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  1. I think because Billie is trans, it's harder for her to find men who are openly willing to take her out on dates. So she's happy when a man asks her out and does not want to hear anything bad about him. The fact is that Jeremy has zero designs on Billie romantically so her pretending that it might be a thing is kind of pathetic. Hell to the no. Lala has been straight up, she loves the PJ, the cars, the bags, and the shoes. Plus part of her rent, and I'm assuming beauty rituals paid for. If Rand can't provide, he'll be dropped faster than a hot brick. But it's much likelier that LaLa will get dropped first. The real prize is the ring, honey, and right now, you are giving it all away for some Louboutins. She's already 28 and should know better.....she's running out of time to be the young ingenue.
  2. Hold on, what are the economics of this investment that Sandoval and Schwartz made? They each put in $50k to collectively own 5% of Tom Tom? So they each own 2.5%? That's peanuts really - if Tom Tom ends up earning $1.5 million in revenue it's first year (which is highly unlikely given the investment to build it) and factoring in operating costs, they are looking at a few thousand a year in profit. They are still LVP employees with the teeniest, tiniest stake in the business. Kind of like working in tech and getting stock options...sure you can make tens of thousands if the company does well but you are not retiring or buying your own Villa Rosa any time soon. Not that Lisa isn't giving them the opportunity of a lifetime to work alongside her and learn how to get to where she and Ken got to after decades of hard work. I'm glad that Sandoval is showing some interest and initiative - he might actually be successful at this someday. Schwartz is essentially useless and thinks that the reality show dollars will keep rolling in. I hope Katie's side hustles pan out to something, looks like she has the real potential to be the family breadwinner. This also gave MY black heart the feels. James looked genuinely happy. I'm glad he's cleaned up his act, he's still a little punk but can be quite likeable. Lisa really is a soft touch with these "kids". She's a soft touch in general, I think, which is why she developed the tough exterior. But she has taken them all under her wing. I'm sure she is glad to see Kristin in a seemingly stable relationship with a decent guy as well. It's quite lovely to see a rich person who isn't completely selfish asshole. I got the impression that they'd resolved this and that Tom was back to getting regular sex again.
  3. I don't miss TWoP, the mods were power-mad lunatics and stifled far too many conversations with their endless rules. I can't even listen to NPR's Pop Culture Happy Hour b/c Miss Alli hosts it and she was a nightmare. This site is 1 million times better. Jeremy can miss me with his spin on these events. DId he forget that Stassi wasn't the only person saying he was creepy? Katie mentioned that other women came up to her at her own wedding to complain about him. Billie did not seem to be aware that Jeremy was just asking her to drinks as a buddy and as a screentime partner. Or maybe she just had us all fooled (which is probably the case). I know that I have no desire to see Jeremy get more screentime, accusations aside, he's just not that interesting to me.
  4. The problem is that no man on this show is really worth much. And if you want to fulfill the SAD (standard American Dream) of having a family, you have to pick a bozo and go with it. If these men are representative of the kind of men you meet in LA(and I include all of the ancillary off-camera men that we know about in this), then Schwartz is the least offensive option.
  5. Haha! I also noticed that Mama had dropped quite a bit of weight for her "surprise" appearance to comfort Brittany after Jax's cheating. She's probably already pitched "Real Housewives of Kentucky" to Andy Cohen. I don't think that Mama realizes that Brittany doesn't need sweaty Jax anymore. She's well integrated with the group of women on the show; all she needs is to hook up with one of the hot young studs that LVP keeps SUR stocked with and Brittany can have her own storyline. Speaking of Jax, where's that spiritual healer he was cozying up to and being "Jason" with? I want her to come back so that she take Jax off of Brittany's hands and free her!
  6. As much as I'd like to see Billie in a happy relationship, I think there is 0% chance that Jeremy will be the one. He's just another famewhore in search of a storyline. He's been lurking behind Tom and Ariana for a few seasons now and, maybe, if he's lucky, gets to say a line or two in a season. I think he has finally cottoned on the idea that a relationship is the way to gain some prominence, ala James Kennedy dating Kristen. But all of the main chickadees were taken, which leaves Billie, who also happens to be new to the show. Jeremy must have creamed his pants at the idea of having cameras on him without Ariana around. So not really buying this "Stassi is trying to kill the grand romance" fantasy that is being slung around. I get the feeling the wedding is not the first time Jeremy has been creepy anyway. Both Stassi and Kristen are well used to being hit on by drunken idiots. But they way they described Jeremy seemed to indicate a pattern of creepiness that reached an apex at the wedding. Pure speculation on my part but I'm sure more will come out to support my theory.
