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  1. I binge-watched the three seasons and the reduction in quality of each season is jarring. I notice this show has a way of just dropping story lines. End of 1st season, what happened to the investigation of crooked cop's death? The pursuit of Otis and flipping Brandon at the end of season 2 went nowhere. Of course, I know what happened there, but that whole story line was dropped. The two detectives were never even seen in season 3. No explanation for Kevin's Mom's new girlfriend. No explanation for Brandon's death. After Miss Ethel was beat, she was on the verge of being evicted. Finally, she was, but I think the writers had forgot all about it and then remembered to work it in. I have to say, I couldn't stand Ronnie. Him going to jail was the best thing, but then he got out. As much as I disliked him, killing him off like that was just dumb. He could have ridden off into the sunset and that would have been it. But, oh no, YEARS later, random shooter is going to make him pay for Coogie's death. If anything, he should have been shot when he got out of jail. That woman that spit in Ronnie's face didn't wait until years later to do it. Otis had some good moments, but his character had some cringe inducing moments too. He told Reg, "When you see me on the street, you don't know me." But, then he's traveling to Reg's house to chastise him, in OPEN DAYLIGHT, with a chaffeur and nice car. Also, having his gang members delivering his pizzas. Plus, his restaurant managers are openly acting like thugs. So much for keeping a low profile. A blind man could see he was dirty. The one thing that had me screaming at the TV was Keisha's first escape attempt. That was straight horror movie stupidity. Of course, she couldn't escape because the show had to drag out that STUPID story line even longer. How did the guy get Keisha in the first place? Ronnie sees her sitting at the bus stop, barely anytime passes, and she's gone. Since she was wearing the track suit during her abduction, it would have made more sense if it was the coach back for revenge. Yet, it was some random guy that we never saw before. Glad she finally escaped, but even the way that was handled was beyond stupid. Redemption arc #100 for Ronnie to the rescue. And, of course, she winds up pregnant and decides to keep it. Funny how no one even mentions putting the baby up for adoption. Abortion or keeping it aren't the only options. Finally, the kids were the best part of the show. The kids were consistent in their characterization. Jake was irritating. Papa was the voice of reason and wise beyond his years. And, Kevin was the glue that held them together. Kevin and Keisha played well as siblings, especially since they're real brother and sister. Not true, but they look so much alike and had the same mannerisms, that it's hard not to believe they're not related. Season 3 was an obvious drop in quality for the show. I may come back for season 4, but if it continues to follow its downward trend in quality, I won't last long.
  2. All this "AJ" drama is easy to predict. I put that in quotes because AJ isn't the real AJ. The real AJ is the one that is dead and showed up on the Greenleaf estate at last season's finale. The AJs were in prison together and worked up a scheme to defraud Grace. Once fake-AJ found out about real-AJ's death, then fake-AJ felt guilty and tried suicide. Remember, fake-AJ asked for money from Grace repeatedly and, we now know, he did steal the drugs. Presumably, for his treatment. This last episode ended before he could give the full reason why he tried to kill himself. And, it isn't because he was raped in prison and contracted HIV. That reasoning doesn't make sense. He said that to garner sympathy before he tells Grace about the fraud. Finally, Jacob calls Kerissa's bluff. The will is not solid evidence of wrongdoing. She's playing it up, but she stands to lose significantly. Mac will be behind it all, totally independent of the Bishop and Lady Mae. Oh, and Basie isn't dead. No body, no death. He faked his death to get the heat off of him.
  3. Condola being pregnant is so contrived and tired. So, why do it? Also, love that men are vilified for not having the proper reaction when they find out the woman is pregnant. What is her reaction when she finds out? Unless it's planned, I doubt she is happy about it either. Last thing, I wonder is could Condola have planned this? She did say she wasn't ready with her ex-husband, and she wanted to have kids. Clock is ticking, good brother comes along, not that far-fetched to believe since she said she is not really concerned about Lawrence being involved. Run away Andrew, as fast as you can!!! Molly really needs to put in the work with her therapist to figure out why she is so controlling. He's right, it shouldn't be this hard. And, the relationship has barely started. Post-partum seemed tacked on. I thought there was going to be a bigger payoff on that. That could have been left out, or shortened, to tell us about LATOYA!!! You can't tease a whole season of "Looking for Latoya", mention a reunion show, and leave the audience without closure.
