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  1. lor

    S12.E20: Live Results 4

    the cw channel has masters of ilusion and penn and teller fool us. the choir gut cut because they sang that aerosmith song. what does that song have to do with Christianity. also the heavier woman was a better lead. i can see Darci winning the whole thing. chase is nowhere near as good as edsheeran. where was mike young going when his name was called. maybe he knew it was over for him.
  2. lor

    Episode Discussion: TFGH

    griffin is hot. i really enjoy his scenes with Ava. she shows a totally different side with him. have they ever shown valerie with bobbie,lucas,or carly. is jason going to wake up looking like steve burton. parker always shows up where kristina is. parker says youre father is in danger. sonny is always in danger.
  3. this is a great episode. its nice to hear from leahs mother. i cant believe people will live like paupers for this nonsense. im glad leah and her mom got out of this. that xenu story is insane. why did l.ron hubbard talk out of the side of his mouth? i thought tonights episode would be about miscavige. i guess it was scheduled for next tuesday. the whole world has stress and sickness. how can someone think holding a tincan would cure them?
  4. lor

    Episode Discussion: TFGH

    how much shoe polish is on sonnys head? the man is in his 50s. whats wrong with showing some grey hair? roger howarth still doesnt wash his hair. if cameron was sorased he would be old enough to watch his brothers. finn looks more alive with anna. jason should be a vegetable after multiple brain surgeries and gunshot wounds.
  5. lor

    S12.E18: Live Results 3

    hurray for the choir.
  6. lor

    Episode Discussion: TFGH

    how would have olivia explained a huge brick pizza oven to monica? how many mob movies did the writers watch over the years for the mob stories they should change up the mob stuff and do an analyze this story with sonny and andre.
  7. the mother is putting Scientology ahead of her daughter,her husband and her husbands ancestors. i wonder if the mother will sell the land to a scientoligist.
  8. lor

    S12.E17: Live Show 3

    that choir raised the roof. those guys messed up that ed sheeran song. the ed sheeran want to be is boring. does anyone else get a brainwashed feeling about that divalo. they give me the creeps what is tyra wearing? its like a leotard with a curtain.
  9. these stories are heartbreaking. miscavige should be in jail.
  10. lor

    Episode Discussion: TFGH

    how can maurice bernard play this stupid sonny character for over 20 years? either he thinks he get other work or noone else will hire him. same stories all the time. he hurts someone,they forgive him,hes a murderer, doesnt stay in prison. they should call ask man landers dumb ass landers. did amy and nathan really think nooone would ser nathans face?
  11. lor

    Episode Discussion: TFGH

    how do kristina and val know each other? is valerie a lesbian now? ava and griffin are smoldering. does franco have a secret brother? is it going to be steve burton?
  12. lor

    S12.E16: Live Results 2

    i was worried mirror image would make it. tyras dress looked like an optical illusion. whats with mel and her hair?
  13. lor

    Episode Discussion: TFGH

    why is julian on trial? this olivia jerome story has been going on forever. why did sam get poop disease? she goes in the hospital for like a day and a half and now shes not sick. shes now crying to sonny how sorry she is. its stupid. a better story for sam would be her talking to andre and figuring out why she is really scared.
  14. lor

    S12.E15: Live Show 2

    the mirror twins are awful. i hope they are voted off. the show should just give darci the prize.
  15. lor

    Episode Discussion: TFGH

    why did they fire hayden and keep Curtis's nosy aunt? alexis said kristina almost grew up without a father it doesnt make sense.Kristina is a grown up. And it's not the first time sonny has been injured. is there no other woman for kristina?