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  1. DarlingClementine

    Season 1 Discussion

    Finished it earlier today and I enjoyed it. There was quite a bit that was different from the comics but I liked that for the most part. Sure there were a few little things that I was bummed about being altered but it kept it interesting that I didn't know exactly how things were going to play out. And I had a feeling that they would tone down some of the weird/silly stuff so there being less of that wasn't surprising. Number Five and Klaus are my two favorite characters from the comics and now the show as well. As Chaos Theory mentioned, I think Ellen Page did a good job slowly slipping into that villainous, destructive mind set. I was excited to see Ben hanging around as a spirit throughout the series. He's pretty much non-existent in the comics (except for a couple of flashbacks to when they were younger) so it was really nice for him to get to be involved in some way. I was a bit disappointed at first with how different Hazel and Cha Cha were from their comic counterparts but I understand the change since they had a more expanded role in the show. I remember them being really manic, crazy, constantly on a sugar high but they were only around for a couple of issues versus being in almost every episode. If they were like that it probably would have gotten annoying after a couple of episodes. Absolutely loved the music. The fight scenes were pretty cool too. Especially Five's with the way he can teleport around. Would definitely watch a second season of this. Did anyone else keep thinking about Syndrome from The Incredibles after seeing Leonard's backstory? Also, any other comic readers checking to see if Robert Sheehan was barefoot or not while watching the first episode or two? I was curious as to whether the show would have Klaus' "can't use his powers when he has shoes on" thing and was hyper vigilant to check his footwear status. No, it wasn't in the first episode. You get to that later on.
  2. DarlingClementine

    S06.E13: The End

    While it certainly wasn't the greatest ending, I still liked it. I mean, hey, I got my happy ending and I don't care how it came about. Some of those deaths were a little hard to watch. Going into the finale I had one request: nothing better happen to Monroe and Rosalee. And then I had to see them get killed. It was really weird that Diana all of a sudden wasn't scared of Zerstorer and whatnot. Not quite sure what was up with that. Maybe I missed something. I kept waiting for Nick to use the stick as a weapon similar to how Zerstorer wielded the staff; it did have some magical powers. Although that might be the big ole Harry Potter fan in me wanting him to just point it and yell "Avada Kedavra!" But what a treat it was to see Kelly and Aunt Marie. Woo-hoo! The multi-Grimm fight scene was a highlight for me. Like everyone else, I'm kind of disappointed we didn't get to see the triplets and which Wesen attributes they inherited. It is nice to know that the next generation are carrying on the Grimm and Wesen working together to take down the bad guys thing. I will definitely miss this show. Goodbye, Grimm. Yes, the Grimmebago is back and all is right with the world.