be mostly decent and vulnerable. Finished the series. I realize I’m talking to myself...I didn’t care for either Abigail or Evie for Dylan. I think he’d be good to focus on himself for a while and maybe find a therapist to break some bad relationship habits, too. I hope Luke can find a Jonesy-type who is also interested in a relationship. (She did warn him.) And I hope Angus gets the win he deserves.
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