  4. This show sucks. Of course, the "good guy with the gun" was inept. What's the point of the therapy? Does anyone really care about Dean, either? We want to see believable (meaning minimal suspension of disbelief) suburban women dipping their toes into crime and the pitfalls that entails. The first season pulled me in, but now my interest has waned significantly. Rio cleaning out the house made no sense. Why would he do that? The object of punishing someone is to not punish oneself. That's a lot of work to make a point. Plus, it puts him at risk. Neighbors would notice the activity at the house. A gun to all their domes would have been just as effective. Or, threatening their families. This show wants to be non-network level quality (think Breaking Bad or Ozark), but it isn't even in the same universe. It contrives events and insults the audience. I will finish the season (which will be shortened due to Wuhan), but I will be on to something else.
  5. I can't stand characters like Darlene. There is no reason that she wouldn't be dead already. The Snells were fine in their little corner (Ozark), but once they drew the attention of the Mexican cartel and KC mob, it's over. She's the reason the cartel rep was killed and her and Jacob tried to hide it. She spiked the cartel's heroin shipment. She cut Jonah's hair (big no-no messing with connected people's kids, ask Ben). She manipulated getting custody of the preacher's kid. And now she shot off the junk of the son of the head of the KC mob. I don't include Jacob's death because that's internal. Darlene has ownership in the casino with no backing from anyone. She's just re-starting up her heroin business, which will bring her in conflict with the cartel AGAIN. She has men, but they're not family, so how long would they stick by her? The cops definitely won't shed any tears over hear death. Why would the KC mob go into business with her? They can't let what she did go unanswered. It's not a good look. And, Ruth needs to get as far away from Darlene as possible. Without Marty's protection, Jr will absolutely blame her for Darlene's actions. The first episode of next season should be Darlene being killed in a very public way. End of her Story. That's how it should go, but it will be contrived to have Darlene stick around.
  6. Helen made herself expendable. Despite Marty's failings, he has proven to be very valuable. Initially, laundering the money in the Ozark, then getting the casino established proved his worth. Wendy pitching the legitimacy angle to Navarro also proved their worth. Helen was right in her understanding of Navarro's moods, but she seriously misjudged on the last one. Although, she had no way of knowing the Byrde's did an end run around her. Her ambition exceeded her station and she paid the price. Darlene, Darlene, Darlene. With that kind of retaliation, NO WAY she should have made it to the end of this episode. Having Frank Jr beat to a pulp and winding up in the hospital, OK. Blow off his junk and all bets are off. Ruth is fair game too since she isn't with the Byrde's anymore. Cut off the head (Darlene) and her empire is over. She's getting a percentage of the casino, but she doesn't have the cartel backing her. As much as she is out in the open, killing her would be too easy. Last season, she and her husband only survived the previous hit because the plot called for it. I fully thought when Wyatt and Ruth were overlooking the poppy fields someone was going to shoot Darlene in the head. Her end is not going to be pretty. Ben had some excellent scenes, but I was ready for him to be gone. Regardless of how Ruth feels, SHE was the catalyst that led to Ben's death. And, it's not like she didn't see that Ben was a ticking time bomb. Wendy had it right when she yelled at Ruth about not knowing the full scope of Ben's psychosis. Like the Byrde children, especially Charlotte. She was the voice of reason, on more the one occasion, and not the petulant teenager as many shows write teenage girls. The kids didn't play as big a role, but they were effective in what they were given.
