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  1. StitchPunk

    Mama June: From Not To Hot

    Nobody is being forced into it. The producers are just doing their jobs, just like anyone else. They're not holding them hostage or anything. I highly doubt the producers have even remotely as much control over anything as people think. They have people above them too. They're trying to support their families just like any other job. It's not like they're telling people to do terrible things or put their kids on tv.
  2. StitchPunk

    S07:E21 The Assanti Brothers

    I wonder if his store makes money. If he had a friend look after it, it could be relatively successful. The figurines in the background probably sell pretty well. Some I recognized were from very popular anime and figurines are not cheap. They're collectibles. I doubt it makes a ton. It's a niche market. But it's a market that will spend a lot. It looked to have a lot of stock that probably sells.
  3. StitchPunk

    Mama June: From Not To Hot

    Is it concerning how obsessed she is with her ex dance partner? It seems concerning.
  4. StitchPunk

    Mama June: From Not To Hot

    Plenty of ex adult film actresses are teachers or do other jobs or have/interact with kids. How does her past have anything to do with her managing a kid? She was in adult films, she wasn't a sex trafficker. At "worst" she's open to people not being shamed for what they do, which doesn't seem like a bad thing.
  5. StitchPunk

    S07.E14: AnnJeannette's Story LIVE CHAT

    Maybe Lola has her wig sewn in. It would explain why she's had the same one. It's a fairly popular style.
  6. StitchPunk

    S07.E14: AnnJeannette's Story LIVE CHAT

    There's a dog! Such a cute dog.
  7. StitchPunk

    S07.E11: Jeanne's Story LIVE CHAT

    Oh no, her dad. That's terrible. Her mom looks so sad.
  8. StitchPunk

    S07.E11: Jeanne's Story LIVE CHAT

    They both have to go to the hospital now! Oh no.
  9. StitchPunk

    S07.E11: Jeanne's Story LIVE CHAT

    Did she really say nine dogs?!
  10. StitchPunk

    S02.E14: Prison Blues to Wedding Bells

    I can't help wondering if Scott maybe just doesn't want sex, or doesn't prioritize it. Plenty of people don't. You can show affection without it. Or he could be into financial domination. It kinda makes sense.
  11. They had a watch party here? I wouldn't have gone, but that's interesting.
  12. StitchPunk

    Megan & Michael & Sarah: Three's Company

    They're all awful. This fight is boring and terrible. They're both rude and really don't need to fight. They have much more in common than they think. They want to come out looking better than the other, but they both just look like there's no point. It's talking at each other not to each other.
  13. StitchPunk

    S02.E13: Sorry, Not Sorry

    I don't get people saying Caitlin is too thin, while also saying the other women are fat. Technically they are to varying degrees, but she seems a healthy size. Everyone seems to be different types of terrible. Lying about finances is terrible, using someone for money is terrible, manipulation is terrible, they're all terrible. The proposal seemed nice. Did the box light up? The location seemed a little strange though. I've been there and seeing a street magician there is a tad unusual. Having a baby at 40 probably isn't the healthiest thing though, even for a man it can increase the probability for certain issues. I can't blame the production crew for not telling any of them certain things. That's against their job. They'll get fired. They can't interfere as much as people think. They can push certain events to happen, but there are a lot of limits.
  14. StitchPunk

    S07.E09 Tiffany's Story LIVE CHAT

    Why would anyone put butter and milk in rice? Outside of certain recipes, but normally seems so strange. And does not sound good.
  15. Why were they screaming? It was just a moderately attractive guy who can't dance, not an actual wolf. Which would have been something to see. Wolf doesn't suit him either.