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  1. As a straight woman from the same era, the men.. er... “boys” in this were giving me LIFE! Thank you to John B’s hairstylist. I was having a 1999 surfer hot guy moment. Why wasn’t everyone in town after that hottie, oh cause he’s a Pogue. Got it. I loved this and binged it over a weekend. It was just the right amount of camp and suspense to keep me enthralled. The treasure hunt aspect was a seemingly impossible goal, and a great way to keep the group connected throughout their individual stories. ETA: Ward Cameron is played by the same actor who plays Josh Porter (of the Stamford branch) on The Office. I was going crazy trying to figure out where I had seen that actor before!
  2. Master Splinter is that you in Rose’s “shower”? Where are the four tiny turtles in primordial ooze???
  3. He literally laughed in her face, and was probably thinking, "THIS is baby girl Lisa???"
  4. Mariah and Pudge are getting huge. It must be all their carb-laden brunches and lack of actual yoga practice. Mariah just looks so old, pale and her hair is awful.
  5. Watching Babygirl Lisa bask in the afterglow with Usman was... something that I can never un-see. She had to show him how to do oral sex ya'll. I'm dead.
  6. Yes, what is wrong with the name Matt? Why did he insist on going by Barnett the whole time up until now? He looks just a lot like his dad. His siblings seemed to be a mix of mom and dad, and didn't get Barnett's good looks. He's also way taller than all of them. Speaking of kids looking like their parents, boy does Mark look like his mom! I was laughing at how wonderful Mama Mark thought the age difference was. That was not the reaction that Jessica was hoping for. Wow, could Kenny and Kelly's parents BE more adorable? So normal, so sweet, and just all around lovely.
  7. I would like to personally thank the film crew and editors who made that opening montage with Big Ed riding on his moped, throwing up the peace sign, cruising through town.
  8. She looks like she's in her 70's. It really boggles the mind.
  9. He is blessed in the hair department, but unfortunately, he has attached his wagon to the worst person EVER. Tania has no redeeming qualities. NONE. Yes, they had already gone through the emotional roller coaster of his departure, but surprise! He's coming back and we're getting married. Are you kidding me?
  10. He also appears to have short little t-rex arms.
  11. Has anyone else noticed that Blake holds his head really far back? Like, his head is at an unnatural angle in all of his interviews. He holds his chin up really high and kind of rests the back of neck on his shoulders.
  12. Yes, wouldn't it be great if they could actually have a conversation?! Instead Anna says, "Love finish!" and bawls her eyes out. She must have been confusing the heck out of ol' Mursel considering the mixed messages she was sending of: Go! Stay! Pick me! I'll punch you! Natalie is 100% the most pyscho of the bunch. Wow, just wow. I felt really bad for Michael and her expecting him to apologize on the way out was the icing on the cray cray cake. You just told him you didn't love him and threw your ring at him, but he's in the wrong? I wonder how she would have been acting if he had bowed down to her demands of an instant baby, and a new miracle belief in God? He stayed very calm with her, some men would've lost it.
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