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  1. Not sure of the best place to post this but Mr. Peanut had the best reaction to the Co$ ad during the Super Bowl:
  2. Ruprecht

    S04.E10: The Deep Heart's Core

    I absolutely LOVE the name the "GoFugYourselves" ladies gave for the American stones: "Creigh na Durham" I cackled as I read it in my office in ye olde Durham, NC.
  3. Ruprecht

    S04.E10: The Deep Heart's Core

    I agree. Sophie as "Bree" is surrounded by actors who are so expressive that I find it to be distracting. I compare this to Richard who broke my heart in this scene (and it took me a minute to make the connection that he had found a way back to his time).
  4. Ruprecht

    Outlander In The Media

    Possibly but I'd vote mandolin.
  5. Ruprecht

    S09.E03: Warning Signs

    No kidding. I cannot stand either the character Negan or how the actor has portrayed him. I want him gone. I'd love revenge but at this point, I'll settle for any option including a bad case of the flu.
  6. Ruprecht

    S03.E08: Biscuits

    When I saw this episode, I immediately wanted to use the tea cakes concept for my entry at our state fair. However, I knew it couldn't be a "cake" - it had to be all candy. So I modified it using the same silicon molds with chocolate shell and marshmallow filling. But instead of the digestive biscuit, I made a rolled peanut butter layer. Long story, short: I won BEST IN SHOW! Whoo hoo! Thanks, BBO!
  7. Ruprecht

    Outlander In The Media

    Well, bless my North Carolina heart. I love acoustic music although I'm more "new grass" or folk than "blue grass". The new opening credits music for season 4 brought tears to my eyes (not even the visuals, y'all - it was all the singin' and playin'). Just - wow!. Outstanding work by all involved.
  8. Ruprecht

    S01.E07: Falling

    It was in Raising Arizona. I recognized it immediately because that's what Holly Hunter's character sings to Nathan, Jr. ("he's just having a nightmare"). I'm sure it's an old folk song but some are really creepy and devastating ("Pretty Polly" as sung by Patti Loveless is amazing). I've never been one to figure out a mystery - I get caught up in the story. But I did get the sense a few episodes back that Adora probably made Marian sick to the point that she either deliberately killed her or her actions resulted in Marian's death. However, I'm not buying that Adora killed Anne and Natalie. It would not surprise me if Amma was the culprit for one or both. I think the show has done a good job of establishing that Amma is a little psychopath (she's mean as a snake and her "apologies" ring false and are tools she uses to manipulate people like Camille).
  9. Ruprecht


    The FBI played Janet Reno like a fiddle. They told her the children were being abused (I assume implying sexually and/or physically) which was a complete falsehood. Janet had her part to play in the notorious daycare abuse scandals of the 90s and that was just the right information to nudge her toward approving the operation. One thing that shocks me is that out of all the liberties the show took with the participants (which I know is necessary) is that the head of the tactical operations at Waco was the same person at Ruby Ridge which I think is inexcusable.
  10. Article claims CO$ executive asked for any dirt on Paul Haggis from two former scientologists: http://www.showbiz411.com/2018/01/25/exclusive-oscar-winner-paul-haggis-suffers-retribution-two-former-scientologists-say-they-were-pressured-to-help-frame-him-with-women
  11. I enjoyed this episode. For me, cake rolls are something I've not mastered (I just don't do them enough). I thought Jessie could have held her own on the GBBO. She produced beautiful work and I really want to try her technique to make the "fire' for the log. So clever! While I'm not fond of the naked cake trend, I did think it was a good challenge and I would love to try some of those flavor combinations. I liked Paul (as always) and I tolerated Johnny (he seems so stilted in his comments - like an android trying to remember how to emote). Surely there are other pastry chefs that could serve as a judge. Overall, I like the premiere and I found several contestants that I will enjoy watching, starting with my girl Jessie. Which is why I feared for her during the morning treats (which to me were all about dough). I loved how Vallery really shown here and I really, really, REALLY wanted to try her doughnuts. I loved how she was confident in her abilities and was glad she won star baker. Even in the GBBO, a type of baking can humble a previous star and I'm glad Jessie managed to survive that round (and I totally love her glasses). I'm easy to please - so I'm looking forward to next week!
  12. The Budapest mention is (to me) a positive development. The Co$ was raided there and I think will get into lots of trouble due to the privacy laws and how they violate them. For proof, just look at what happened to Mary. In the creepy video from the Co$, the guy admits telling her son, Sammy, about the other child Mary gave up at age 20. That was told in confidence during Auditing. What a creepy, offensive organization.
  13. Ruprecht

    Outlander In The Media

    EW has Outlander on the cover and a story as well. Story: First look Covers
  14. I was incredibly moved when Mike and Chantal embraced at the beginning and she started to cry. I felt like I was watching actual healing take place. Leah continues to amaze me in that she completely owns her behavior while in the CO$ and gives herself no slack for cutting off communication with a life-long friend to stay in good-standing with the CO$. This was another great episode and it infuriates me that this is not fiction, this is fact. I'm so glad they are there for and support each other today. It was a weird transition at the end in that it shows a text message to Chantal from her mother and it says "to be continued" but the previews for next week do show her mother being interviewed which never would have happened for someone still in the CO$. I think I will need tissues handy.
  15. Ok. This is fascinating to me. They got Capone through taxes. It would be SWEET if the fall of the CO$ was due to how they kept and used as blackmail material personal user information (auditing, knowledge reports, etc). It seems the European Union in general and Hungary in particular are not very happy AT ALL with the CO$. https://tonyortega.org/2017/10/25/chris-owen-how-one-country-at-least-is-savaging-scientologys-privacy-nightmare/ I don't think this is a minor development. I'm hoping it's just the beginning.