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  1. That was a weird ending. I enjoyed it but figured there would be some sort of reset.
  2. I would love this to get a movie for a last hurrah.
  3. So is the season worth watching so far? Last season was so bad I'm hesitant.
  4. Also, when did they take east Angela back? Was that offscreen?
  5. For those who read the books, does three reunite with his daughter? I found the ending sad, especially since it was clear Winchester was going to be retaken. Very well written season though, I finished it in 2 days.
  6. So it is a spinoff and not temporary?
  7. I stopped with 3 episodes left, sounds like it's not worth finishing.
  8. It feel temporary, but it might switch to the puppy.
  9. Finally caught up, was confused who killed the player though.
  10. Thank you, must have missed that scene last year.
  11. I've noticed, I still can't remember when Joe and lance got along again.
  12. I laughed hard at Jeff thinking the gun gave strawberries.
  13. I must have forgotten something, when did joe start getting along with Brand?
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