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  1. sskrill

    General True Crime Shows

    The Richard Slatkin murder - Johnny Whatshisface was guilty as hell. And his stupid sister "Self Defense!" Another blind, lying family member ... how do you defend your brother hunting that man down?? He just wanted his washer and dryer ... and his exwife made a point to let him in the house to get them. Your brother repeatedly being told by 911 to stay away from the house, but going there anyway, he deserves to die in prison. Christina Slatkin was a tramp and I'm not at all surprised someone ended up being killed because of her. Granted, I don't think she thought he would end up dead, but she knew she was playing with fire. And she wasn't even attractive ... to have reasonably successful, wealthy men end up fighting over her like that... I guess some people just live (or die) for drama.
  2. sskrill

    All Episodes Discussion

    Agree. Leon is a scumbag but he seemed at least hesitant in some of those convos. She seemed more aggressive. That said, if she hadn't met him, she'd still be alive and her life would be reasonably normal. Leon is another creeper who scares me - its his way or everybody else pays the price.
  3. sskrill


    And I really don't see what the value-add is here. What is she offering that the host, clinical psychologist, and the other 20 people they interviewed didn't already offer? I wouldn't mind her if she acted like a normal adult rather than a caricature of a real person. And the leather jacket to remind us that she's a badass 🙄 The sibling relationship was weird ... but I guess maybe they were all each other had for years ... so maybe its not as weird as it looks.
  4. sskrill


    Why is Nancy Grace on here? I appreciate that she's a victims advocate but that persona she created for herself on HLN is overbearing. That sour face, the way she punctuates certain words, and her overall nasty demeaner are tiresome. This show is barely journalism without her, with her its just tabloid tv.
  5. sskrill

    General True Crime Shows

    Anyone see tonights episode of Snapped - Dee Dee Moore? People like her scare the ever loving fuck out of me. They believe every lying ass word that comes out of their own mouths. She just loved being interviewed and contradicted every word anyone else said. Sure, we'll believe you over the other 10 people telling the exact same story, and that matches the evidence perfectly. He was murdered in your office and buried in your yard, but "a gang of drug dealers did it." Well that was nice of the drug dealers to clean your office carpet for you, and take the time to bury him in your yard so as not to upset you by finding a dead body in your home. Absolute psychopath.
  6. sskrill

    All Episodes Talk: Crime And Punishment

    The David Hawk case .. Keith might want to keep up on Hawks parole hearings based on that last interaction.
  7. sskrill

    All Episodes Talk: Crime And Punishment

    The Teaneck NJ Asian husband from Manhattan thing ... So the husband was convicted because he possibly owned a gun of the same caliber, and he deleted data from his computer the night of the murder? I was doing laundry so I missed whether they ever confirmed he owned a gun or not. Did they only think he owned one because of the wife, and the email to the friend in TX about the magazine? Was one registered to him? I don't necessarily think the guy was innocent, but if I had been on that jury I don't think I could have convicted. It's just hard to believe he would have gone there several times before and had cordial conversations with the man, then a year later returned to kill him.
  8. sskrill

    S04.E22: The Quest for Peace

    Alex and Kelly are like watching paint dry. I tend to think "Would I go to their dinner party if invited?" That would be a big NO. Maggie at least had a fun personality and could get Alex to relax and be playful. Kelly is a nice person but as a couple they're so dull.
  9. sskrill

    General True Crime Shows

    I've mentioned it before, but I still can't get with these people who continually deny their loved one is a murderer. "My mama is just a nice person. I don't care if you have dash cam footage of the police pulling up on her standing over the body, soaked in blood, with the knife in her hand ... I just know she couldn't have done this." "Just because my sister said they were there, and my mother knew where the gun was located (at the bottom of a pond) doesn't mean my mom had anything to do with this." "Obviously my 75 year old 98 lb stepgrandmother physically attacked my 40 year old mother ... what else could she have done except choke her to death and bury her in the forrest? What other options are there?" You can still love your family member *and* accept they did something horrible.
  10. sskrill


    As much as I liked season 1 I did find it a bit darker than I would have liked. This season struck just the right balance for me. We know they're all broken people but its the humor behind the damage that I appreciate. I think the sisters relationship has always been my favorite. I love the play by play "oh, she's furious". And about the step-nephew "he's going to kill someone one day". And not just what she says, the gigantic smile she has while saying it.
  11. sskrill

    Homicide Hunter: Lt. Joe Kenda

    I just caught the episode with Kenda's family. I loved how whenever Joe talked about Kathy, he complimented her and admitted he was wrong when she called him out. Also, I loved the smile he got when he talked about it - like he knew he had the right woman for him. They definitely seem like a strong couple, and they seem to have raised really nice kids. I always thought maybe he would be a hard father to have, but both kids seem to really love their parents.
  12. sskrill

    General True Crime Shows

    Tonight's episode of Snapped with Opal whats-er-face ... all I could think of through the whole episode was Chris Farley yelling "I live in a van down by the river!" Inappropriate I know, but I wish they had used that phrase less.
  13. sskrill

    Flip or Flop Las Vegas

    So I live in their hood and was looking at local condos - came across this beauty of theirs: https://www.zillow.com/homedetails/9000-Las-Vegas-Blvd-S-UNIT-1082-Las-Vegas-NV-89123/66866811_zpid/ I've really liked royal blue lately, but I think they just ruined it for me. And I'm surprised a condo that big, located on LVB, is going for that little. Its been on the market for less than a day. ETA: I've been looking at new flooring and I definitely won't pick what they used - shows every dusty scuff - not a positive in the desert. Also those blue doors seem to show more dirt/dust than I would have expected.
  14. sskrill

    Cold Justice

    The Colorado VFW case - it seems likely that Robbie did it, but there is certainly reasonable doubt. I don't think Sean had anything to do with it, but they took his word as if he was trustworthy. "Sean just corroborated his alibi by telling us he was at work." No Kelly, thats not what corroboration means. Him telling you in 2018 that he was at work in 1991 means absolutely nothing. I'm glad the DA didn't go any further with the case.
  15. sskrill

    General True Crime Shows

    I don't dislike him, I just can't stand the way he talks - it distracts me and takes me out of the episode.