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  1. While Lola wasn't as useless as usual, don't cut her any slack. She's not qualified to diagnose much beyond the hurt if you got a "D" on a spelling test. That would be all the fault of the family. Her go-to reason for being so obese. Her "diagnoses" of Ashley is waaaay above her pay grade. For crying out loud, she's a "counselor" to be charitable. If she has been the mental health provider, and if the poundicipants were promised help, they should sue. She's no Dr. Paradise -- at least he's a doc and would have more insight into the likes of Ashely T and to involve a REAL doctor --
  2. Amen! I said the same thing on Live Chat. Dr. Now's son is still listed on the credits, but read some seasons ago that he now longer is involved in it. It shows. The first seasons taught us a lot about super morbidly folks. You may not have liked them, but you got an understanding of how sad and painful their lives were. You felt for them and wanted them to succeed. Dr. Now has been reduced into a caricature of how he was depicted. Now everyone wants to be a reality "star" Especially this one. Maybe there is validity in these law suits.
  3. His obit says Lisa was his wife even calling her Lisa Raisor King. Maybe they did get married which could be done in a hospital room if he was cognizant. Others brought up common law and only Texas is pretty lax about it. A few others states recognize it, but much more limited. This link has other links that are quite interesting. From what we know, James and Lisa would have definitely be deemed "married" under Texas law. https://guides.sll.texas.gov/common-law-marriage Nothing to inherit except SS benefits once she's old enough. No minor children so nothing for them in way of sur
  4. That's true with hard-core alcoholics Odd reason to cite -- better to get them into a hospital rehab
  5. He was, but no longer (maybe still has some ownership). The show was much more interesting and not at all the freak show it is now He respected his dad's work Now it's just a terrible joke exploiting some and letting others (like this bitch) exploit viewers. And the health care system. Time for this to end!
  6. I bet she got fat to get on this show. No one seems to be screened anymore so maybe some lawsuits are appropriate. This chick is is nutz. And 3,000 personalities is just part of her "brand". Dr. Now has the patience of a saint Sadly, she takes up air and space of people who do need help.
  7. She is a know-it-all like Schnee. Both are biotches.
  8. She's just expanding her brand. Meglomedia fell for it and she'll be joining the lawsuit in 3-2-1 Dr. Now ain't fooled. She's one bad actress. Fat but not fat enough for the show.
  9. For the love of God girl, put on a muu muu! Don't need to see those holes.
  10. Yes, until the camera angle has us looking up her nostrils.
  11. 200 @ 7 y/o CC is on but I have to pay attention.
  12. He was responsible, but she literally fed his addiction so I hold her more accountable. He was as much as an addict as a heroin or meth addict living on the streets stealing to feed _that_ addiction. She pretended for the cameras to stick to the diet and as soon as he complained she ordered Chinese. Not one bit of resistance. She knew better and she was in control. Good Lord, in one month (or two) he gained 150 pounds! I guess what I'm trying to say is that if I gave an alcoholic a case of gin, that addict would drink it all and die within a week. That look was pure evil. It scare
  13. I rewatched the first episode yesterday. Dr. Now asked them both point blank what he would do if she refused him food. Both said he would get angry, but that was the admitted extent of his threats. Dr. Now has heard that a gazillion times -- I remember he told one family of enablers that if he/she was going to act like a kid, treat him/her like a kid. IOW, ignore the tantrum. And the APS scene -- Lisa's expression when Dr. Now accused her of trying to kill him she all but cackled. That look on her face ... it was like she was found out.
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