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  1. Before I got to the bottom, I was about to say, “There’s no way she’s squatting 92 kilos.” Then the correction was made and yeah, 92 lbs is far more believable, even for a set of 5. That bar is rolling up on her neck dangerously, and she’s cruising towards a cracked vertebra. I can’t see her feet, but she has a lean forward, which means she’s not got her weight properly in her heels. Tayler is the other half of the business at Heavy Metal Barbell. I don’t think she and Sean are dating, but I do know she’s an ex-MuscleDriver USA denizen like Sean is. Can the girl not get a bra that fits? I know she has money. There are big girl sports bras that will fit and keep her from being in danger of giving herself a black eye every time she comes up from a squat. Jeez.
  2. Of course! It’s participating in an activity that involves putting MORE weight on your frame that magically healed her bad knees! The weight loss had nothing to do with her joints feeling better. Oh, but we’re not supposed to talk about her weight loss. So sayeth Whit...
  3. Yeah, I had forgotten about the deadlift video. You’re right.
  4. Yeah, you’re right. It’s hard to tell what’s going on if she’s in Charlotte, too. I did check Jessica’s Instagram and there was one photo post of her, Whit, and a couple other people at the Whitewater Center, which is on the outskirts of Charlotte, but everything else of hers seems to be in Greensboro. I’d have allowed for the possibility that perhaps Jessica decided to train olympic lifting and came to Charlotte to do so, as there’s a number of oly lifting gyms in the area run by ex-members of the MuscleDriver USA lifting team (Heavy Metal Barbell being one of them), but there doesn’t seem to be any evidence supporting that being why she’s there. And so far, no, no signs of Sean Rigsby in Whit’s videos.
  5. From what I gather, Will and Jessica seem to be more into CrossFit-style workouts and training (constantly varied, functional fitness, high intensity - that mantra). Yes, there’s some barbell movements involved there, just like there are gymnastic movements or general cardio. However, Whitney’s latest videos are specifically at a gym that specializes in olympic weightlifting. From what I’ve seen, it’s not unusual for someone to decide to dabble in something specific for a while. Go to some workshops to get better at gymnastic type movements. Work on getting better at running. Train in weightlifting for a while. There are many disciplines in fitness. Think about it this way: we have a primary care physician who has general knowledge and can treat us if we’re sick, and check if we’re overall okay. But there are specialists we may get referred to. If your heart rate is off at the time of your yearly physical, you may be told that you need to see a cardiologist. Most people have a dentist they see regularly. Or an optometrist. Or a dermatologist. They know what they know, and refer to someone who knows more about a specific subject if it’s getting to be out of their purview or beyond their level of expertise. It doesn’t look like Jessica is tagging along all the way to Charlotte for this, unless I’ve missed something. She just commented on a video.
  6. I’ve attached that brief exchange. It sounds like Jessica is being complimentary about her bar speed on her lifts. Whitney posted, “Oh, did you see me, boo?” Considering Jessica put a like on Whitney’s response, I don’t take this as any shade being thrown. I think Whitney is just being a little silly with someone she’s known for a while
  7. My understanding of the standard white 5kg plates is that they’re smaller. Full-size standard Olympic plates usually start at 10kg. However, it’s possible that they have some light, large plates to get beginners used to getting a proper setup from the floor to prepare for the initial pull, and with a light weight.
  8. I will say, these aren’t horrible, as far as hang power cleans go. It’s progress, and training with a legit weightlifting coach helps. Lifts already look better than they ever did with Will or Jessica, but to be fair, they tended to be in the CrossFit realm, which does a little bit of everything. Rigsby is strictly an Olympic lifting coach, so this is his bread and butter. I do wonder how much those white plates weigh though, as I’ve never seen them before. They seem to be on the bar kinda wobbily from repeated movement and contact with the ground. That doesn’t really happen with heavier plates, so I’m guessing these are probably 10lb plates to get her used to a proper setup from the ground. Not hating. Form first, add weights later. As to having a belly, it can mess with bar path because when doing the pull, the bar needs to be as close as possible to your body, but there are heavy-bodied lifters out there. Super-heavyweight classes do exist, which would be 109kg+ (Roughly 239lbs+) for men’s body weight and 87kg+ (Approximately 191lbs+) for women. Sarah Robles is an American lifter that’s over 300lbs, and she took bronze at the Rio Olympics in 2016 for her division. Having a weightlifting singlet on would help keep things in. I wonder how Whit’s gonna take that when she does her first sanctioned meet and HAS to wear one, and can’t get away with letting her gut hang out.
  9. Whichever one fits her feigned moral outrage narrative at the time.
  10. Only if she’s the only one in her weight class. Which can happen, depending on the event size. It’s happened to me. But hey, she’ll get a cheap little 1st place medal that the producers can hype the hell out of.
