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  1. Zoey seems to be developmentally delayed, right? Her reactions and responses to things seem to me more like a 4/5 year old rather than a 7 (almost 8) year old. My daughter is just a couple months older than Zoey and when I watch the show I really see the difference. Do you think its from spending her first two years in an orphanage and not getting the attention/nutrition to properly develop? How long would that affect a child?
  2. I remember looking at Meghan's website when the show first came out and I thought the prices were too much for the product. I think if it wasn't for the show, she definitely would not be getting all these opportunities. Lets be honest, Sanrio sees some good PR in partnering with her, not because its a great product. BTW, I was just in California and we stayed right by the Sanrio offices - LOL! It was fun seeing it on TV. I wasn't surprised that Meghan panicked when her mom left. She talks a lot about being independent and her mom being clingy but she is not independent at all. I rem
  3. I've seen the Monica and David documentary multiple times and I don't recall anything being mentioned about it not being a legal wedding. Where did you hear that?
  4. That finale was one of the worst things I have ever seen. They spent a season and a half on Jessie and Deacon so they can not end up together. And Gunnar and Scarlet aren’t together which was canon from the first episode. Although Scarlett was insufferable at the end. Maddie - who cares? Previous episode she is making out with Twig because she’s so happy and next episode she’s over it. I’m glad Avery and Juliette got back together although that cult storyline was awful. I know she had contract stipulations but that is the best they could do. I hate that they turned Juliet into a farmer. Part
  5. I'm going to keep watching the show. I didn't really miss Jack when he was gone and I found his relationship with Elizabeth to be beyond cheesy. Elizabeth was also way too damsel in distress around him. I prefer the characters such as Rosemary, Lee, Henry and Abigail anyway. I think it will be interesting to see her be a single mom and what new love interests may come around. However, if the show ends with season 6 I would suspect that Jack makes a miraculous return from the dead so he and Elizabeth get their happy ending. Like Lori said, if people stop watching and the show gets cancelle
  6. Exactly what I was thinking. Don't actors usually sign 7 year contracts? I read an article today where Lori stated it was his choice to leave and they wish him well. But what is he leaving for? He has nothing going on on his IMDB page. Also, he probably could have done other work while still being on the show. Its only 10 episodes and the other actors have more than one gig. Maybe he thought Hallmark was holding him back because he is a serious actor :) Its just strange because this has been going on for 2 seasons and you would think if he left because he wanted to pursue other thing
  7. I only started reading/posting here quite recently. All I read was a simple comment about the kids being in diapers longer than average. I didn't realize there was a whole "diapergate" situation.
  8. The first episode was with the family in Florida and fleeing the hurricane. Then the next episode starts with 18 months earlier. We haven't seen much of Judy and Dave because they moved to Florida and Bill and Jen are still in Houston.
  9. I'm not asking for personal potty training footage but since someone on another thread mentioned they were in diapers for along time I was just wondering. I don't assume Kate would move to Florida with the family but we haven't seen her for awhile and these episodes that are currently airing are before the move.
  10. So I have some questions and I just thought it would be best to start a new thread: When did the kids stop calling Bill Baba? Someone mentioned that the kids took a lot longer to potty train than most children do. I don't think we ever saw this on the show. When were they potty trained? How big (or small) is Zoey? Its just hard to tell because Bill and Jen are little people. When they got her she seemed to be like the size of a 3 month old. And when I watch episodes now she looks to be smaller than my 7 month old son (granted he is about the size of a one year old). We
  11. This might be mean - but I thought Zoey was so cute when she started crying and put her little hands over her eyes.
  12. First, I am the only one who is sad that they left their beautiful Houston home? I think I got more attached to it through the episodes than they did. Lol. I love this family and love watching the show. I do think the kids don't have much discipline and that the way Bill and Jen respond is not because of the cameras. If Will and Zoe were disciplined more off camera, I feel like that would translate to on camera regardless of what Bill and Jen say because they would know their parents are serious. I think they are scared to upset them, especially Zoe, and the kids (especially Zoe) tak
  13. Pope didn't contradict Cath when she said that so yeah, I think we're supposed to take it at face value. Baz has no interest in Lena because he is a POS father, and person. I thought that was a code name for Baz - LOL. Langston could be a first name as well so maybe Baz's dad is Langston Blackwell.
  14. Pope is not Lena's father. Last season, Cath specifically stated that her and Pope only had sex once and it was because she and Baz had fought and she was stressed out from having a new baby - that baby being Lena. Pope, oddly enough, seems to be the only brother with the capacity for caring about someone else. I did think Pope was going to try and run off with Lena and Baz wouldn't even notice. Lena would sadly be better off with the man who murdered her mother than her father. I thought the same thing. The look on his face was like "b***h, who you trying to play?" J is pro
  15. I wasn't aware of the showrunners wanting to diversify the music and if so, I am personally disappointed because country music is my favorite genre and that is why I started watching the show. In fact, the things that I enjoyed most were the music and insight into the industry. We'll see what season 6 brings and I'll keep watching maybe out of habit. I would just like storylines to be more fleshed out. As I said before, Daphne was depressed for all of 2 episodes. Then her homeless friend ended up in foster care or something after she told Daphne and Maddie to leave her alone. Charact
  16. Scarlett: "I hope one day you can search your soul without someone else's help" or whatever she said. Me: "STFU Scarlett". The smirk she had on her face when she said that - if I could have reached through the screen and slapped her I would have. This is supposed to be a show about country music so how about having the singers sing country songs? Maddie's stupid song is stuck in my head and I can't get it out. HELP!!! The t-t-t-t-take me away is so annoying! And Glenn is right - Juliette made her song a hit. I don't think Maddie is capable of singing an upbeat song.
  17. My biggest gripe - the whole rivalry between Rayna and Juliette which was supposed to be the basis of the show barely lasted a season!
  18. I've watched Nashville since the beginning. I'm a big country music fan so I was excited about the show. But essentially, I think they crammed 4 seasons worth of storylines into 1. I was rewatching some episodes from season 1 the other day and Scarlett and Gunnar already had a publishing deal by episode 4! In the first season alone, all the newbies broke into the business, Rayna split with Teddy and then got with Liam and then Deacon, Scarlett and Avery broke up and she then proceeded to date Gunnar who proposed, etc. They should have really fleshed out these storylines. Avery, Scarlett,
  19. Its like the writers forgot the storylines they created a few episodes ago. Its the same thing with Teddy. He was supposed to get out of prison but we haven't heard any mention of him since. I guess we are supposed to assume he is out and sees his daughters off screen? Ot when Daphne had major depression for all of two episodes. It drives me crazy. That being said, I enjoyed this episode and I think it was because Scarlett hardly had any screen time!
  20. Shouldn't Teddy be out of prison by now? I know Eric Close is no longer on the show but they made kind of a big point about him getting out in 3 months and working an arrangement out with Deacon. Or did they just drop that story too?
  21. I'll start by saying that I'm one of the few people who is not a "Deyna" fan; I've always thought they had an unhealthy and toxic relationship for the most part. Also, I've always liked Teddy. So the episode really got under my skin. 1. So does Maddie no longer acknowledge Teddy as her father? All he did was marry a woman pregnant with another man's child and then raise that child as his own. He also could have cooperated with law enforcement in the sting in season 3 but that would have indicated Tandy and the dirty money she put into Highway 65 causing Rayna to lose it. So he chos
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