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  1. I enjoyed today's show as well. It was great to see everyone get along. I get so tired of all the fighting. Even the blond was well behaved today. Stacey was great. So were David Allan Grier, Blair Underwood and Jerry O'Connell. I would love to see that play they were promoting.
  2. A.J.

    Dynasty (2017)

    That's only 1 show not the abundance of shows/characters the other poster mentioned. And unfortunately from what I've seen the range of characters is not that diverse on Pose.
  3. A.J.

    Dynasty (2017)

    What shows are you seeing these gay black male characters? They are not in any of the shows I watch. And I was specifically speaking to the lack of black male gay love on the big and small screen.
  4. I was so sick of Gina hugging and fawning all of John today. I really want Marlena or Kate to lay hands on her and beat her into next week. She was sickening. And I've been meaning to say this for a week or two, when did Chad take over for Will with the constant smirking? Back in the day he and Sonny would often laugh when they had a bromance scene. However Chad is constantly smirking these days in scenes that don't call for humor like Will often does.
  5. Normally I'd be right with you as he is one of the most despicable DAYS villains ever. But he did it to help his son so I can over look that. Since he's always taunting and insulting Will, maybe throw Clyde in a cell and let some of the "love starved" inmates have their way with him. Then the camera pans up and we hear Clyde scream out in agony. That's too dark for the show so and won't happen but I can dream. 😅😆
  6. I wasn't grinning but like you I do love them as a couple. I've always rooted for Ben. He got a bad deal with those old writers. So I am glad to see him in this light. Aiden never got his shot at being redeemed but at least Ben did.
  7. A.J.

    Dynasty (2017)

    It won't happen. And heaven forbid two black men on a show gets together as a couple. Networks almost never do this for some reason. Noah's Arc and The LA Complex are the only time I can remember this being done on a series. The portrayal of black gay male couples is one of the least represented groups on television, movies, etc.
  8. A.J.

    Dynasty (2017)

    More than that, she seems to no having a problem with Adam shoving her face in an active fireplace. She could have died. Where is the anger and revenge for that?
  9. Why oh why do they keep pushing Sharon down our throats during awards season? She is not or will she ever be the next Joan Rivers. She is HORRIBLE at that gig. I hope they make is stop soon. She's good as a talk show host panelist but she sucks as a celebrity red carpet personality. 👎 👎👎
  10. A.J.

    Dynasty (2017)

    I agree that Sam needs better writing. He has been hit or miss (mostly miss) since Steven left. And when are they going to address what happened to Steven? Does no one in the family care? Speaking of Culhane, and I know this will never happen, I would love to see a romance between him and Jeff. I get such strong vibes when I see them together being cool with each other. Lastly, I hate that I am feeling sympathy for Adam. I still think he needs to pay for what he did to Alexis.
  11. Then Sharon unleashed with "maybe if they had (referring to biting the heads of of bats), they would've won a Grammy.
  12. Hands down, this was one of the saddest soap episodes I've ever seen. From the grief and tears of J.J. to Sarah and Will to Brady. However, Kristen really took me out with her grief. I've never cried so much through an episode. If there was an award for best soap episode, this one should definitely be nominated. I can't wait to see the reactions from everyone when the big reveal is discovered.
  13. 😂 🤣 Funny! I agree she can lay it on a bit thick. That may be another reason for Sharon's behavior towards her.
  14. They seem so opposite. Maybe that's why. Sharon is this brash, ballsy and often vicious type of woman. Marie seems to be Ms. Positivity, light and love. It was only a matter of time.
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