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  1. Just a random observation: Cathy Pedrayes is the transitional point between Sandra Bennett and Ali Carr.
  2. Flipped over to The Ho and I thought that was Kathy Levine. Whether she had work done, dyed hair/wig, whatever, she looks great - nearly as young as she did in the 90s when Mrs. Storm first found QVC. She still as likeable and fun as she was back then. Nice to see her again. ETA: Good pairing with Callie, because Callie is boring as hell. Kathy can carry the show herself.
  3. I know people have beat me to it, but what in the holy f%$@ is THAT?!? I know they have no dress code and grown-ups typically know how to dress themselves, but how in the hell was she allowed to go on air like that? OMFG. She's a black eye to QVC.
  4. Liz's brows were nicely curved. These brows are angled like she's pissed off and wants to speak to your manager right now!
  5. @AdeleDazeem, those are excellent observations. I think you may have the explanation I was looking for. I always thought something was wrong with her nose, but perhaps you are right with the bridge thing. Thanks for responding. I do believe she is an attractive woman, I just couldn't get past what was mystifying me.
  6. I like Courtney Kohndabi as a host. She's great with the products (if not a little bookish), connects with the OAPs, seems to be a pretty natural speaker, but for the life of me I can't figure out why she looks "off". Is it her nose, her make-up (color combinations), cheekbones, eyebrows? I don't know. It's something. She looks like an attractive woman but then I see her on the D&B show with Amy Stran and I'm just confused. It's like putting all your favorite foods on a pizza, but then the pizza not tasting good.
  7. I don't agree, but that's cool.
  8. Thanks, Buymoreandsave. I don't get the comparison though. Kristine is a fairly attractive blonde and Manson is a dyed black hair androgynous freakazoid.
  9. LOL. Please tell me who this is. I have to know.
  10. I guess if there's a silver lining, it's the first time that I can remember her in something besides pajama-type pants or yoga pants as "normal" dress (i.e. not a program that is geared toward those types of products).
  11. I can't rationalize spending $50 on a sweatshirt, period. I don't care what it says on it or who makes it. It's a friggin' sweatshirt.
  12. Mrs. Storm flips to QVC's beauty channel every so often. I swear QVC only allows Elise Ivy to work on three conditions: late nights, only on the Beauty Channel, and only shown as a bust (bust, as in the statue type - not a woman's chest). I swear I've seen her a million times, and this is the only way she appears. I'm starting to think she's just an animatronic upper body put on a swivel as to appear to turn to talk to the OAP.
  13. This is a pet peeve of mine and I am glad you mentioned it. When everything is so "casual" that dressing like a grown-up professional person requires CAPS, something is just so wrong. It's a shame it has to be such an occasion to actually look like an adult or professional (like they're supposed to be). I typically hate on JRT because she's normally a complete mess, but I second your opinion that, at least the effort was there, she looked professional. That said, her blazer fit looked like mine would fit if I tried on my high school blazer for my 30th reunion.
  14. This woman is supposed to be taken seriously for fashion, style, and beauty products? Ugh. No wonder there are so many lost souls out there. She could single-handedly start the decline of Western civilization.
  15. I agree. The boring sets and decor remind me of a thrift store. It's as if they have one large cabinet to stand behind (since most of the hosts don't interact with the product or OAP), one bed for sheet displays, and one nondescript kitchen set for pretty much everything else. Same goes for many of their nondescript hosts - Alyce Caron, Carrie Smith, Michelle Yarn, etc. Boring.
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