  11. The peach and sprout means “ass to grass” which is common fitness vernacular for good squat depth and mobility. If she can’t even do a proper air squat, what the hell is she doing getting a USAW membership? Given, squats aren’t *required* for Olympic lifting, but if getting into it seriously, this is a sport that is far more technique-driven than it is pure, raw strength. The objective is to get the bar from the ground and finish overhead. There’s only gonna be so far a person can get the bar off the ground on the initial pull before speed and mobility to get under the bar becomes crucial. I mean, it’s her money, and she can do what she wants, but she doesn’t even have the fundamentals done yet before putting down money for the USAW membership. She could do one of the countless non-sanctioned meets that doesn’t require it before putting the money down. But she’s not even remotely close to being ready for any kind of weightlifting meet. Oh, and let’s not get into buying a singlet that is required attire for USAW-sanctioned meets. That’s probably gonna be a whole new ball of wax. I’m just saying, she has put a fully-loaded wagon together before she has even started shopping for a horse than can pull it.
  12. I didn’t get the impression that Wanda was not fixed. I think Henchi and Wanda are fixed. Otherwise, I think it would have been mentioned with the other laundry list of reasons why having 4 cats is a bad idea for her. She did specifically say that Oliver and Steve both have their balls, which is just a recipe for disaster. Two cats new to the home with two other cats? That’s just going to be territorial stress all around, and cats do mark territory. Like I said, they’re gonna piss up that house.
  13. Whitney...why the fuck do you have TWO intact male cats in your home? They are gonna piss up that house something awful. And clearly, she hasn’t done any form of slow introduction with the new kitty. Steve Purrwin is still freakin’ adorable, though. But if I’m Whitney, the moment I decide to keep a cat - vet appointment post-haste to get fixed, vaccinated, examined, etc. Really? You’re making a big, swooning deal over Henchi meowing in the car? Have you seriously never taken your cat to the vet before? That’s what they do when they’re confined. Ew! She kept the CVS receipt (for condoms, I guess) for the day she lost her virginity? I understand keeping hold of sentimental items, but is the first awkward romp in the sack worth memorializing like that? Particularly with someone she is clearly not still with? Do we need MORE reasons to believe she’s creepy as fuck? I can’t fully like Buddy. There’s still something shady and insincere about him, even in his talking heads. And perhaps his bombshell to Heather next week fuels that sentiment. I know it’s reality TV, but...I don’t get the feeling he’s fully committed to sobriety. I think he’s committed to the storyline, but not much beyond that. I’ll admit I could be wrong. Yeah, everyone called it on the pig. I do feel for them here. It’s never easy to lose a pet. My husband and I had two cats left in our care on what was supposed to be a temporary situation, but the owner was not able to reclaim them. And we couldn’t bring ourselves to re-home them. If we had, and then found out something happened on the back of trying to do the right thing for them, I would probably feel the same way as Whitney and Babs.
  14. Hah. I had forgotten about that. I did think Babs was adorable in that quick segment when he corrected her, and she laughed.
  15. I hope that the problems with the 8K will be a wake-up call for Whitney. If Zach was house-sitting/pet-sitting, and found the stray...why did he not do some leg work with finding whether the cat had an owner? I understand keeping him in, since the house was already equipped for cats, but there was no indication that he had checked. Im not going to hate on Whitney’s cats. That new kitty is totally adorable. My husband and I have four cats ourselves, and I’m typing this right now with one cat in my lap purring up a storm and alternating between scent marking my hand and making biscuits, one cat sleeping on the couch behind my head, one sleeping on the opposite end of the couch, and one sleeping in the pet bed. But I do have to wonder about the level of care she was giving Wanda and Henchi, given that one or both of them were eliminating outside the litter boxes at some point last season. It is instinctual to them that they want to bury their pee and poop. Main reason they go outside the litter box? Not clean. If she can’t keep her litterbox(es) scooped regularly for 2, what’s she planning on doing with 2 more? Also, never mind the can of worms with introducing a new cat to three more. Especially an intact male. Territorial issues are a problem even with spayed/neutered cats. She’s gonna end up with a cat that’s pissing all over her house. Glenn, we get it: too many pets. That’s a point well-made. But for fuck’s sake, let her get into a healthy, steady relationship before mentioning kids. Never mind the self-inflicted cycle of PCOS. Don’t put the cart before the already-crippled horse. Of course Whit sees wedges as a form of torture. She can’t wear even small heels for more than 3 minutes at a time without bitching incessantly about it. Heather? Closure is a myth. He made it clear that he doesn’t want to get back together. Move on. BGDC on the road? Whitney has WAY too much quit in her to legit make it happen. Todd can see it through, but she won’t. Babs hasn’t driven for 7 months. Not 40 years. Let her re-acclimate. That’s why you start with the drive around the block. If there was concern about her ability to grip the steering wheel and her reaction time, her fucking neurologist would probably not have signed off on driving again. Not surprised at all about Buddy being advised against returning to Greensboro. It’s generally recommended that a recovering addict stay away from the known environment that they had been in while in the throes of addiction. Too comfortable and too easy to fall back into old ways. Charleston! The Cooper River Bridge is so recognizable, that I knew it from the first shot on the Next Time segment. Charleston is a nice area, and I can imagine there would be a decent rehab community there. I should probably spend some more time in Charleston. My husband and I only really just spent the night there last summer at a B&B before boarding a cruise ship for our honeymoon. If Glenn really wants to troll bribe Whitney to do more fitness stuff, he could get her to do the Cooper River Bridge Run. She can do something active and see her Boo Bear. Of course, Glenn would conveniently forget to tell her it’s a 10K...
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