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    @Fireball glad to see I’m not the only one who is frustrated by the new setup and by the added complexity of finding shows. Alphabetical was so much easier. Period. @Fireball @aquarian1 I too watch this show for the cases, not their personal lives. I do not want this show to be about how Erik & Kate manage a professional & personal relationship. Ok I noticed something funny last night-when Kate walks, her entire body bounces up and down. I saw it first when she was walking down the hall and no one else’s head and shoulders were rising up and down. It’s distracting. Now I can’t unsee it!
  2. hookedontv

    S17.E06: Power Play

    Give me a break-Hester won? Again? I feel like Hester is pre-destined to win, although I really hope I’m wrong. When is constant kitsch fashionable? I really thought she would be in the bottom 3 with that costume. This seems to be going the way of PR All-Stars—No matter what horrible garments Michelle put down that runway, the judges were determined to have her win at the end. It was a joke. As I said, I hope I’m wrong. And, as usual-please show us more Swatch please! Christian & Swatch at Mood give me life.
  3. hookedontv

    SEAL Team

    Did anyone else chuckle that Kristy Swanson, the original Buffy the Vampire Slayer (movie version) was in this episode, alongside David Boreanaz who was in the TV series Buffy? Or am I just a geek....
  4. hookedontv

    Buddy vs. Duff

    I just threw up a little in my mouth. Excuse me while I try to get my mind out of the gutter...
  5. hookedontv

    S17.E05: High Fashion to High Street

    Buh-bye Kovid. You were exhausting to watch. Swatch looks more street with his naked self than Kovid’s creation or the ridiculous puffy Elizabethan disaster.
  6. hookedontv

    S20.E20: The Good Girl

    This episode was infuriating to watch for many reasons that everyone seemed to have covered but in Typical SVU fashion, I will beat you over the head with it again: 1. Beginning scene, I thought the people fighting were a couple, only to find out at the hospital the woman was 13. I looked up the actress-she is around 13 but poor casting by the show as to me she looked at least early 20’s. 2. Ridiculous “police work” investigating the drama teacher. And I love Stone, but teacher’s fiancé came in to talk to him and he doesn’t take down a name, contact info, family members’ info? Maybe Stone’s admin did, but can we get a little dose of reality here and some actual police work? 3. Could we have please focused on the actual MURDER? This poor guy was clocked over the head by a bowling trophy, seemed like a stand up guy, and the only thing the show pushed on us was the pregnancy/you better keep your baby message/St. Benson knows best. So frustrating with the continued pregnancy crap. 4. So sick of Benson stalking these victims at the end of each episode and shoving herself in their faces and bullying them to see things the way she sees them. Stop calling victims sweetheart, invading their personal space. I would have slapped Benson’s hand off Of me faster than I could say “ I need more Finn & Carisi!” End rant.
  7. hookedontv

    S16. E19. Perennial

    I am not interested in anything having to do with Jack. No backstories, no current stories. I've never warmed up to her. And yes, enough of the Ziva shack. Please, just give us some interesting cases for the group to investigate, and leave it at that.
  8. hookedontv

    S17.E04: Survive in Style

    I’m glad Swatch wasn’t around to see Renee’s tarp with dangling gadgets miraculously get the win this week!
  9. hookedontv

    S03. E18 Don't Say a Word

    I actually liked the case but I hope to never see or hear Diana again. Bad acting, bad accent, and there’s not an ounce of chemistry between she and Bull.
  10. hookedontv

    S15.E17: And Dream of Sheep

    I just watched this episode from a few weeks ago. I can’t stand Maggie and her self-centered personality. She and Jackson have ZERO chemistry. Nothing. Never have. Never will. I don’t care about Jo’s “real” family but, had she been living under a rock without Internet access? When the intern was saying sure, just go onto Facebook & Instagram to look up your cousin and Jo’s like “that’s creepy.” Girl, I’ll tell you what: I see someone at the grocery store who looks vaguely familiar and after 10 minutes online, I know where she went to elementary school and that her Aunt Barbara makes delicious cheesecake. That’s just the world we live in now.
  11. hookedontv

    S17.E03: All the Rage

    Nadine was awful. And a sore loser in my opinion. There were a few shots of Tessa looking really uncomfortable as Nadine trash talked her own model. Kovid is just SO MUCH. Maybe I’m a cranky old lady but the hopping up and down and laughing and clapping grates on my nerves. More importantly-I hope we see Swatch next episode!!
  12. hookedontv

    S06.E17: Pain Killer

    I have such hate for the superintendent and his red watery eyes. I just want to fast forward through his scenes.
  13. hookedontv


