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  1. lora

    Season 3

    I just finished season 3,
  2. lora

    S08.E22: Konets

    Or Red is the real Red and he never died.
  3. lora

    S08.E22: Konets

    I used to laugh at the idea that Red is Liz's mom since this is not a science fiction, but after the last two episodes I started thinking that whoever guessed it might be right. I hope Liz is not dead. Sometimes she hits a nerve, but I don't dislike her.
  4. I only started watching the show a few months ago, I spoiled myself a couple of times by visiting forums and other CM related pages, so I stopped. But I learned that TG was fired and that it happened around season 12, I didn't want to know how his character was written out, and I hoped they didn't kill him off. Anyway, by the time I reached season 11, I was getting impatient and I wanted the season to end since the writing and some of the characters annoyed me. During the seasons I had so much to say after each episode but I couldn't since I couldn't visit the boards. Now I can only say t
  5. So I suppose Liz is N13.
  6. I am enjoying it, but I have one problem, the boys look seventeen and not fourteen.
  7. Any idea when season 4 starts?
  8. I thought Fake Liz was creepy. Also is this thing with the avatar a real thing or did they turn the series into a science fictions show?
  9. lora

    The Crew

    I enjoyed season 1.
  10. They didn't show it on screen, but he definitely did it.
  11. Man, Red's eyes before he killed Dom. Great acting by Spader,
  12. Why isn't anyone putting on a face mask.
  13. The actress who played Sofia is a natural, I really believed she was accepted in school. It was bad seeing her get killed.
  14. I liked this episode, but Park really needs a therapist.
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