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  1. That was a terrible episode. They did so many things wrong, it's hard to believe they are supposed to be secret agents. And I guess Mac was right - Daisy and You Yo really were stupid leaving that room. Yo Yo pretty much immediately got taken over. It feels like they took a three to four episode story and dragged it out over 12 episodes. This was basically just filler, with the death of a side character to give it some gravitas. So far, this season is a dud.
  2. Pretty terrible episode. I don't mind Deke, but he cannot carry an episode solo. Is anyone else seriously bored with the crazy knife chick stereotype?
  3. Wait, what? That ending!
  4. Possibly, but captains don't transfer because of failed relationships, first officers and junior officers do. A first officer is much more expendible than a captain on a starship. Wasn't the Union desperately hurting for captains though? You would think they would have offered Kelly her own command by this point.
  5. Great second season! Loved the ending with Joan of Arc and
  6. The Moclans never really made sense to me. There are 'only' males and males can procreate with each other, but there are females as well? Can they procreate with each other? If not, why do the females even exists, in an evolutionary sense? It would seem to me that if one sex can procreate with other members of that sex, there is no evolutionary need for the other sex. Was there more gender parity on Moclus in the past and then something happened? It really needs to be explained, because as of now, it makes no sense. You know what else doesn't make sense? Two Union officers managed to basically take out an entire squad of Moclans with absolutely no trouble at all. That was a tad ridiculous. The use of Dolly, however, was awesome.
  7. Count me in as not seeing that coming. Really good episode. Went from a song to dead bodies filling up the corridors. Well done.
  8. That seems like an oddly ... specific example?
  9. Intersting season. I don't think it was as good as the first, not by a long shot, but the last couple of episodes really brought the fun. The final episode, well that's a whole new thing.
  10. It wasn't exactly subtle. "What kind of place doesn't take regugees?" Aparently the Good Place, as if they had know who the group was, they would have sent them directly to the Bad Place. I don't think they were making the political point they thought they were. Overall, it was pretty good. I wonder if we ever are going to see the actual Good Place?
  11. Agreed. No B plot meant a very long and boring episode, at least to me. And it was a bit of a bummer when Halston Sage left the show (for whatever reason). I find her, by far, the hottest member of the cast (and the second most interesting). So true. They mentioned several times in this episode how the Orville is a military vessel. Not too many military vessels take side trips to make sure one of the crew doesn't get 20% weaker or for the third officer to take a pee. Then again, maybe they just didn't have anything to do and the Captain gets wide, WIDE latitude on where the ship goes.
  12. I don't know. Moclans can ACTUALLY eat homework. I would think it would be a running source of amusement (and certainly is for the 'evolved' crew).
  13. I think in TNG, they explained it by a combination of force fields and holograms. But, YMMV.
  14. Isn't Lois Lane a multiple award-winning journalist? And Perry is paying her 21 cents LESS per dollar than Clark? Lois should be looking for another job.
  15. I like it so far, but I just can't get over how much Elfo reminds me of Bart Simpson, design-wise.
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