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  1. Jeopardy15

    S04.E10: Showdown at the Hoedown

    Giselle is full of crap. She totally threw Robin under the bus at the dinner party. Cadiance is the common denominator in all her conflicts this episode—her Mom, Chris, the girls. She is becoming her mother. No doubt.
  2. Jeopardy15

    S04.E04: Skin Transparent

    Let the dragging of Nova continue because I am here for it! I’m glad no one in the family showed up for her “performance” before her adoring fans. She had to pick up her face from the floor several times during this episode—at the diner, on the phone with her ex, and before leaving town for the book tour. I hope that little story she told about her father was not supposed to be some kind of redemption for her. That was her father’s burden to bear, not hers! Micah—“Thanks Mom for protecting me from the scary threats.” Also Micah—“Auntie Nova is the bestest person ever (makes a$$ kissing sounds)” I felt Darla’s pain. She has come so far from her broken self and Nova uses her life as an example for others. Once again, that was not her story to tell!! i love watching Charlie battle the Landry Family. She is a beast! I’m glad to see she is not angry with Davis’s side-child. It’s not her fault that her dad’s an a-hole.
  3. Jeopardy15

    S02.E04: Housewarming Gone Cold

    I almost feel bad for Reece, but he did say that Regan was the “hottest” girl he ever dated so he gets what he deserves. A lifetime of spoiled bratty whininess and a baby. Good luck with that. Jeff does seem to be a bit unhinged as the previews show, it’s going to get worse. He should never drink alcohol, leave the show, get counseling.
  4. Jeopardy15

    S04.E03 Where My Body Stops or Begins

    I am LOOOOOOVING this season of Queen Sugar. I cannot believe that Jimmy Dale has the nerve to show up at Vi’s house. Hollywood was gonna kill that man if Vi hadn’t stopped him. Nova can kick rocks. She deserves every bit of shade, read, and side eye she gets this season for that trash book. I hope that smoke being blown up her butt is enough to keep her warm because it will be a cold day in hell before she is forgiven by the family. I’m loving RA’s growth this season. I hope this relationship with Joie’s Mom develops. (What is her name anyway?) Charlie is a bada$$ business woman and Mom. Maybe Micah will finally cut her some slack. Auntie Nova does not always know what is best for you. He’s still a spoiled brat! Exactly! Spoiled brat!
  5. Jeopardy15

    S05.E18: The Roughest Day

    I can’t stand Cookie and all her antics. She doesn’t listen and blamed Lucious for Andre’s situation, like she was going to save him. Ugh! I can’t believe I actually feel bad for Lucious in this episode. He lost a son and almost lost Empire again. Tracey is a truly horrible person and even if it meant losing Kingsley, I’m so glad she is off my screen for good. I could care less about Becky and old girl starting a label. I want that FBI lady to disappear and take Damon Cross with her. I was bored with most of this season and only kept watching to find out who was in the casket. No surprise it was Kingsley. Very disappointed.
  6. Jeopardy15

    S05.E15: A Wise Father That Knows His Own Child

    So much to unpack in this episode. Cookie—she is really acting stupid. Confiding in the same man she almost had sex with. Really, girl!?!? This is going to blow up in her face and may be the reason some Lyon is in the casket. Lucious—reunite with one son to “save” another one. Okay. Not sure that’s how God works, but okay. That dinner scene was awkward. Andre—he will have a miraculous recovery (I hope). I wonder if Terri will lead him back to God and church? Jamal—can he and Kai have their “happily ever after” and leave forever so I don’t have to see Kai’s whinny ass ever again? Please and thank you. Hakeem—just ugh! FBI agent lady—Lucious is using the tour to ship drugs??? She has no real case against Lucious, because that is grasping at straws. Just dumb! Cute Tracey—>Crackhead Tracey—>Strawberry Tracey (thanks for explaining that Dee)—>”Lying my ass off to my son so save face” Tracey. She can leave my screen at any time. Can she be in the casket?
  7. Jeopardy15

    S11 E22: Reunion Part 2

    I’m so glad that Porsha said what she said to Nene. Nene is unable to receive any support these women have given to her unless it’s on her terms. Even her “sister” Marlo caught the bad side of Nene for having the audacity to show up unannounced at her home (but really tried to call several times while on the way there). Nene does not deserve anyone’s friendship after the way she behaved all season. She needs a therapist.
  8. Jeopardy15

    S11 E21: Reunion Part I

    I just cannot with Nene and the eye rolling and nasty comments about Porsha’s weight and Cynthia’s relationship. Bitter bish! Ugh! This isn’t even entertaining anymore, just sad.
  9. Jeopardy15

    S11 E21: Reunion Part I

    Nene said that Cynthia is jealous of her? Bish, please! Why would anyone be jealous of her bitter, petty @$$.
  10. Jeopardy15

    S10.E03: Ferris Wheels and Pinwheels

    Hildi is an a$$hole. She does not think about the homeowners at all, just her “vision”. That bedroom was horrible. That school cafeteria flooring, yuck! It wasn’t even artistic, just tacky.
  11. Jeopardy15

    S11.E18: The Model Bride

    I just watched the wedding epi. Marlo is so messy! Nobody wanted to have the discussion about “closet gate” at the wedding except Marlo’s messy behind.
  12. Jeopardy15

    S05.E10: My Fault Is Past

    Bye Kai! He really doesn’t know Jamal to ask him to choose between him and his family. I hope Kingsley’s is gone because I was tired of that storyline. I guess he need to blame someone and the absent father is as good as anyone. I don’t feel sorry for Tracy, she grew up with privilege and made the choice to use drugs. That led to her losing her child and her failing health. What the heck is wrong with Andre? Another romance for Hakeem. Great. Not!
  13. Why are they making this all about Laurel and her family??? Ugh! I did love the scene when Annalise read Xavier for filth. Bravo! Gabriel is foine! Get some Makayla. Agent Tolesco is just mean. Why tell Gabriel’s mom anything? That’s just going to hurt her (the mom) and won’t get her job back.
  14. Jeopardy15

    Season 5 Chat

    Dre is treating Junior just like Pops treated him growing up (and still treats him). Dre learned how to be a father from his father (or lack of a father). Not that it justifies his relationship with Junior. Just some perspective.
  15. Jeopardy15

    S04.E10: Super Queen Grand Finale

    The tie was definitely a cop out, but Trinity and Monet did great in the lip sync. Monet was better in the video. Trinity looked fabulous in the final run way. But none of that matters because Manila should have won it all.