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  1. This is one of the things that bothered me too. What was the point in delaying talking to Adam? Corinne was already busted. She would have told Adam about the affair (or almost affair), since she did allude to it "Everyone has secrets, even you." She would have brought up the stolen money. No reason to keep that hidden since she didn't steal it. Truth would have came out and the show would have only been one episode. There were numerous other things that bugged, but a big one was HOW did Corinne's phone get on that long bridge without Adam, boys, and Killane not seeing anyone put it there? Meaning, Tripp never could have just "dropped" it there without them seeing him. It's believable that they wouldn't notice Tripp at the train station, since they weren't looking for him. But, no way, he, or anyone, isn't seen on that bridge. They showed that scene of Tripp watching them on the bridge at the end, but that wasn't plausible at all. This was an enjoyable watch. I wanted to get to the end and see how it all tied together. Although, I had to really switch off my brain, and crank my suspension of disbelief to the max. As I read through the comments, I see people pointed out many of the plot holes or contrivances that I saw too. Oh well, I'm on to my next series.
  2. No one has mentioned it, so I think I will. What in the HELL was Saxe's defense attorney wearing?!?!? She looked like a giant bottle of Pepto Bismal with all that pink on. Did it ALL have to be pink? Throw some other color in there to add some contrast. She looked ridiculous. Originally, I thought it was going to be Q when they showed him this episode. BUT, he knows the game and Tasha was stupid. Even without his alibi, it would have been hard to make the frame stick. She definitely got what she deserved setting him up like that. Well, Power is over. It could have ended better. Is there really an audience for Power spinoffs? Does anyone really care about young Tommy (hey dude from Shameless reprising his role as drug dealer), Ghost, Angela, and "mentor" Kana? NO ONE likes Tariq!!!! Why would anyone watch a spinoff about him??? The actor needs to get some other roles that broadens his range. Every role I've seen him in (Orange is the New Black, Barbershop 2), he plays the same rebellious, troubled son. At this point, his career may be ruined since most people know him as Tariq, the pain-in-the-ass, ungrateful son on Power. He, and the actor that played young Anakin from Star Wars Episode 1, can compare notes on how a single role can ruin a career.
  3. It will be an obscure character that shot Ghost. It WON'T be Tariq. Why? The main giveaway is the news would never describe the killer that way if it was his own son. "We are getting our first look at the killer." No, it would be, "James St. Patrick was killed by his own son" or something like that. Also, Tommy's reaction to the killer. His look didn't scream Tariq or Tasha. It was someone they both knew and probably had prior issues with. I must have misheard an earlier episode. I thought Tate was announced as his opponent's Lt Governor choice after Ghost was killed, not the DNC choice for Governor. Oh well, I'm too lazy to go back and see if I heard it wrong. Ready for this to be over. Dragging out the reveal this long has become tedious and just insults the audience.
  4. Zoe is still the worst person on this show. The narcissism and entitlement is nauseating. I called it with Nomi. I wonder if the show will bring the father into the picture? Zoe stuff withstanding, a good episode. One thing the show should do is give the other characters more to do.
  5. I saw the trailer for the new season and called it that it would be Nomi that is pregnant. In TV land, always go with the most unlikely candidate. Figure she was heartbroken from the fallout with the professor and had a random hook-up with a dude. He was probably for revenge and her way to rebel. She was pregnant during last season, just didn't tell anyone. I can't with Zoe. At first, I was wondering, WHY, WHY, WHY would they be having a party for her return?!?!? But then, after the explanation, it made sense. BUT, BUT, Zoe, as self-absorbed as always, kept calling it her party. She is the worst. And, her character has only gotten worse from the 1st season. I feel this show could be really good without her on it or her being the primary focus. The twins are way more interesting and less narcissistic.
  6. I see the show will drag out the "Who killed Ghost?" plot for as long as possible. Good on showing the backstory, bad on execution. I figure the next, or rest of the season, will be everyone's perspective around Ghost's death and process of elimination for suspects. Expect an episode on Tate, Tariq/Tasha, and Tommy with the final reveal coming last. I'm putting my money on Ghost's daughter. Yes, the youngest one that we never see. She is making him pay for all the grief he's caused the family. That's why Ghost looks so surprised when he is shot. Hey, it could happen!!!! Can't be anymore ridiculous than any of the other stuff on this show. Too much plot contrivance in this episode. FBI agents let Dre get away, him going in and out of jail like a trip to the mall, and Dre getting killed the way he did. Sad about Dre's upbringing, but the way to get back at his mom would have been to prove her wrong by being successful. But, he wasn't about that life. Wow, his girlfriend was the worst, but then that's to be expected too. Is Ghost really dead? I doubt it. Wouldn't be surprised if show turns it into a "media jumps the gun" and the real story comes out later. I expect the season to end with Ghost being Lt. Governor, with the candidate winning in a landslide because of the assassination attempt on her running mate. Long live Ghost!!!
  7. The writing on this show is not good. What is with all the ambiguity? Why did the show not tell the audience of the vote? Yes, it made it seem it went H&H's way, but did it or did Bob pull a rabbit out of his hat since he pretty much runs it anyway? Another one is did AJ really steal the drugs? He still hasn't definitively said he did it and, just like Grace's lawyer brother said, he could have just turned himself in and called Grace from jail. Also, not a big one, but did Sofia hook up with Dante? Have to keep audience guessing about that one. Finally, was that the real AJ or an angel (SERIOUSLY?!?!) that approached Grace at Faith's grave? This show subverts the saying of "Show, don't tell" by not showing or telling anything. Better to just leave it ambiguous, so to keep "its options open". It makes the show irritating to watch and for poor storytelling. I've said it before, WHY are all these adults living in the same house?!? Charity shouldn't be going against the family, but then we don't really know because vote wasn't revealed, since she still lives at home. Kerissa and Jacob should have moved out long ago or stayed gone once out. Jacob's living in "Mommy's house", but Kerissa living there with him doesn't make her look any better. For a moment thought I was watching Tyler Perry with Kerissa getting Chlymydia since he's good for inflicting pain on women in his stories. This season has been really uneven. Pretty much everything happened in last episode to get to the cliffhanger. And, it only happened because Grace stepped down. AJ showing up at the church was so contrived. Why would he go there? Why would he show up like that (standing in the aisle)? Easily could have slid in unnoticed or saw Grace after service in her office or at the home. DRAMA!!! Cliffhanger couldn't have happened without Grace out of the way.
