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  1. I really like pillow talk, but I feel that Dean and Tarik really carried the show. Annie and David are a close second in the comedy department. Molly and friend are growing on me.
  2. I may be in the minority, but I really like this family overall. I like how Lexi is not going to back down about her thoughts on Matt, because she loves Bria and knows this marriage will be a disaster. Someone needs to say it! I get that her parents are trying to be supportive, but if my daughter wanted to tether herself to such a loser, I don't think I could just sit there quietly and watch it all happen.
  3. Lydia has certainly been drinking her parent's koolaid. She will be the one who takes care of them in their old age, perhaps never marrying, in order to do so. I find it odd that Kim is basically just writing off Moriah as a failure as a daughter, and doesn't want the younger kids to follow suit. Is she really admitting that the first four kids are too worldly? Their views on college are bizarre. I've never seen parents actively encouraging their children not to go. I also find it sad that the kids have been so sheltered that going to California felt like being on another planet.
  4. Me too, but these two toxic assholes need to break up permanently for their daughter's sake.
  5. Cody: "And, those chrysanthemums are way too tall for the podium, it's much smaller in person." ETA: Krystal: "Are you two gonna kill each other?"
  6. He was charging his Spanish speaking downline five dollars cash for the tapes, I'm guessing he's not sending that to Obi. They've both been great in this. One minute Cody is adorable, the next he's a smarmy salesman. It IS fascinating. Also, poor Codsworth Bonar, no wonder he goes by Cody. I wonder why the one henchman was ironing money in Obi's office. Krystal definitely noticed.
  7. Mrs. Garbeau: 7 and 7 quickly! Cody: 14 Mrs. Garbeau: It's a drink!
  8. He's definitely got some acting chops, and he's perfect in this role opposite Kirsten.
  9. Cody dancing with the moving mirror was EVERYTHING. I feel really bad for that parrot.
  10. Travis's quitting scene is one of my most favorite things I've seen on TV EVER. I recently quit my job and sent a video of that scene to all my friends.
  11. Coltee made chips and bacon for a snack... no wonder he's huge. I do love when they try to wrangle their cats onto the couch. Cookie Dough is the real star of pillow talk if you ask me!
  12. Yeah, I always figured Kourtney's kids weren't the perfect little angels she's made them out to be. I assume Mason goes to a fancy school where all the kids where giant gold chains covered in diamonds to fourth grade? I think the extreme entitlement is the problem.
  13. Everything with Darcy has to be over the top, and above all, romantic. Every look, every gesture, she thinks, "oh wow, he held my hand, an engagement must be coming any SECOND!" Both her and her sister are the most delusional people that have ever graced my TV. There's the twin power struggle, the fact that both look like plastic muppets cosplaying BDSM, and both the guys they've "fallen madly in love with" are nothing to write home about. I can't believe I am agreeing with Louboutin shoe throwing survivor, Jesse, but here I am. Darcy needs to work on herself.
  14. Beth Chapman would eat Rebecca for breakfast, but I can see Zied working with her. He can look through binoculars while saying, "Yesssth, he cheaths! Babbeeee!"
  15. And to think, at the time this was filmed, just days earlier (maybe only one day?), she was painting him with body paint, licking it off, and handcuffing him to the bed, after they had a street fight.
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