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  1. She and the other actresses up for the part screen tested solely with Miller. If he stays (big if), she’s very likely for him.
  2. I keep watching because I like the overall soft-sell fluffy tone of the show, but, not to beat a dead horse, every episode it feels like the Cassie/Sam chemistry gets worse and worse... and it was already awful from the start.
  3. Kahi was my favorite Design on a Dime designer back in the day, so I'm glad to see her pop up on TS. Didn't love her room, sadly, but most of what I didn't like was clearly done to appeal to the home owner's tastes, so I can't nitpick it too much.
  4. The budgeting is obviously vastly different, but it’s not like this was the first time Ty or Carter have designed rooms for a gimmicked TV show. In some ways, they’re both much better versed and qualified for this type of set-up at this point than the ones labeled designers — and it clearly showed, given how great both of their rooms were tonight.
  5. October 2nd's episodes are 5.21, 5.22, and 6.01, then 5.10, 5.11, and 5.12 later that night.
  6. Plus they didn't just kill her off, they had Abby's brother take a drunken pee in front of everyone and then fall into her grave in the middle of her funeral. That might have been an even bigger jump the shark moment for the show than the helicopter's vendetta against Romano, honestly.
  7. A head's up: As of right now, Pop is scheduled to be going back to the beginning yet again once the weekday episodes finish up season six (8/9). I'd say complain to them, see if they might change it, but people have and they just don't seem to care.
  8. Didn't she actually drive drunk with the kid in the car? I wasn't a committed viewer at that point, but what I remember about their "HEA" (her agreeing to move and not take a job she wanted at county to have another chance at their marriage after how long in denial he was about her addiction and how she cheated on him/endangered their son) definitely screamed inevitable divorce to me. Doug/Carol it was not.
  9. Susan mocking him for that was when I accepted that that the writers had forgotten who she was as a character during her absence (which was solidified when she became head party girl the following season).
  10. Once the weekend marathons finish up with season six, Pop is -- for now -- scheduled to go back to the beginning then too. I get that they probably want to get the most out of the Clooney/Margulies run, but geez.
  11. Did anyone catch the special they showed yesterday morning, before the Doug & Carol marathon? My DVR didn't pick it up and I'm curious what it was.
  12. I honestly like Lillian's boyfriend far, far more than I do her. I felt like there was way too much of her this season, even if there wasn't actually more of her than in the first two seasons.
  13. I think I have the most unpopular opinion of them all: I didn't entirely hate Cleo. MM had total anti-chemistry with ELS, she was thoroughly lifeless and robotic in scenes with him or even dealing with Peter indirectly, but when she was allowed to interact with others, with any substance, she was mostly fine.
  14. I wouldn't have expected them to show the whole series, with how off the rails it went, but I would have thought they'd at least make it through Mark's death (sorry Carter; you hung on too long). Anyway, these early season six episodes are reminding me how the writers never seemed to have any clue who they wanted Luka to be other than a handsome guy to fill the handsome guy void Doug left behind. Every season, from what I recall, was a new version or take -- no true consistency. This one was dull.
  15. Even if they didn't get fired over it, Luka/Leslie Bibb was presented as being part of his downward personal spiral, as was Doug sleeping with Harper being part of his. Neither were championed as a "shippable" couple like they seemed to want to do with Carter/Lucy before Noah mercy-killed them. As awful as I found both Abby relationships, even she only was romantically involved with Luka and/or Carter when she was a nurse or a resident, never during her med student seasons.
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