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  1. I've just watched the first two episodes. I wondered why it seemed to be quite cold and snowy in Norway when Martha and her children escaped to Sweden, and when they arrived in Sweden it was so warm that ladies were outdoors in summer dresses. Am I missing something here?
  2. My Lit professor used to always pronounce it "Don Jew-an."
  3. Has anybody else noticed how bad the make-up is on this show? They all look like pumpkins with big eyebrows. those big groomed eyebrows don't look so bad on people with dark hair, but awful on blonds. Chuck Todd looked terrible this morning--orangy, brows too dark, that man seriously needs a make-over. And they had a guest man whose makeup ended abruptly at the edge of his face and you could see his real face color at the side. GET A NEW MAKE-UP CREW! Don't get me started on Savannah's stringy hair.
  4. Oh please! We all know Conrad is an uber doctor! But when the problems started and he said that he'd go down to the basement and see what was going on down there, I laughed out loud. He's also an electrician! And an HVAC guy! He'll fix that stuff in the basement!
  5. The yarn thing is Mexican and is called an Eye of God. So I think she was thinking of the couple's Mexican heritage. It just didn't come off well. Lots of us have made those in scouts when we were in elementary school.
  6. Of course, he's already been divorced once, before Robin, but they keep that really quiet!
  7. Yes, I agree. The ETSY lady said that the Vermont scene didn't tell her anything new about Vermont. The SF scene didn't tell me anything new about that city--bridge, fog. She was just too much about ETSY for my taste.
  8. Loved Michaela during TC. She might be the first player ever to gain weight during the game!
  9. I recently watched a show called "Home Town." It's a realy take-off of Fixer Upper. A couple somewhere in the South helps people redo houses that need a lot of help. They don't have the charm of Chip and Jo, but they do a good job. They also don't have kids that they bring on the show. :o)
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