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  1. Rubyslippahz

    S09.E20: Un Petit Hangover

    After this episode I was inspired to google Paul Kemsley and his Wikipedia entry is quite interesting, as far as his financial history in England. Not knowing any of this before I was wondering why this guy who per the show seems to do little but manage the career of Boy George can be some kind of mogul. He did operate some kind of hedge fundy/property empire and was a vice chairman of the Tottenham Spurs football club. My eyes glazed over at some point but it sounds like it was all valued to the tune of hundreds of millions of pounds and kind of fell apart, as recounted on the show, 2008-ish during the recession. At any rate he was considered a portrait of success enough in the UK that he was featured regularly on the UK version of The Apprentice back in the day. Nothing Camille revealed is all that shocking, dude has had debt and lawsuits coming out his ears for quite some time, but Camille is clearly making her bid for glory by bringing it up and I'm sure she'll be a full time cast member next season. And I agree with you, it's interesting what a lady of the manor Camille acts like, scoffing at goodhearted and low key Denise about renting - as if Denise is trash for renting her house. Camille is a sharp-elbowed hustler that wasn't going to let anyone shove her out of the way on that Club MTV platform in the early 90s, dancing in her spandex bike shorts/garters combo. Alright nothing wrong with that but the idea she is some grand lady of Beverly Hills, arbiter of who can afford what and who is living above their means, is a joke.
  2. Rubyslippahz

    S11.E15: Life is Not a Cabaret

    Negligee in the field, running in? Boating, and could've killed her friends? YIKES mention it ALL!! Seriously though what was the boat business--something that Lu got up to in FL or NY? Dorinda looked quite composed and together in that scene. And thank God because if she was all slushy and ranty the whole thing could have gone nuclear core explosion. Tinsley date OMG now it's clear that her immediate dry(?) humping of Scott at their first meeting wasn't an aberration. Barbara is the saddest near-housewife ever. And the part where they flayed her for her alleged bad energy was so mean. I wonder what the goal with her casting was, if she was supposed to be Lu's sidekick or if she was supposed to bring some tough chick, sexually liquid vibe but what a fizzle.
  3. Rubyslippahz

    S09.E18: Pardon Our French

    Amelia is only 17 (or so Rinna was saying)…. why does she suddenly have to brand herself as an eating disorders/wellness expert at that age? Has the girl graduated high school? From fledgling supermodel to wellness expert all before hitting 18. And from last week she is in the middle of her illness not looking back. All that stuff she was saying about being allergic to this that and the other? It's not good. And of course Rinna's own issues are the elephant in the room. So next week touchy, tetchy Erica is BACK and woe betide anyone who looks at her wrong! I wonder if the fact she apparently has to keep on a pleasant game face with Mr Girardi--she treats him like he's her headmaster--results in her being so moody with others.
  4. Rubyslippahz

    S09.E17: A Double Shot Of Brandi

    Whoa the Rinna fam dinner was uncomfortable as heck to watch! I wish they hadn't featured Amelia this season she is a minor and in the throes of an eating disorder. It was always a bad look how Amelia was launched into modeling on Delilah's heels and the attempt to make them a Gigi/Bella Hadid style success. Gee who could have predicted that Amelia would not make it as a model? I also think of how Rinna is or was besties with Cindy Crawford (who has a vacation house in Canada by the Hamlins) and how her teen model daughter has become scary thin. Aaron has grown on me. He seems like a decent dude. I don't know what to feel sadder about, Kyles TV show American Woman being canceled, or the Kyle boutique closing. Oh I know, I could care less about either thing!
  5. Wait am I wrong or did the paramedics not only have their faces blurred out but also their voices disguised? LOL they really didn't want to be a part of this mess... I liked Ramona a lot when she was out with Tins and giving her advice. That Kevin rum guy looked promising. Seriously Mario is thirsty like a cactus to keep popping up this season. Are some of Tinsleys tears over Scott really over Nico Fanjul? I would think Florida would be more associated with that for her. Loved how she got the soup can purse she's still at It Girl in some quarters! Barbara has to be the most unloved near- housewife EVER. No one seems to give her the time of day. Even Luann who she was supposedly so close with or so we were told in the initial episode barely interacts with her!
  6. Rubyslippahz