  7. I see the show still requires the audience to suspend disbelief to the Nth degree. The boyfriend, being as worried as he was, WOULD have used find-a-phone immediately. More believable that he would have tracked the phone and appeared on Beth's doorstep asking about his girlfriend. The day of her disappearance he was buying her feminine products and she praised him to her friends (Beth and group) for it. That's next level and there no way he would just accept that she left without a face-to-face goodbye. Show is floundering. It is bending itself into pretzels justifying Rio not killing Beth and friends. Ruby's story is kind of dumb too. Stan needs to pull the trigger or accept his wife's life as a criminal. What does he think Ruby is doing when she is goes out at night? Don't think the nail salon is open and she doesn't have a night job. Bringing the daughter into it, and the way she is being written, is plain stupid. At least the the son isn't irritating. Although, all the kids are just window dressing. Said it before, something needs to happen. And, it can't be as silly as killing Lucy for shock value. Killing her has the opposite effect for me as it makes the writers seem desperate.
  8. Something needs to happen on this show. Last episode, it wasn't interesting until the end when Rio showed up. Now, he's here and it is still boring. Despite all the plot holes, the last season was interesting with the women's foray into crime. Can we get back to that? Regardless, Rio should have went scorched earth on all of them. What is the point of this cat-and-mouse nonsense? Can't see sticking with this, if it doesn't pick up.
  9. This is one of the things that bothered me too. What was the point in delaying talking to Adam? Corinne was already busted. She would have told Adam about the affair (or almost affair), since she did allude to it "Everyone has secrets, even you." She would have brought up the stolen money. No reason to keep that hidden since she didn't steal it. Truth would have came out and the show would have only been one episode. There were numerous other things that bugged, but a big one was HOW did Corinne's phone get on that long bridge without Adam, boys, and Killane not seeing anyone put it there? Meaning, Tripp never could have just "dropped" it there without them seeing him. It's believable that they wouldn't notice Tripp at the train station, since they weren't looking for him. But, no way, he, or anyone, isn't seen on that bridge. They showed that scene of Tripp watching them on the bridge at the end, but that wasn't plausible at all. This was an enjoyable watch. I wanted to get to the end and see how it all tied together. Although, I had to really switch off my brain, and crank my suspension of disbelief to the max. As I read through the comments, I see people pointed out many of the plot holes or contrivances that I saw too. Oh well, I'm on to my next series.
  10. No one has mentioned it, so I think I will. What in the HELL was Saxe's defense attorney wearing?!?!? She looked like a giant bottle of Pepto Bismal with all that pink on. Did it ALL have to be pink? Throw some other color in there to add some contrast. She looked ridiculous. Originally, I thought it was going to be Q when they showed him this episode. BUT, he knows the game and Tasha was stupid. Even without his alibi, it would have been hard to make the frame stick. She definitely got what she deserved setting him up like that. Well, Power is over. It could have ended better. Is there really an audience for Power spinoffs? Does anyone really care about young Tommy (hey dude from Shameless reprising his role as drug dealer), Ghost, Angela, and "mentor" Kana? NO ONE likes Tariq!!!! Why would anyone watch a spinoff about him??? The actor needs to get some other roles that broadens his range. Every role I've seen him in (Orange is the New Black, Barbershop 2), he plays the same rebellious, troubled son. At this point, his career may be ruined since most people know him as Tariq, the pain-in-the-ass, ungrateful son on Power. He, and the actor that played young Anakin from Star Wars Episode 1, can compare notes on how a single role can ruin a career.
  11. It will be an obscure character that shot Ghost. It WON'T be Tariq. Why? The main giveaway is the news would never describe the killer that way if it was his own son. "We are getting our first look at the killer." No, it would be, "James St. Patrick was killed by his own son" or something like that. Also, Tommy's reaction to the killer. His look didn't scream Tariq or Tasha. It was someone they both knew and probably had prior issues with. I must have misheard an earlier episode. I thought Tate was announced as his opponent's Lt Governor choice after Ghost was killed, not the DNC choice for Governor. Oh well, I'm too lazy to go back and see if I heard it wrong. Ready for this to be over. Dragging out the reveal this long has become tedious and just insults the audience.