  8. I can't say it enough, how come Jacob and Kerissa don't have any money? They've been living in that mansion rent-free, not paying any bills, figured were well paid (Kerissa is admin of private school, Jacob was pastor at Calvary), and they can't afford a house?!?! I know it's been like this since season one, but come on. They should be sitting on a pile of money. Also, it's ridiculous seeing all those adults in that house. The only one that wanted to leave was Grace? And, she moved back and that's with all the problems she had with her family. Kerissa is way obvious with her infidelity. Guess she doesn't recognize that she is duplicating Jacob's behavior. Every time he questions her, her anger is too over the top. Game recognizes game, and Jacob should see it since I'm sure he acted EXACTLY like she is acting now. Truer words were never spoken about Demar when Bishop called him stupid to Charity. Once Demar usefulness is done, he will be out. I guess he got a consolation prize by hooking up with the H&H daughter. The show has NO idea what to do with Sofia. Is she in school, is she at the Greenleaf estate? Must be nice to be able to blow money on flights as needed. Just write her off already. Then we don't have to listen to her incessant whining anymore. Charity about Demar, "He's chaste." Seriously?!?! Is that a requirement? Doesn't concern about that go out the window once you've been married, had a kid, and hooked up with a record producer? Give me a break. So, the show wants us to believe they haven't hooked up? Yeah, right. Of course, she could be lying so never mind.
  9. I'm calling it that the glass that Rodriguez took from Truth is going to ruin the case in some way. She was there in an official capacity, without a search warrant, and removed an item from the premises that lead to DNA connection of Tariq. Outside of Truth, in the trash, or getting the DNA off a glass in a police station wouldn't be a problem. Taking it from a person's residence or place of business, without a search warrant, will be problematic. That evidence getting thrown out would ruin everything that came from it, which would be substantial. She may find herself in the unemployment line right behind Sax. Poor Keisha. Fortunately for Rodriguez Keisha wasn't hip to the game. Keisha didn't know how to launder money or deal with the police. She was in over her head and got a bullet in it for her trouble. As others have said, not sure what Ghost's plan was burning Tate like that. It's real puzzling considering he went through so much trouble to raise Tate's profile as a "savior" during the robbery.
  10. Alphonse talked to Ramona at Ghost's direction. It was part of Ghost's plan. Unfortunately, Alphonse was not let in on the part where he would be killed. Remember Alphonse eluded to another "hustle" to Dre. This was it. Alphonse was to hang around and be more menacing. And, Ghost gave Tate the gun so Tate would come out as a hero. Even Ramona, when talking to Ghost after it was over, was skeptical that it all just worked out so well. We didn't see it, and the show didn't tell us, but that's the only explanation for Alphonse being so stupid.
  11. Initial conflict between two women and attempted rape were both contrived. There had to be a better way to have those two as adversaries than that being the reason. There is no where else for those two characters to go in future interactions. For now, I'm going to keep going, but I'm leery of it getting better.
  12. Wow, that was horrible. I finished it, but with much fast-forwarding to get through the ridiculous parts, which were many. The characters were horrible, with the doctor and latina, with saloon hair, being photo finish for worst. Sterile/not sterile strictly for drama sake. The earth side story was ridiculous, with the lack of security around artifact being top of the list. What plausible reason would there be for the little girl and nanny to be at the site? Same goes for blogger. Achaia motivation makes no sense. I guess that's what season 2 would flesh out. Really shouldn't be one. Niko says, "Let's head home." Next their ship blows up since superior Achaia would immediately remove that nuisance so as not to screw up its plans. Regardless, don't see this being renewed.
  13. The most patently ridiculous thing is a little girl is able to run out on to the location of the artifact. Seriously?!?!? Why isn't this project in complete lockdown? Why is a nanny and child able to walk around like their members of the staff? Does anyone vet these scripts before filming them? This is so amateurish.
  14. Yes, the blogger is deliberately running into him. But, my view is that it wouldn't happen or, at least, it would take way more effort to get him alone. This project would be under such scrutiny/control that the scientists would reside on a govt-established campus. The setup in the 2016 movie Arrival is what I would expect. But then, can't have too much believability, due to it screwing up the story.
  15. How are these scientists, excluding the politician, surprised, SURPRISED, that being exposed to gamma rays wouldn't have damaging effects on their physiology?!?!? They should consider themselves lucky that they're only sterilized. At worst, they should be dead, and not so worst, growing tumors and developing cancer. We're given protection, and hygienist leaves the room, when getting x-rays (different radiation, same principle) at the dentist's office. Their exposure was long and enough that it caused them discomfort. At least one of them looked at the bright side. The earth scenes are boring and the daughter is cringe-worthy. The storyline with the blogger is stupid. That project would be crawling with govt types and have very limited media exposure. Not remotely believable that head scientist, 3 eps and still don't remember his name, would constantly run into her. Someone would call him on it and he certainly wouldn't be able to pass a "data cube" of info to her without him ending up in jail.
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