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  1. I'm not going to quote the posts so as to avoid spoilers, but some of you are REALLY fucking good at this! At least 3 of you were spot on for some details.
  2. I just hope they don't ruin it by having it be the hot pretzel guy (like they did with Clickbait).
  3. So I was just thinking - we know the Dimas' didn't shoot Tim because they were outside - but we don't know that they didn't poison him. Wasn't he coming from their floor when he got on the elevator? Oliver did all that raving about their dips - maybe he ate something while he was in their apartment which is how he was poisoned. We also saw Dimas Jr breaking into apartments, so its possible that he was the one who broke in and poisoned Olivers dog. Although I think he was in jail by the time that Jan was stabbed. So whoever shot Kono stabbed Jan?
  4. I forgot about him already lol. I'll be annoyed too if it was him - wasn't he only in that 1 episode? Now if they had done a few shots of him getting in/out of the elevator, I would say that's a good theory - he could be putting the signs on the doors in that case.
  5. I don't think Jan killed Kono - I think she just got caught in a lie and was embarrassed. It seems safe to assume she didn't stab herself, so there's still someone out there commiting these crimes. We know Tim had access to apartments at one time, so maybe its possible he had broken into Jan's apartment and stolen the cleaner thing. I feel like Bunny is too old to be physically assaulting people. I suppose she could have shot Tim, but she would have to be careful approaching a young guy like that. I feel safe saying these people didn't do it: Mabel, Old Dimas, Young Dimas, Jan, B
  6. "I know how to make 1 thing - give me $1 million dollars." 🙄
  7. Nathan ... Lane? God my memory is so bad. Chicken wraps or something? Hummus and dips? Maybe not deli, but food? The guy who financed them - whose yiayia foundation had the "angel" link. I can't believe he would be happy about his name being mentioned on Fallon if he was guilty.
  8. From Wiki: Gomez was diagnosed with lupus sometime between 2012 and early 2014. In September 2017, she revealed on Instagram that she had withdrawn from public events during the previous few months because she had received a kidney transplant from actress and friend Francia Raisa. During the transplant, an artery broke and emergency surgery was conducted to build a new artery using a vein from her leg. In April 2020, she revealed she has bipolar disorder.
  9. I did a rewatch because I'm not the most observant. So there is going to be another death - whoever Mabel is over when she says "I can explain", sort of looked like Cat Guy to me. Also SWAT is running through the building at what looks to be the same time, so maybe there's an active shooter situation? I mean, if it was just figuring out who the murderer is, why would SWAT be involved? I'm going to say Deli Guy is not guilty as he was so excited that the podcast was mentioned on Jimmy Fallon, and would be heard worldwide. Now maybe Deli Guy's son ... ? I feel like people who
  10. I'm so glad I found this - I haven't enjoyed anything this much since Fleabag. I don't really care who did it - I just like going on the ride. This seems to be a lot like Clickbait in presentation but I hated that damn show, so why do I like this one so much? I'm guessing the comedy of it. Steve Martin is a genius and this role is so perfect for him. Don't love Martin Short but I like him here. Heard of Gomez but had never seen her in anything before - I think she's doing a good job. Mabel obviously had some trauma to deal with so her personality at that age isn't unusual imo.
  11. "Mr. Squids, the younger" dammit Rachel, I was eating dinner ... that was a messy 20 secs.
  12. I'm in the minority in that I'm annoyed I wasted an entire sick day watching this. I will say the characters were well acted and well cast, but the nonstop ridiculous twists and turns were annoying and exhausting. It could have been a 4 part series without all the extra garbage and I think I would have liked it better. Also, I think we saw Dawn right from the first episode - when Pia went to Matt wasn't she the one who confirmed that Nick missed his 8am meeting? "Honey, they don't pay me to get here before 9am" or something like that?
  13. I liked this episode - it was like the early series - normal people with less than great business acumen. I think when they were talking about the brothers debt, they were saying that was going to be included - or did I misunderstand that? I thought Marcus was saying he wanted it cleared out so the brother could own his share properly, no? The showroom was great - that was a smart move to help people understand the options. And it would be easy to do a 360* of those on the website. Finally a decent episode with decent people.
  14. Jeebus this episode was awful. His new little shit stirring girlfriend was a massive see you next Tuesday - I'm guessing he's dumped her by now, unless of course she has money. Speaking of money, where does he get the money to maintain his lifestyle? Lilia was a piece of work but I can't blame her for losing her shit a few times. So his girlfriend had never come around till she knew the film crew would be there, then she shows up and immediately starts needling Lilia? Thomas should have told her to take a walk - it was not her business and her sole intent was clearly to upse
  15. I can't stand Andrea Canning. "When he stuck the loaded gun in your face, did you think he was going to kill you?" No Andrea, she thought he wanted a hug. Every episode she says several similarly stupid things. I can't even watch her anymore. Give me creepy Keith any day of the week over her.
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