  12. Zoe is still the worst person on this show. The narcissism and entitlement is nauseating. I called it with Nomi. I wonder if the show will bring the father into the picture? Zoe stuff withstanding, a good episode. One thing the show should do is give the other characters more to do.
  13. I saw the trailer for the new season and called it that it would be Nomi that is pregnant. In TV land, always go with the most unlikely candidate. Figure she was heartbroken from the fallout with the professor and had a random hook-up with a dude. He was probably for revenge and her way to rebel. She was pregnant during last season, just didn't tell anyone. I can't with Zoe. At first, I was wondering, WHY, WHY, WHY would they be having a party for her return?!?!? But then, after the explanation, it made sense. BUT, BUT, Zoe, as self-absorbed as always, kept calling it her party. She is the worst. And, her character has only gotten worse from the 1st season. I feel this show could be really good without her on it or her being the primary focus. The twins are way more interesting and less narcissistic.
  14. I see the show will drag out the "Who killed Ghost?" plot for as long as possible. Good on showing the backstory, bad on execution. I figure the next, or rest of the season, will be everyone's perspective around Ghost's death and process of elimination for suspects. Expect an episode on Tate, Tariq/Tasha, and Tommy with the final reveal coming last. I'm putting my money on Ghost's daughter. Yes, the youngest one that we never see. She is making him pay for all the grief he's caused the family. That's why Ghost looks so surprised when he is shot. Hey, it could happen!!!! Can't be anymore ridiculous than any of the other stuff on this show. Too much plot contrivance in this episode. FBI agents let Dre get away, him going in and out of jail like a trip to the mall, and Dre getting killed the way he did. Sad about Dre's upbringing, but the way to get back at his mom would have been to prove her wrong by being successful. But, he wasn't about that life. Wow, his girlfriend was the worst, but then that's to be expected too. Is Ghost really dead? I doubt it. Wouldn't be surprised if show turns it into a "media jumps the gun" and the real story comes out later. I expect the season to end with Ghost being Lt. Governor, with the candidate winning in a landslide because of the assassination attempt on her running mate. Long live Ghost!!!
  15. The writing on this show is not good. What is with all the ambiguity? Why did the show not tell the audience of the vote? Yes, it made it seem it went H&H's way, but did it or did Bob pull a rabbit out of his hat since he pretty much runs it anyway? Another one is did AJ really steal the drugs? He still hasn't definitively said he did it and, just like Grace's lawyer brother said, he could have just turned himself in and called Grace from jail. Also, not a big one, but did Sofia hook up with Dante? Have to keep audience guessing about that one. Finally, was that the real AJ or an angel (SERIOUSLY?!?!) that approached Grace at Faith's grave? This show subverts the saying of "Show, don't tell" by not showing or telling anything. Better to just leave it ambiguous, so to keep "its options open". It makes the show irritating to watch and for poor storytelling. I've said it before, WHY are all these adults living in the same house?!? Charity shouldn't be going against the family, but then we don't really know because vote wasn't revealed, since she still lives at home. Kerissa and Jacob should have moved out long ago or stayed gone once out. Jacob's living in "Mommy's house", but Kerissa living there with him doesn't make her look any better. For a moment thought I was watching Tyler Perry with Kerissa getting Chlymydia since he's good for inflicting pain on women in his stories. This season has been really uneven. Pretty much everything happened in last episode to get to the cliffhanger. And, it only happened because Grace stepped down. AJ showing up at the church was so contrived. Why would he go there? Why would he show up like that (standing in the aisle)? Easily could have slid in unnoticed or saw Grace after service in her office or at the home. DRAMA!!! Cliffhanger couldn't have happened without Grace out of the way.
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