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  1. I am rooting for Team Yale. Smart, strong and supportive to each other even in difficult situations. On the other hand, I am disappointed that Team big brother was not eliminated. Phil seems to be extra nice to them for some reason.
  2. What the hell is Ian doing? Is he taking his meds?
  3. Why? How is Oliver not good enough for Connor? Do explain.
  4. Disagree about Andy, I think he is THE BEST. Kid got skills and courage, way to go!
  5. Who else felt great when Lorna tore that stupid plane off the sky? Andy is such a bad ass, I wish his sister would get on board!
  6. It is a pity that Lee Ann had to leave, she seems to be an excellent chef, I would love to see her in more episodes, but I think she made the right decision for herself and her baby. I just wished the show had timed the winter camping challenge before Lee Ann's possible re-entry, considering she is pregnant. By the way, were Brother's parents exotic dancers or erotic dances? what is the difference?
  7. That head-to-head race at the end is STUPID and unfair. If they have to do it, do it earlier in the race, for example at the beginning of the segment where everybody is actually all there, and teams have the chance to recover if they don't do well. I don't like this twist at all.
  8. Weird, Amazing Race deleted ALL of its videos on YouTube. What the hell?
  9. The preview for next week showing they called an ambulance for Lee Ann and she said something about it is physically challenging to be there competing while pregnant.
  10. My reaction to this episode was: Wait, what??? and "oh, no!" Wait, what? because they can actually let two chefs back in? Is Tom one of the producers of the show? He definitely has lots of authorities on this show, it seems. And oh no! Did Lee Ann have to drop out right after she fought so hard to get back on? That would be so unfortunate. Why there is no LCK episode online this week? Is it finished?
  11. The gay team is pretty easy on the eyes, I hope they stick around, we need some eye candy!
  12. This show has become garbage. Not sure if I am going to continue to watch any more.
  13. Unfortunately his reticence has more to do with his own "complicated" situation. I would say he is definitely interested. No guy would drag a girl to see all those "architecture" if he is not interested. BTW, Ian is behaving like a real little "bitch" in the past two episodes. His motivation to help those kids was to please Trevor, but to do it at the expense of his own sister? and to those extreme measures? What an ungrateful little brat!
  14. Yeah, I think there should be at least 3 judges for the "re-entry" challenge to get a fair and unbiased decision.
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