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  1. I hope he is stil around. I love that character. He's adorable.
  2. I like Natalie, but she's not enough to make me watch. The current roster sucks!
  3. A.J.

    Dynasty (2017)

    I hated Adam until this season. Since he began to show his human side, that has changed. I actually like him now. However, I really hate his hypocrsy. The fact that he is so angry and upset with his mom for trying to break up his relationship with Kirby (rightfully so) is laughable considering what he did to his mom. He shoved her head into an active fireplace. He drugged her son/his brother to keep him locked up in an asylum. He could be a bit more forgiving and less judgmental. And as stated above, so far Amanda's intro was blah.
  4. I really, really can't see any of the changes that they have made being successful. The lineup so far is not exciting at all. It's time to put this show out to pasture. I stopped watching months ago.
  5. A.J.

    Dynasty (2017)

    That would have been better. She's nice and all but pales in comparison to original Cristal. I also wish they'd get a new Alexis too. She's not glamorous enough. Anders will be missed.
  6. It's rare to see positive statements about Meghan (understandably so), but here goes. She was actually quite pleasant today. She was friendly, she participated in all the topics, she laughed and she interacted with the other co-hosts. If only she could be this way most of the time. I'll also say that it's not easy to constantly be told that your party/group is wrong, so I sympathize on that. That's why I always thought there should be 2 conservatives on the panel.
  7. Sharon was the biggest name and matriarch of The Talk. Personally, I liked Sharon and I hated the way she was let go. But getting back to the topic, Meghan is popular but she is not the only draw to the show. Whoopi and Joy are also big draws for the show. The View was around long before Meghan and I'm sure they'll be fine w/o her. She was cool early on, but she ultimately became miserable to watch everyday. She was the absolute worst cohost to ever sit at the table. Good riddance.
  8. I'm beyond shocked that no one has discussed the Marilyn Manson accuser's interview. I could not get through it. I watched a few minutes and had to turn away. She seemed like she was on something.
  9. Will they even discuss this topic? For the longest time they avoided it because of Whoopi.
  10. I actually like Carrie Ann's ability to display her emotions on the show. She's goofy, fun, serious, caring and is not afraid to let her feelings come out. She's the only one I really like of the bunch that is left.
  11. I'm sure that side of her personality will make an appearance before long. 😄 She can't help herself.
  12. It'll never happen, but wouldn't it be wild if they wipe the slate clean and brought back Holly and Leah, keep Carrie Ann and add two younger cohosts to round out the hosts.
  13. Maybe they don't have the money to afford her or maybe she wouldn't take it out of respect for Sharon.
  14. I agree with you. I have not watched with Jerry, so I don't know how he does on the show. I have seen him host Wendy as well as appear many times on What What Happens Live. But I don't want him as a host either. It should remain an all female hosted show.
  15. Although I only watched a small portion then, I used to watch daily. So I'm very familiar with Amanda and Elaine. I was never a fan of either one for the show. I don't think they are good talk show hosts. Amanda seems very nice and cool. Elaine seems to be very informed. However, neither of them impress me on this show. Sheryl is good, but not as the lead host. I miss Carrie Ann. I miss Sharon as well. I know she had many haters, but she was good on the show. I long for hosts like Brigitte Nielsen, Carnie Wilson, Rumor Willis and Yvette Nicole Brown. This show is a shell of what it
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