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  1. People! I expected to see everyone here as blown away by Joey J's video as much as I was! What? Where my people at??? IMO, there was no comparison to any of the others. He played EVERY character and 100% nailed the mannerisms of each! I was rolling! Enjoyed Utica's as well, but would still rate Joey J's as #1. Love that he could have hired generic backups but instead performed each band member. Rose was the only one to nail the 69 questions...the rest of them came off as obnoxious. And why TF is Kandy still there?
  2. Don’t know if this has been discussed elsewhere, but I’m puttin’ it out there that as of the-Lindsey-is-tearing-up-Scott’s-office episode, I think girl is definitely back on drugs. There is a distinctive drug addict jaw clench that she is doing in most of her talking heads....that wasn’t there before. In other news, Scott’s a dick and he’s getting off on the drama. One phone call and he could put her back in jail, but he doesn’t, so whatevs. I loathe all of them, but just keep watching. Ugh. WHY.
  3. Exactly. "Inept" employees add nothing, slow down the game and doesn't feel particularly respectful of essential grocery workers who have worked their asses off during the pandemic. YMMV. I was a SAHM during the original runs and recently binge watched the previous seasons. I'm a huge fan and was fully prepared to love this. Then I watched. I had liked Leslie Jones well enough, and thought her back story of truly loving the original would probably make her a great fit. Wrong. Leslie Jones absolutely kills it for me and I'm sad about it! Wah! The energy isn't "fun", it's effing franti
  4. I haven’t watched WW in months, maybe years...I tried today. NOPE. Cliff notes, please? WTF is she on? Glassy eyed, not making sense, slurring...it was impossible to watch and I turned the channel when she started slapping her cheeks and talking about how loud it was. Drugs? Alcohol? Illness? I don’t know what she’s dealing with, but she shouldn’t be on TV. Let me repeat that. She should not be on TV. The worst.
  5. Just finished binging season 8 so if you haven’t watched it yet, you might want to stop reading right here. Alle isn’t believable as Top Dog. Has zero presence, charisma ...nothin’. Black eyeliner does not make ye a Top Dog. Love the Reb character and the actor who plays him is giving a powerful performance. I hope he will be recognized for it. And the actor is gorgeous....can’t stop staring. I haven’t googled the actor to know if they identify as male or female in their real life but the writers are doing ground breaking work with the transgender storyline and I appreciate it. On
  6. Oh boy. I see the same blown out face and ridiculous duck-face mugging for the camera that you all do...but what I can’t get over is how TANKED she is. Good lard! I loathe Darcey as much as anyone but her slurred words and involuntary twitching scream an alcohol or drug abuse problem. It’s all fun and games until it’s not. That shit ain’t cute, Darce.
  7. At this point, Ben is being flat out conned by Bikini’s family. They’re a pack of miserables and is the mother ever capable of looking pleasant? Good grief. Cultural differences or not, I’m over it. Speaking of being over it, get off my screen Caesar. If he didn’t have the IQ of a thumbtack, I would believe he is trolling TLC. I will deny saying this, but for the first time EVER, I felt a fleeting moment of compassion for Darcey. She looked genuinely elated (and sober) while Tom (potato with a hair hat) was smooth talking her over dinner. Girl is over the moon. I almost fee
  8. Thanks. “Loving and well-adjusted” is a bit lofty but we do ok. Her husbands (she had two) and his wife were fine with it because it was never presented to them in any other way than that she was his daughter. Because she was and is. In every sense of the word except for biological. Tim is weird AF but my brother is one of the very best men I know so I’ll give Tim a conditional pass on this. For now. It is an unusual situation...so I can see why it could get the side eye from some.
  9. Boring Deavan and Jihoon can get bent. BYE. Runner up is Caeser because he’s an idiot.
  10. It happens. While in his 20’s, my brother dated a single woman with an infant daughter. The relationship with the woman didn’t pan out but, by that time, the entire family (me included) had bonded with the little girl. The woman and my brother remained the best of friends even after they both moved on to marry other people. My niece always refered to my brother as “Dad” and he officially adopted her when she was in her late teens. Morgan is 35 now and has always been accepted as a much loved member of the family. Tim’s situation isn’t the norm, but I get it. In other news, the
  11. Welp, I’m out. I was halfway buying into these two dopes before suffering through Jenny’s terrible acting last night. Sure, Jan. The India marriage mafia showed up at your door and smashed Some Meats shrine. I mean....come on. Her acting chops were just beyond crap. Boo. Hiss.
  12. Laura looks like everyones sixth grade P.E. Teacher.
  13. This “couple” has become too stupid to watch and my stupid bar is embarrassingly low. I’d like to see TLC do (what would end up being) their crappy version of a Dateline investigation. Ms “I love you my husband” is sending those same videos to multiple people. DUH. I can’t watch them anymore.
  14. WTH YOU GUYS!!! I cannot be the only one who watched this season. Seriously. Come out of your closets, people! Where you at? I see you! As per usual, this season was a complete bust. However...I was filled with less self loathing for watching this shit than I usually am, so either it was better or my bar is now on the floor. The whole “music is our lives” angle is such a huge joke. That being said, the twins should take whatever money they can manage to squeeze out of that catchy tune and run like hell. Abril is an unlikeable mess and her drunken performance for the pretend music e
  15. I watched and it was a bad time. And after having a few weeks off from these dolts, I viewed a lot of the scenes differently. The first time around I’d just suffered through the entire season and had ground my teeth into nubs. This time around was just sad. There is no store, Nicole. He wants you to go away but you just won’t leave. The body language between them is even sadder. What a mess. Where is she now? Is anyone following her on social media?
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