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  1. I was really looking forward to seeing this , as I still have my collection of comix. But, when the first episode said 1969, The Summer of Love, I checked out. 1967, in case you didn't know.
  2. I think Myrla has a touch of social anxiety. I can relate. I, too, don't like to go to other people's houses and would rather they come to me, or we meet at a restaurant. I am always the one who wants to leave the party first. I am uncomfortable when it's a group of people all talking at once. I also made my living on the radio, all alone in a room, communicating with thousands. For someone like that just agreeing to a show like this is a huge thing.
  3. So, is the " every time she walks down the staircase" going to be this season's drinking game?
  4. As soon as they were introduced, I knew this would be the pandering choir going to the finale. At least we don't have to hear this barely average group sing again until the live show.
  5. So, I am assuming Ines doesn't know about the 6 boats yet.
  6. Geek Love!!! I don't know anyone else who read this!
  7. You mean like me, who had to buy the season on Amazon Prime? At least I had Juju
  8. I bought this season on Amazon Prime and this episode is not showing up. Anyone else have this problem?
  9. I just love this show .I watch with a big smile the entire time. We all need sweet positivity these days. And Queens.
  10. YES! Hatchet Face. I couldn't quite put my finger on who she reminded me of.
  11. It should be the actor that plays young Randall's Emmy reel. He was wonderful
  12. I saw this painting when I was a little older than young Rebecca and was mesmerized by it. Somehow I " knew" that was going to be her painting, and when when the camera pulled back and showed us, I burst into tears.
  13. You have an option to share a video, Email it to yourself, then download it.
  14. My only sister, and the last of my immediate family members, ( both parents and younger brother passed) was diagnosed with Leukemia and didn't tell me. She told some cousins and told them NOT to tell; me. She actually almost died from kidney issues caused by the chemo. When she finally told me, it was months later in an angry email. Yes, he DOES have the right to be upset at not being told.
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