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  1. Kalanie's "I breast feed all night long" is her excuse for not having him sleeping in the same bedroom and has to keep up the pretense why he sleeps in a second bedroom (game room)...she's not breast feeding those kids during the night...they aren't newborns...but he is too dim to see it. I've noticed her father's lack of TV appearances this time, and when he does he's very subdued and chill which makes me think he has had some social media backlash...and only appeared on the show to smooth that over....also his daughter/grandkids need those TLC checks.
  2. I can't stand Trish and Mike, and haven't yet watched the part during Thanks giving dinner yet....but people keep mentioning that Trish was making digs about Natalie having children and she's getting on in age...I do remember when she was in the Ukraine that was her hook of a storyline...she wanted babies straight away as she was getting on, and Mike wasn't ready yet. I like Natalie, just think she's a little crazy...and the way they have both treated her is diabolical...but I think those comments come out of resentment from the first season they were in...and because of the pandemic he felt
  3. Angela doesn't even style it, just over processed and stuck back in a ponytail or headband....she needs to find a decent hairdresser/colorist after letting it grow out for 6 months. Nothing wrong with her having her hair in a ponytail either, but it's the frazzled hair that makes it looks so bad.
  4. So Michael brags about being wealthy, has driven around showing us 4 flashy cars to prove it ( eyeroll). Yet his ex wife has a huge tear on her tatty leather old sofa tonight ...lol ..I knew the I’m so rich storyline was fake. She looked a little wasted again. What’s with her need to be constantly on the show? It’s like she told Michael the kids could be on it only if she was included.
  5. I think they aren’t showing them every week because there is nothing going on with them most of the time and their personalities and their dynamic isn’t that interesting, only the Snowden’s are entertaining, and McGees are since they’ve introduced Brandy and her daughter,
  6. Even if Rachel wanted to live in the UK, I doubt she will be able to unless John gets another job, as John has to have funds or an income of a minimum of £18,600 a year before tax, ($24,500) and it’s even higher if you are sponsoring children.
  7. Not seeing why people are annoyed with Courtney...and less so with Antonio. She's still young and naive, but this guy is a complete jerk. He knew about the tv show, but never turned up at the airport...then was an hour late meeting her outside the Cathedral, then expects her to go to his pageant job that same day...and doesn't understand why she's cranky and tired. I've seen more episodes, and I'm still in her corner....she's far too good for him...I'm European also in case one anyone wants to use that argument.
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