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  1. tvallthetime

    All Episodes Talk: Now We're Talking

    It’s one of the reasons I lost interest in the show, especially once Aisha left. They handle everything w/kid gloves and can be such old-fashioned pearl-clutchers, Julie more than others! I always felt it was bc CBS is afraid to piss off middle America. They are especially terrible on issues involving racism.
  2. tvallthetime

    S28.E11: That's Money, Honey

    I thought this episode was quite entertaining. I was disappointed in Tyler and Korey's trickery, but I understand that it's a game, so I don't hold it against them too much. I just feel like you can win without being deceitful. Cole and Sheri grew on me throughout the season. Cole's goofy as hell, but he seems like a good guy. Sheri is just enjoyable to watch flourish and continue to push through and keep up with her son. I surprised myself by cheering when they ran around the corner. The other disappointment for me is that Dana and Matt made it. I don't like watching Dana berate Matt and act all self-righteous.
  3. tvallthetime

    S01.E02: Mad As A Hatter

    Maybe "bow" means to "throw elbows" aka fight?
  4. tvallthetime

    Kris: Pimp Momager

    I think he said that in the Diane Sawyer special. But, I tend to question rich people who say they're broke. His broke might mean only having $500k in the bank instead of $5 million.
  5. tvallthetime

    S10.E11: About Bruce (Part 2)

    Are people thinking it's the same mattress that Robert slept on? If it's the same bed frame/headboard, I don't think it's that odd, especially not in this family. I also didn't find it that odd that Kim asked Bruce about gender reassignment surgery. This is, after all, the same family where Kourtney and Scott made a sex tape impersonating Kris and Bruce - complete with strap-on; sisters played with their little brother's penis, a tween-aged Kylie danced on stripper pole while her older brother taped it; and in another fun, family bonding moment, Kourtney, Khloe and the evening of the waxed labia. Kris Jenner made me teary-eyed and I don't even care for her. I can fully believe that she didn't realize the extent of Bruce's feelings, especially if he didn't share much with her. As others have stated, some men enjoy cross-dressing but never desire to be a woman. Kris may have tolerated Bruce's proclivities as harmless, especially since she said they couldn't keep their hands off each other when they met and they had two children and a consistent sex life. If she had moments of doubt, she had real life experiences to calm her doubt. After his conversation with Kris, Bruce practically glided out of the room. He was visibility lighter. I don't think this decision is as easy as setting it aside for the sake of fame and fortune. I imagine that much like anyone who denies a major part of themselves, you get so used to suppressing it you don't realize you're doing it.
  6. tvallthetime

    S10.E10: About Bruce (Part 1)

    I appreciated what seemed like real reactions to Bruce's transition. I can't fault anyone for their response. Few of us are rational when we're dealing with something intensely emotional. Yes, Bruce is the one transitioning, but he's also had longer to deal with it than the rest of the family. They have a right to process their feelings too. He isn't the only one impacted. Khloe could have been more generous with him, but I think she's truly hurt and grieving. As Bruce said, there is no right way to handle this. Ultimately, it seems that they all support him, but how they reach that point is different for each of them. Most of the time I think this family is full of it, but their reactions seem as close to reality as they've shown in awhile. It's also the first time I think I've learned something from watching The Kardashians/Jenners.
  7. tvallthetime

    Season 1 Talk

    What would that have added? Many know this, but it's not really relevant today as most black Americans vote Democrat regardless of what the Republican Party used to do be. The only time I hear about it these days is when a Republican is trying to convince black people that we're not unwelcome. I thought the show did a good job of making both parties look comical. I mean Dre and Bow were discussing eating seaweed for goodness' sakes. Aren't "liberals" always been teased for being uppity and eating fancy food? Instead they get to the Republican family's home and they're eating fancy bacon, against type. And while I may not have agreed with the Republican mom's take on motherhood, her beliefs are shared by others and I don't think they were dismissed regardless of Bow's horror recoil. I also think they showed that while Dre is the type who can't articulate why he's a Democrat and perhaps votes blindly, 'Bow seemed to have a handle on why she's a member of the party. It takes all kinds. FTR, I am affiliated with no party.
  8. tvallthetime

    Little Women: LA

    There is a huge difference between Tonya calling a white person a monkey ass and Lila calling a black person a monkey ass. There is no comparison. Much like there is no such thing as "whiteface." I think Tonya could have chosen her words better, but she probably got too worked up with Lila nastily mocking her speech. What an unpleasant woman. Did the zipline people not know what they were doing or was it the zipliners themselves? How did Tracy get tossed around like that? And Tonya floating backwards on the line.
  9. tvallthetime

    Married At First Sight: The First Year

    I'm having a hard time reconciling this Bachelor Pad Jamie who's been described with the one on this show. On this show, Jamie's idea of hot and sexy times is not wearing anything under your robe. Oooh.
  10. tvallthetime

    Rosie O'Donnell: She's Back! (Bite it, Bitsy!)

    I posted about the Twitter kerfuffle in the show thread, didn't realize it was posted here too. Oops. I read the Twitter exchange and while as a black woman, I get the frustrations with feminism ignoring the intersection of ethnicity and gender, the Twitter response and article seem overblown. I don't think Rosie is a deep racist, unlike the #RacistRosie hashtag would have you believe. Could she learn some stuff? Sure. But, I think her heart is in the right place. I think she's the wrong person to direct this ire toward. I'm just kind of getting sick of these internet pile-ons. She's countered Whoopi's nonsense about race with some salient points. I mean, just Thursday, Whoopi said ABC wouldn't have a black bachelor because we're too volatile. That's some ridiculousness I don't care for. Rosie P called her out on it and you could tell from Rosie O's face that she felt the comment was off too. Rosie counterbalances Whoopi's brash, nonsensical, domineering attitude. I stopped watching The View years ago because I couldn't stand the hosts - especially the Fox News bobblehead - the screaming and the overtalk. I tuned in this season for Whoopi, Rosie and Rosie. Now that I've watched this season, once Rosie's gone, I'm gone. I can't take Whoopi anymore, which is sad, I liked her.
  11. tvallthetime

    "The View": Week of 02/02/15

    Looks like a few activists took Rosie to task on Twitter yesterday. "Rosie O'Donnell lashes out at feminists over 'The Vagina Monologues": http://www.dailydot.com/politics/rosie-odonnell-eve-ensler-twitter/
  12. tvallthetime

    Kourtney And Khloé Take The Hamptons

    Kim's bad acting was especially glaring in this episode, especially as Khloe's recounted the Malyika kiss non-issue. Is Khloe's still dating French in present day? I thought I'd heard they were back on. If so, I wonder what it's like for him to see how she speaks of him and their relationship on the show. I really hope Scott is able to stay on track.
  13. tvallthetime

    Kourtney And Khloé Take The Hamptons

    Did Kim get her lips inflated before filming this episode? Her top lip was so much more prominent I couldn't stop staring at it. IT had a life of its own. Is Kourtney's asking for space her way of asking for a break without saying it?
  14. Wow. Her naked everything is all out on the internet for everyone to see - and not even for a fee. I feel like this is lower than low.
  15. tvallthetime


    Kylie poses in her demure Halloween costume alongside her (not)boyfriend, Tyga: