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  1. I would've been surprised if it WAS renewed. We watched it with my fiance for like 6 episodes, maybe 7, don't know, before giving up. The premise was interesting, but the show did it no justice. Acting was meh, writing bland and those awful cheap makeup effects. It was a weird combination of 90's monster series (Charmed, Buffy etc) and Prison Break (with the conspiracy). Some shows are ahead of their time, this felt like a relic.
  2. Watched the whole season yesterday. I thought it was clearly better than the previous two. First one is awful, second was slightly better, but this one I actually liked to some degree. It does have the same problems than before; awful characters, not-so-subtle and underscoring themes, nonsensical writing and bad acting. But I liked the season taking place during one day and the flashbacks actually managed to develop characters, which hasn't really worked previously. I was watching episode 5 or 6, when I texted my friend who had already finished it. I told her I just have no
  3. Even though I'm not a fan, when Endgame was getting near, I started to get hyped. I didn't expect liking it, since that has been the case with most of these movies, but I knew I had to see it. And even though I don't care about MCU from an entertainment value, I do respect them for what they've accomplished. Surprisingly I found Endgame to be okay. There were fun/interesting scenes and sequences. Although it was mostly fanservice: the movie or MCU: greatest hits, they made it work. I do have some issues, but nothing major. Well, atleast not before the final battle. When the armies appeare
  4. I like Guardians of the galaxy 1 & 2 (especially the second) and Iron man 3. For me, those are the definite best films of the franchise. Ragnarok, Civil war and Endgame were decent too. The rest (that I've seen) range from meh to just plain bad. I remember back in 2008 when reviews for Iron man started rolling in. Being a long time RDJ fan I was getting really hyped. But then I saw it and it was just... I had trouble seeing how it was deemed one of the greatest comic movies of all time. For me the MCU (for which I've seen) ranks from best to worst: 1. GOTG 2 2. Iron Man 3 3
  5. Surprising how there's no one talking about this, when the first one was such a hit. I liked this one too, not as great as the first one, but still pretty good. I'm one of the few who really disliked Lego Batman and I never saw Ninjago, but the main films are definitely worth watching multiple times. I probably laughed hardest for the Hot tub time machine -reference. Not because it was particularly funny, it just came out of nowhere.
  6. Since I can't be completely sure if this is tv or movie, I post it in both threads. Man and a woman are talking hysterically. Man: No, but I chose you! Woman: But I don't want you! I can see this scene clearly in my head, but I can't visualize their faces. It's been stuck in my head for a month, maybe two, and it's driving me crazy that I don't recognize it.
  7. I remember a scene from a movie (it can be tv-show, too). Man and a woman are talking hysterically. Man: No, but I chose you! Woman: But I don't want you! I can see this scene clearly in my head, but I can't visualize their faces. It's been stuck in my head for a month, maybe two, and it's driving me crazy that I don't recognize it.
  8. Also the twist with the "new Loomis" (other than giving flashbacks of Thorn) existed only so Michael could escape from the car. And the podcasters were there only for exposition + a way for Michael to get his mask back. It's extremely lazy screenwriting.
  9. I consider myself being a huge Halloween fanboy and I've been waiting new film for a decade with a burning passion. But I ended up hating this one. It's not the worst of the franchise, but definitely my least favorite. Parts 5 and 6, Zombie's films and hell, even Resurrection had some interesting/memorable stuff in them, even though the films were utter garbage. For this one, nothing. It felt empty and shallow. There's nothing actually wrong with it, but there's nothing right either. It just... bleh.
  10. So where the hell is this show? Is it completely dead now?
  11. That's funny, since I thought Rebel was one of the biggest problems in part 2, but I found her much more tolerable in this one.
  12. Even though I can't express my love for Psycho enough (it's the one movie I can watch again anytime and still be impressed), I think Bates Motel told a better story and had better casting. I also love Psycho 2, which is as good as horror sequel can get. They had elements of the first one, but didn't make the same movie again. It was psychologically very interesting film. Psycho 3 is awful, truly the worst one of them all, just a cheap, slimy slasher flick. Which automatically wouldn't be a bad thing, since 80's slashers are my weakness, but this one just had nothing good in it.
  13. I'm not that fond with MCU-films, I mean most of them are fine, but the only one I think is actually a good film is Iron Man 3. Unpopular opinion, I know and I don't care, even though it was PG13, it definitely felt like a Shane Black movie and that is always a good thing. But here's another unpopular opinion: Infinity War might be my least favorite. It was all around bland and uninteresting. Maybe I just don't care about the characters enough, but it didn't do anything for me. I was also really, really disappointed with Ruffalo. Did anyone else get the feeling, that he just didn't want t
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