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  1. What gets me is that they in effect rewarded Josh for his actions by removing him from the home and JB taking him to his office as a state rep and his campaign office for senator. The reason may have been to get him away from the girls and give him something else to do, but it contributed mightily to his smugness. Mainly it got him out of the house Michele was going crazy in, and for good reason. IIRC the mixed "gender" bedrooms existed to a degree in the TTH when sister moms took over the care of the little boys until they were old enough to join the boys bunk room.
  2. If Jill's kid is Isaiah she will have 2 kids named Izzy and Issy. They don't speak clearly enough for anybody to hear the diffference. I guess they'll have to beat on them all day long for not following orders.
  3. What a wonderful accomplishment. I am so proud of him and happy for you. Thanks so much for sharing such great news.
  4. I think you are right Nysha. And I'm not so sure we are right in our analysis. It seems we were wrong about Jill being a good mother type based on her behavior with the kids assigned to her, Derrick being great for her because he had an education and a full time job, Jessa being a bitch and potential neglectful mother, and all manner of things about this family.
  5. Yes, I remember her baby fever, downright sickening, and Josh trying to defer the conversation. Everybody could see he was not interested, at all. He seemed like a good father to the three he had at the time, and wanted to make a career for himself. Too bad he couldn't stay away from the porn and porn stars. Anna was no help with her constant yammering on about babies.
  6. @Emma, you got that right. I had to go to UCLA for stress heart and pulmonary tests today, 6 1/2 hours. The neighbor drove me, and since he loves to be with Mikey he took Mikey. He had the vet check him out again while I was at med center, and Mikey got the idea to act cool again to avoid the animal hospital, so altho he slumped in, he pranced out. And then they had many hours to fill going to parks and meeting people and other dogs. Had a good time, thank goodness. An hour for me to get to UCLA, 6 1/2 hr there, and 2 hours to get back, and the neighbor wasn't mad. He will care for Mike
  7. Arwen and Emma I hope things resolve soon. Love2 dance I went to UCLA today, nice head of the vascular dept, have to get stress test on heart and pulmonary exam and cardiologist pronto. Head of Big honcho said I should have had surgery years ago, it's really bad. So several more visits very soon and surgery hopefully in a week ana a half. I can be driven there the night before and spend the nite in their hotel and be taken to hospital in the morning. Alsone. My driver today was so happy with my dog. Walked him and got more attention and raves about how good he is. Makes me feel good.
  8. TFDW and Brandon and whoever else is the new generation in the organization are doing a great job of growing the business. Gotta give 'em that. Unfortunately.
  9. The Tennessee newspaper reference was dated in March of this year, 2017. He has apparently has not been to trial yet but under psychological exam at the request of his lawyer. We should check the paper for how the case advances from this point on, and we'll catch the whole trial.
  10. I didn't know about the shots, Sew. Very interesting. So far afield from the Duggar/Dills, et al. It astounds me how little they do, and justify their lack of effort in improving lives, by using the bible. Shocking.
  11. Jana definitely said she wanted a guy who worked with his hands, and she wanted to be a part of that. I personally didn't like to be in groups of family/friends who were married and had kids, and I didn't. Different interests, and they thought I was snotty when I just had nothing in common. I had nothing to contribute but a pasted on smile. I don't care if she never gets married. She may not care either. But I wish her a good life doing what she likes to do, and doing it with her choice of people.
  12. Good news for me so far, Arwen. Hired a guy locally to help me with daily life, which has not included anything that needs to be done in the home yet )clean, paperwork, etc) because every day almost has been driving me to medical apps, to visit my sister who had complications and still does from surgery in Dec, and to take dog to the park and for walks. Then realized I needed to get dog Mikey's wellness visit and shots before the dog pound came for licenses and fined me. So took him to local vet who found tumor very near anus and referred me to vet in Culver City which is agony to get to an
  13. Last episodes of Marriage Book Camp I believe Amy said she did not look forward to having a baby. She may have been a fun Duggar cousin, but it looks like the gruesome births of her cousins may have turned her off from the pain and problems of childbirth. If my cousins were having the "not a midwifes" and painful births and C sections and toilet births, I am sure I'd back off too.
  14. The very best to you Arwen. You are responsible for so many good things in my life. Your comments are the best, and you should have the best.
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