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  1. I'm a fan as well but I doubt their wedding will be smooth. I at least hope Eric and Nicole get one. But on this show, I doubt it. Either Daniel or Sami will show up to make a mess of the day.
  2. Eileen Davidson's Kristen was a bit more fun that Stacy's version. It took a while for me to warm up to her. She's more brash and animated in her portrayal. But I like her now. And I get and agree with the sleeping with a father and son thing.
  3. Kristen has done no more vile things that Vivian. And Gabi is not far behind.
  4. She does look a bit ill or something. Great to see her back though. Other tidbits: I hate what Ciara has been wearing of late. And maybe it's time for a hair cut or different style. On the flip side Hope was exceptionally beautiful yesterday. She's was glowing. Loved Jake's crack about Gabi's ice skating outfit. And for a change of pace (DAYS) how about giving us a fun wedding with lots of great surprises instead of all today's mayhem. This one trick pony has become very old.
  5. I wish they’d stop pairing Val (Vanessa Williams) with these old men. First Abe and now Billy Davis Jr. C’mon, Val is a sexy woman who does not look her age of late 50s. Can we pair her with someone that doesn’t look like her dad? I know there are budget issues, the nod to real life couple Marilyn and Billy and that none of them will be there long but Val deserves better. Abe is 73 and Billy is 82. And no one has mentioned Theo. Not his father nor his sister. Why can’t he come back for an episode or two? So many others are coming back for this or that. I’d love to see the actor again. Lastly, when was the last time DAYS had a non-drama filled wedding? I guess that’s the running joke nowadays. Will Eric & Nicole make it w/o something happening? I’m positive Kayla & Justin won’t make it to the end of the ceremony. If it gets that far.
  6. So did I. I'm always a sucker for a redemption story. I remember the great woman Kristen was back in the day when she first came to Salem. However her praising of Lani was a bit over the top. I do also hope we get more scenes of her with Brady and their daughter.
  7. Only 3 hosts today and still no Ana Navarro. Are the rumors true that the beast Meghan McCain is keeping her away along with Sherri Shepherd, Tara Setmayer and it remains to be seen if she'll keep Elisabeth Hasselbeck away. Does she have that much power? Why do they keep pampering this "princess?"
  8. Didn't she though. So much for social distancing. Glad to see her win but I really, really wanted to see Paul Telfer (Xander) and Ari Zucker (Nicole) win an Emmy.
  9. I want to see her too. Nothing against Sara but I think we've only seen Ana once on the show since the pandemic hit. That's not nearly enough. What gives?
  10. Liked today's show a lot. This is the first time that I've ever watched the home edition of the show. The topics were good and I actually am a fan of both guests. I hate what happened to Jay Pharoah but glad he's shedding light on his situation to help this movement. Lastly, I've always been a huge fan of Wilson Cruz. He's always seemed like such an awesome guy inside and out. He did not disappoint today. He melts my heart.
  11. Except for Xander, all the Kiriakis men tend to overdress. Victor and Sonny seem to always be dressed for the office. At least Justin has a reason to dress like that. Sonny has not worked in quite a while. Will still works for the Spectator. And speaking of clothes, thankfully Will has stopped wearing plaid all the time. All the Ben hate is really tiresome. Murdering three people is not easily forgiven, yes. I get it. But how many Salem residents have killed or almost killed? Gabi, Will, Kate, Xander, etc. come to mind. I’m so glad Ben got a chance to redeem himself. He’s remorseful, works hard and really tries to be a better person. That’s more than I can say for many of the fan favorites in Salem. Lastly, the fact that Marlena got past this and especially Will says a lot about Ben’s character. I’m Team Ben all the way. Nicole still works for Basic Black. The last work task I remember from Eric is when he filled in for Roman at the Brady Pub.
  12. The show has been boring for a while now, period. A constant discussion of somber and repetitive topics, a lack of humor and Meghan's temperamental, sourpuss attitude has created a show that is boring as hell. Concerning Ana, I don't get why she's only been on the show once or twice since this pandemic. She is sorely missed. And a day w/o Joy goes without saying. She brings the fun and the laughs.
  13. Me too. Kristen has done some unforgivable things but I'm glad she now has Rachel. Kristen was a very nice character when first introduced who turned to the dark side. I'm glad she tried (often not successful) to get back to that person again. You can't turn off your temper or snap your finger and you never do bad things again. It's a process. She helped in getting Marlena rescued, she was appreciative of Eric and Nicole when they told her Rachel was alive, she was a great friend to Lani, she wanted to take the blame for stabbing Victor so Brady wouldn't go to jail and she was very understanding and gentle with Sarah. So she has made progress. I was not happy with Stacy's portrayal of Kristen when she first began but she eventually won me over. She made Kristen her own and in my opinion knocked it out of the park. If this is her final goodbye I will miss her.
  14. So true. I loved, loved, loved that episode. That was one of the best of this entire run.
  15. A.J.

    Dynasty (2017)

    Yes. Blake's daughter (Amanda) was getting married over there. I think to a prince or king. I don't remember the specifics but gunmen came in and shot up the wedding. Bullets were flying everywhere but I think only a few actually died.
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