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  1. Kandi Coated Clique?? Bitch, you spread rumors accusing Kandi of wanting to drug and rape you!! C'mon now. Did anyone else see the Wendy Williams show with Ricky Smiley saying Porsha was nothing like she is on RHOA ??
  2. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha Kim arriving at a gas station??? This is what we've come to???
  3. The poor diners faces. They were horrified. What a shit show.
  4. Wowza y'all have more faith in Tom's than I thought. I don't get the impression that they are savers. But what the hell do I know?? I thought Jax might be fricking faithful for once. Ha ha ha ha ha
  5. Where are the Toms going to get 100,000 each?? Seems like a lot of money. I get that Lisa and Ken can't do it all on their own, but wow.
  6. Wow. I have no words for Luis. No you are not ready to get married.
  7. This show is driving me to drink my whole box of wine. Thanks for forcing me to do this Vicki!!
  8. Fricking Lydia. "My features don't translate" Your whole fricking personality doesn't translate!!!! Who has their husband complete a visectomy and then unfreezes their sperm???
  9. "My body is a temple" lol well my dildo might be my temple. Go back to obscurity please Cary.
  10. She should get a hotel or a hostel or something. I felt so uncomfortable with her staying in his apartment while he leaves to get air and was also gone the whole night. I get where Antonio is coming from. I could not spend a whole 24-7 with my boyfriend. I would lose my mind. But we also have a house. Antonio seems too polite to tell her to get the hell out.
  11. Ha ha ha Jesse thought if he gave her the "promise ring" Darcey would stop talking about marriage. He just opened a new can of worms. I LOL'd when she asked if the wedding ring was going to be bigger.
  12. Ha ha ha ha " I don't want a doggy bag. The crab cakes were salty anyway." The funniest line and Siggy's face. Lol
  13. D'Andra has the perfect derp face. She could do meme's if this doesn't work out for her.
  14. It looked like Paul was trying to suck the life out of Karine with that kiss. Lol
  15. This broke my soul. The fact that its so easy to throw these delicate souls away and not even give it a thought. I can't stop thinking about it. And no one will ever pay.
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