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  1. My favorite scene was Miller coming into the office after hearing that father talk about needing his kids to see someone Black in a uniform. His tears and signs were wordless signals of his pain and the pain we feel as Black people in America. No words were needed in that moment. Great scene.
  2. Finally we can leave the d@mn beach! And can we talk about how selfish Meredith is??? “I’m so tired. You lost your father at a young age and you turned out fine.” Are you freaking kidding me!?!? Meredith would rather leave her 3 kids without parents to be with Derrick on the beach!?!? Just selfish. Ugh!
  3. I am tired of Meredith on the beach! Wake up already!!! Not looking forward to next week’s episode being all about Teddy.
  4. Loved the older man who pushed that jerk off the roof. That negotiation took waaaaaay too long.
  5. Michael Beech is good for playing the a-hole ex husband.
  6. I absolutely hate Buck and Maddie’s parents after this episode. Truly horrible people.
  7. Same here Lisa M. I lost my Mom in April (not COVID) and they allowed me to be in the room with her before she passed away. The scene when Bailey told her mom that it was okay to “let go” and they would be okay was literally the same thing I said to my Mom. I had no idea I would be triggered by this episode.
  8. Ashley is so messy, calling Karen while at lunch with Monique. And Karen is a bold-faced LIAR!!! She absolutely said that Monique was not invited to the event, not that she couldn’t come. Was she setting Candiace up for a confrontation??? Karen was the only one being loud at her event so she was the embarrassment, not the other ladies. Giselle needs to learn how to “read the room”. Her girls are not just “protective of her” they can’t stand their daddy! This should be an embarrassment for her and Jamal. Wendy’s Mom is just Ugh! She is taking credit for her daughter’s accomplishment
  9. I laughed out loud when I saw that. 😂😂😂
  10. Messy a$$ Ashley! I cannot dislike her anymore than I already do. Ugh! This is not her fight, but she’s right up in the middle of it.
  11. I enjoyed this episode. It brought a lot of things to light about the impact of trauma, not only on the victim but the entire family. Nina blames herself and lashes out at Dre for not feeling the same way she feels. Dre is trying to fix everyone. She is able to be less emotional about it because she is a counselor and Keisha is not her biological child. Kevin is relived that his sister is back and ready for things to go back to “normal”. His sister did lay a heavy burden on him by asking him to lie for her over and over. Friends of the family want to show support but don’t really know what to
  12. Me too! I really need The Handler to be done. She was too power hungry and manipulated Lila. I hope Lila returns and joins Team Zero. She was good for Diego. Are we ever going to get an “adult” Five? I think the young actor who plays Five is great, but shouldn’t he be an adult by now??? So glad that Vanya was redeemed this season. I enjoyed seeing her relationship with Harlan.
  13. So many thoughts. I finally figured out that Kevin/Keisha’s mom, Nina, has a new girlfriend (Dre). She is not the same character from previous seasons. The last girlfriend worked at the post office (I think). I understand Nina’s grief, but she was hasty to kick Dre out. Of course she is the first person she calls when Keisha was found. The range of emotions on Kevin this episode—mad at old girl for putting his business in the street, but still likes her. Bout to get some, then gets busted by her dad. Fear of having to explain to the dad about trying to get some, then finds out his si
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