    I do like this show and find the stories interesting to watch. I’m a Chris Noth fan, so I would probably watch even if it was terrible, which I don’t think it is. I look forward to it each week.
  14. hookedontv


    That Canadian show was “Flashpoint” and the actor was Hugh Dillon. I really liked it too!
  15. hookedontv

    S02.E18: Emergency Contact

    Ok, was anyone else bothered that Julian left her cat, and didn’t even know who had it? I mean, I know she was in fear for her life but come on...
  16. hookedontv

    S17.E02: The Future Is Here

    Tears! Too many tears! The only reason I wanted to cry was when none of the designers said hi to Swatch (who was right in front of them) as they gathered at Mood. Give Swatch some love! (Buh bye Frankie, not sure how you made it onto PR in the first place...)
  17. hookedontv

    S01.E12: Anima Sola

    I’m so behind in this show, mostly because I can’t stand Bloom and her defensive, cocky, attitude (did someone say ‘addict’?) and the ridiculousness of the other doc not reporting her right away. Anyhow, beyond the ER shenanigans, the thing that bothered me the most was when with the blind woman, the doc asked her to tilt back her head, and he put drops in her eyes. He gave NO explanation to her about what he was going to do (remember, she can’t SEE,) the drops went in from a few inches away and she didn’t even flinch. Not at all. Bad writing all around! Silly me, was I expecting a shred of realism? I was like “come on!”
  18. hookedontv

    S09.E17: Two-Faced

    Exactly. And I’m tired of having to suspend belief and accept that their relationship, let alone engagement, is a well-kept secret. I’m sorry, but Jamie just isn’t a cop-he’s the police commissioner’s son (and the former’s grandson.) The Reagan’s have a long legacy within the department (all son’s are cops, one was killed in the line of duty, a daughter-in-law was killed in a copter crash, the daughter works as a DA.) I mean come on. That type of family has clout in NYC and there’s a public interest. There would be Page Six items, and frankly press occasionally following them. The word would be out about an engagement. There’s going to be blow back on Jamie. I can’t stand Eddie so she can be transferred to a subway patrol, I don’t care. And Eddie, please just shut up and stop acting like an entitled brat. End rant. Sorry, had to just unload there for a minute.
  19. hookedontv

    Buddy vs. Duff

    Buddy is such an ass. And his lack of insight will never allow him to recognize how childish and obnoxious he is. Buddy is like a kid who is losing at Monopoly and suddenly announces “this game is stupid!” and flips the board over he doesn’t have to lose. Grow up.
  20. hookedontv

    S17.E01: Premiere

    Thank you, I don’t have the time or the stomach for that. Everyone has some sort of shit going on. If you can’t pull yourself together enough to not fall to your knees when you are staying in the competition, please leave. I’m hoping for a Swatch sighting next week 🙂
  21. hookedontv

    Blue Bloods “Past Tense” guest star ???

    James Legros also was on “Ally McBeal” for about 5 years in the late 90’s/early 2000’s.
  22. hookedontv

    S02.E14: Prison Blues to Wedding Bells

    Leida would just yell at Lizzie: “Lizzie! Put your boobs away proper!”
  23. hookedontv

    Tracie & Clint: Bless Yer Hearts

    Tracie looks absolutely horrifying. You’re right-her face seems to be melting off her skull. She’s only 38 years old. Let’s think about that for a moment. No bueno.
  24. hookedontv

    Lifetime Original Movies

    I just watched the stupidest movie from last year-“My Husband’s Double Life.” I don’t even know where to start with how stupid it was! For anyone who watched.... So the wife travels to Paris and finds some letters addresses to her husband and doesn’t even open the letters after realizing he was having an affair (or worse)? The shenanigans (I.e., sneaking around and a little thing called murder) in the office building after hours-there’s not one security camera anywhere?? The wife decides to confront the husband, who she saw kill someone, by herself. Duh. The Paris wife pushes the husband into the empty pool. The guy dies from a 5 foot fall. Then the Paris Wife turns to the American Wife and says “Bitch you killed him.” Lady, YoU pushed him. Finally, American Wife and daughter get into the car and drive away. Daughter didn’t have her bag, which means she doesn’t have her passport-How the hell is she going to get on a plane? end rant. I feel better having that off my chest lol.
  25. hookedontv

    S02.E14: Prison Blues to Wedding Bells

    Pronounced: Zoy-la. At least that’s how it was pronounced on Flipping Out when a woman named Zoila worked for him.