  7. What exactly is the "doubt" that people are giving Stassi the benefit of? There's a video of Jeremy telling Stassi to stop looking at him strangely and that he'll stop hitting on her now, while locking his arm around her and pulling her close while she looks extremely uncomfortable and tries to pull away. Are we supposed to doubt our eyes and ears? Even without video, I'd believe Stassi, Kristen and Katie because I believe women when they talk about the ways in which their persons have been transgressed by men. Men lost "the benefit of the doubt" long ago.
  8. Preach. This just goes to show how much opposition women face when reporting shitty behavior from men. It's "he didn't really want you anyway", "what, you've never made a mistake?", "people in glass houses shouldn't throw stones", "I think she's lying/exaggerating (for profit/revenge/gain/attention)", "she's crazy, a bitch, a crazy bitch", and on and on. It's abhorrent.
  9. Nope. What Jeremy actually said was "Who cares, you are a woman now". Which is not correct. Billie isn't a woman "now", she was always a woman. Transgender women were always women. So he's ignorant af and I hope she called him on that.
  10. I really couldn't agree with this more. The fact that this is still baffling to people shocks me. When was it ever ok to behave in a way that made someone else physically uncomfortable? So if I walked up to a man who I was attracted to and put my hand on his crotch, he should be cool with it because I was "flirting"? At best, he's swat my hand away and I'd have a lucky escape. Most men are physically stronger than most women, that intimidation factor and the threat of being physically hurt is inherent in any interaction where you are rejecting a man's advances, even when the guy is "well-meaning", so the onus is on men to make sure their advances are welcome. Men really have to stop thinking that acting otherwise was or is ever ok. Jeremey needs to learn how to read body language/ask for verbal consent and keep his grubby paws off of women who are uninterested in him. I don't care who the woman is, it has absolutely no bearing on his behavior. Doormat, misogynistic advice. If you want to stay with him, then treat him like a king and maybe, just MAYBE, he won't cheat on you again. I guess Brittany knows how to "keep a man" but no idea how to keep her dignity in the process. She's a fool and if that's the romantic advice her mother gave her, it's easy to see where she got it from. There's a lot of problematic male behavior on this show. From James flirting with Lala in front of his gf, Raquel, to Jax behaving like an absolute ass to his gf, Brittany, to Rob Valetta letting Scheana make an total fool of herself by telling her one thing off-camera and telling "the boys" something entirely different on-camera, to Sandoval standing up for a sexual predator. But yes, the REAL problem is Lala's "female empowerment act". Because that's the really terrible thing.
  11. Stasis had EVERY right to call Jeremy creepy and warn Billie. News flash, this kind of thing has gone on between women for centuries. A guy creeps on you, you grin, bear it, and hope it ends relatively quickly and painlessly. Thern you warn your good girlfriends. As someone mentioned #metoo, the only difference is that women are openly talking about predatory men rather than just whispering about it. Stassi didn't call the authorities on Jeremy, she warned a friend who was about to go out with him and consume alcohol. That's literally the definition of being a friend. And her account was factchecked by tape! Ariana and Tom can take several seats.
  12. It's the LA LA Land ending! I didn't really love that but everything else was pretty great. The real Isaa-Lawrence breakup was sweet and intimate and real. I liked that they admitted to still loving each other, I think that's important, to be honest about that at the end. I'm also perversely glad that we haven't seen the last of Daniel because his chemistry with Issa is fire, even though her going back to that made no sense. Also not surprised to see Molly not ready to give up Dro. Looking forward to more of that storyline next season! Issa's work storyline seemed unresolved. It looks like she might get fired but then her coworker gets promoted? Wha? So that was Tiffany and Derek's big secret? She had an emotional affair with a coworker named Fred? Blah.
  13. Preach it! Dean started showing signs of his immaturity on Rachel's season but covered it up really quickly. However, he's been completely exposed as the shallow, spineless man that he really is. All he had to do was tell Kristina a week earlier that while he liked her, he was more attracted to Danielle. She would have still been hurt but would have been spared all of the mind games. Luckily for Kristina, she's beautiful and 25, there'll be no shortage of men out there ready and willing to date her. Taylor and Derek really are the cutest. It reminds me just how magical falling in love is and while it's boring to watch from the outside, it's pretty apparent how lovely it is on the inside. I'm happy for those crazy kids!
  14. Because I don't think he's terrible? Is he the best ever, no, but I like his voice and I think he has charm. He shouldn't win but there are plenty that can go before him. Stephanie shouldn't have been one of them though.
  15. Am I nuts? Is Hunter Plake not terrible? Who is voting for him? Is that what teen girls are into these days? If so, save us all. I like Mark and I'm glad he was saved but I liked Stephanie too. I think everyone is pretty good this season but I'm ready for TSoul, Hunter, and Lilli to go home.
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