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  1. I don't even think Carl is a jerk, he's just a product of the time/place, and probably would be considered a good catch. I feel like a lot of men at that time would have handled finding out their wife is cheating w a woman much more poorly. He just made it clear he wanted V to move on. And Vanya wasn't even honest about where she expected them to go. How about Sissy's parents and family? You take her 60 years through time and think she isn't going to be upset about suddenly losing her family? Her parents would be dead, her siblings/family likely also would be dead, and Vanya thinks this is ok to sacrifice because she wants what she wants. Yeah, screw her.
  2. You know, I gave Vanya a lot of leeway given how the father treated her but screw her. She barely knew Sissy and the kid but was so willing to drag them along on this insanity.
  3. Yet we only saw one success that I can remember - and his mom likely made that choice. If we consider how many bios she shared back and forth there really weren't even that many dates. I don't know that I think she really contributed much with the exception of the life coaches who didn't really seem to improve the process either. It seems like video chat "dates" would be faster and much more efficient. Maybe with a list of topics that might be important to discuss during each "date". Maybe its Western sensibilities creeping its way into the process. Maybe that's why so many of the participants walked away.
  4. Well this was an interesting watch. Let's start with, why does matchmaking even still exist? I would think the internet would have made this obsolete. Aparna. Good god. What a miserable person. Lots of us don't like our jobs, lots of us have overbearing parents, but few of us treat people the way she does. Her goal seems to be to find someone whose spirit she can break, and then control. Her mother is a miserable cow, but she's 34 years old ... at what point are you responsible for your own attitude? I liked that first guy and I'm glad it didn't work out - he deserves better. I'd feel sorry for her if she wasn't so fucking arrogant. Akshay. I feel bad for him. Another overbearing mother. I don't think he was into his cousin at all, they were just good friends. His cousin seemed very western in dress and personality and seems like she'll have a much happier life than he will. Interesting being from the same family. Nadia. Nice girl. Hope she finds someone nice but likely going to have to let the Guyanese thing go. Maybe look for someone who also has a mixed background so there's a similar understanding. Vinay was a dick to blow her off twice - why even sign up with a matchmaker then treat someone like that. Pradhyuman. Gay. Vyasar. Too much personality for me but I wish him well. I think he'd be a good husband and father. Likely will end up with a white woman. Loved the When Harry Met Sally openings. Some of those couples were hilarious.
  5. It's on night time on Cozi again. I'm PST and I think for us its 9pm.
  6. Agreed about the brunette. I couldn't figure out what was so off for me at the time, but now I know. It felt a whole lot like she was the mom searching for a house with her 14 year old son. The way the other one would say something that she thought was so funny, then look at the camera and snicker just ... no. They had a very parent/child dynamic to me and it made me very uncomfortable. Every time they described something about her personality, it sounded like something you could say about the average teenage boy. I'm sure she's a nice person, but she's someone I would avoid if she were a coworker. I don't think they could go wrong with any of those houses. Looks like a nice place to live, which I'm sure is why it's so expensive.
  7. Wellington lesbians. What an odd couple...
  8. J-burg South Africa. Hated them both. Kinda was rooting for the agent to punch one of them. She disappointed me.
  9. Orlando .... say "wow factor" one. more. time. Shopping with the demand list of her 10 year old son, including a "boy cave". Obviously you need to consider your kids needs, but I don't think you should walk through a house constantly saying "oh, this is what the kids would prefer". And why aren't kids bedrooms their "caves" anymore? Why are there additional "teen rooms" and whatnot? (Just realized I put this in the wrong place, sorry)
  10. Shattered - Grant Hardin. Yet another wife "Oh, he couldn't have done this." Murdered his ex-coworker - the victims blood splatter was found on Grant's car. Once he was convicted and his DNA was submitted to CODIS, lo and behold it matches a rape from years ago (of a fellow officers wife). "Oh, he couldn't have done that, he went to church every Sunday." And yet the rape happened right across the street from his parents church. He pleaded guilty to both charges - and apologized to the rape victim in the courtroom. And she STILL had trouble believing it was him. I think maybe I just need to take a break from all these shows ...
  11. Agreed. The only way this is going to be solved is by someone talking. And I believe, given they were teenagers, there is more than 1 person involved in whatever happened. Who knows if those people are even still alive. Sad case.
  12. Did anyone watch the Disappearance of the Millbrook Twins? Oxygen hyped this show for months - I was really disappointed in it. When I saw the commercials, I googled the case and read a bit about it. It sounded interesting and I thought it lent itself to an interesting hour, but that wasn't the case. The ex prosecutor and ex cop seemed nice but weren't all that interesting to watch. The phone call to random prison guy wasn't all that compelling either. His story might have been true but who knows. Even if their father wasn't a particularly good person, I doubt he would have let them be killed in his own home as described by inmate guy. I feel sorry for their sister, and I hope she eventually gets some closure on the case.
  13. Web of Lies - Rannita Williams - I'd never heard of this case before. I know live streaming of these types of things has happened, I've just never seen actual footage of one. And I'd like to never see it again. Its awful watching someone who knows they are likely going to die, following every order of the lunatic exboyfriend, knowing he's going to do it anyway. They didn't show the video footage, but they did use the actual audio of him screaming while he shot her. I always wonder why women fight with other women over a man rather than walking away. In this case that solution made no difference.
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