    S09.E16: Meet Rinna Jayne

    When she said they did it to 'Party in the USA" for one second I thought she said "R.O.C.K. in the USA" as in the song by her father 😁
  7. This episode was ugly! The treatment of particularly Tej, but to a lesser extent the bartender and the manager guy, was beyond the pale and so disrespectful and speaks volumes about some of these women. I heartily agree with those that said what if this was a bunch of 50ish men treating young female house staff on TV this way? Major scandal. I felt really uncomfortable and I've watched this show from the first season. There always has been the bizarre "unpack my clothes" power play that Ramona has pulled for years, which IMO is often a game of hey brown person, I'm going to use you to the nth degree. Plus now there's the sexual desperation mixed with harassment schtick that she also pulled with her swim teacher and various contractors. But Sonja was just ON Tej and it was really awful. He handled it beautifully but it wasn't funny. I too remember Sonja at Scary Island - she was sane and wry and caring and elegant. Now, when Dorinda is slurring about how blasted you are that is a withering indictment of your behavior. Bethenny running to scold Luann was ridiculous. Especially her gratuitous dig about staying away from the drinking when Luann had already swiftly removed herself from the dinner table horror. Beth and Lu had really nice dresses on though. Between flopping on the floor head injuries (Sonja), falling into bushes (Lu) and lacerations with knives (Dorinda) the sh*t that goes down on these trips is downright hazardous.
  8. Rubyslippahz

    S03.E13: The Cookie Crumbles

    Re Kirstin all I wanted to do was get her a BIG tube of aloe. She had a wicked sunburn. Gosh Kyle maybe you should cut down on the drinking. I guess Amanda is more than willing to continually mop up his drunk fortyish ass. The two of them clutching cans of Drunkerboy while they played a scene on the kitchen, lol Peyman is the Turkish edition of Everett, apparently. I don't really care for whatsername the tennis girl but I enjoy the replays of her deadpan expression when Jordan told the hooker story.
  9. Rubyslippahz

    S11.E12: Luann Land

    I miss Bethenny's driver Kevin. I just searched to see what happened and she says he wanted to slow down and not travel and she needed "security"??? - does that mean that Albi or whatever the new guy is called is supposed to be her bodyguard as well? I hope Kevin was not financially screwed over by the B.
  10. Rubyslippahz

    S09.E15: One Wedding And A Polygraph

    As a person of the lawyerly persuasion, really I all could think when Kyle whipped out that far-fetched story of someone seeing Lisa at the polygraph place was.... I hope those "construction guys" going through an inquisition because blah blah blah's house was burglarized have attorneys or at least know their rights! WTF.
  11. Rubyslippahz

    S09.E15: One Wedding And A Polygraph

    Denise and Patrick Muldoon! Be still my late 1990s heart. I do feel bad for her misfortune in mating with Charlie Sheen. I guess she married him in that brief window when he was starring on Spin City and it seemed like he totally cleaned up his act. He's an abusive psychopath and I'm sure the little anecdotes she tells are not the half of it. Speaking of ex husband actors, wow marrying and divorcing Kelsey Grammar was amazingly lucrative. What was that flashback of Camille getting into a hot tub and flashing her butt crack, all I could think when they showed the old guy in the hot tub was "prostate". Liked Camilles dress but for the maids, fussy navy lace with flower crowns? Curious choice. I think RHONY has it all over this show in part because none of the NY ladies have husbands! Plus kids are infrequently seen or mentioned and mostly grown. But yeah no husbands sporting baseball caps to promote their businesses, that's a nice feature of RHoNY.
  12. Rubyslippahz

    S03.E12: Pumped Up

    Jordan is like an alien struggling to impersonate a human, but his knowledge of their ways comes exclusively from Instagram. I did enjoy Kyle's blinking in reaction to the erectile disclosure. Carl is being a total dick to Paige and of course dumbass Kyle is joining in. Neither of the British guys is that attractive but it reminds me of the scene in Love Actually whwn the Brit guy in a bar is being fawned over by American women because of his accent. I can't see how this show will get another season but if it does I predict one thing: Everett will be back. Say bye bye to Peyman and his brown paisley vests.
  13. Rubyslippahz

    S07.E24: Reunion Part 3

    This reunion episode seemed really... flaccid? Like they could have easily made this a two-part reunion. I'll echo those who are glad that Stassi's Adderall/Alcohol use was brought up. Acknowledging what they are using has a HUGE effect on their mood and behavior, often very negative. I know everyone laughs off Tequila Katie but there is another example of someone who alcohol does not improve. I will give propz to Lala for acknowledging a problem as well. For someone with her apparent anxiety and anger issues, alcohol is clearly not helping. I remember when Patrick was spoken of but not heard, there was this perception that Stassi was with this great guy with a real career, who was too smart to get filmed for the show. It was a huge shocker to see in fact he was The Tool of All Time. In a show full of cringeworthy scenes, the one with Patrick coyly rapping about Lisa's rear and calling her "girl" was the cringe-us maximus.
  14. Rubyslippahz

    S11.E11: Upstate Girls

    I think she's already had the eggs collected and evaluated...remembering that scene last season when she and Dale were Facetiming her fertility doctor and oohing and aahing over images of the eggs.
  15. Rubyslippahz

    S11.E11: Upstate Girls

    Sonja gets really triggered by Tinsley! It's kind of comical. When shrieking at Tinsley that she Sonja never wanted to be married or have a kid she just wanted to enjoy life with Old Mr Morgan?!? Ha ha sure Sonja you never wanted nuptial$ or off$pring with the guy.