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  1. I don't know why these multiple shows find it necessary to show the potty training process. Can these kids have some level of privacy? I understand it being fun to look back at their birthdays, vacations, even cute little moments through out these days. I do not want to see your children's butt or bowel movements ever.
  2. I think it was interesting. I always wondered why Henry Thomas didn't take off as a star like Drew Barrymore did. It was sad to hear from the child stars how sexualized these kids are. I watched Jessie when I would babysit young kids and I always thought there was something interesting about Cameron Boyce. I thought he had a very distinct look about him and something stood out with him. I think he could have made the leap from doing Disney projects to more adult projects. His death made me really sad. I think that Marc likes the idea of being famous not having to put in the work to get there. I don't think hes going to make it. I think Demi seemed interested in the business and she seems like a talented kid. There are always a couple of kids that I see in movies and TV that I want to have a good career. Jacob Tremblay from Room seems like a really talented performer and I think if he continues to make the right projects then he could get somewhere. Whomever plays Missy on Young Sheldon has an it factor to me. I just think that it doesn't seem worth it to have so much pressure on these kids! If you have a kid that really really wants it then let them do a couple of commercials maybe a couple of guest stars then let them just be kids!
  3. This was the first episode that I haven't hated the Busby's in a while. I get a vibe like the Gosselin's when Jon and Kate were on that some type of story line is pitched and that's the kind of thing they do. But this time I saw a family just being a family and living life during a national pandemic. The kids weren't super whiny and actually had some cute moments. Hazel's eyes weren't mentioned once and I didn't have to hear about Parker's anxiety!
  4. What I didn't understand during the car not starting thing was why they didn't just move the babies carseats to the other vehicles there. It looked like two other people were there and Courtney could have hopped in the car with one of them and they could have dealt with the car issues after the wedding! Eric could have even taken Courtney back to the house after the ceremony jumped the car and they could have traveled back to the reception separately.
  5. I can't believe that I am going to defend any of the Busby's but it might be a social issue for Riley to repeat kindergarten. Educationally she is on point but maybe she has a hard time making friends and playing with those kids because she is younger and littler.
  6. I was hate watching the show the other note and I realized why Parker has "anxiety". Point blank she doesn't like a camera shoved in her face.
  7. If you get back in the game all your fire tokens would be gone I would think!
  8. I wonder if the final chance to get back into the game is going to come down to something as simple as who on the edge has the most fire tokens!
  9. Me too. It was always mind boggling to me when they did the auctions how many people would go nuts for like a plate of fries.
  10. Also what is Survivor contestants obsession with peanut butter. It goes all the way back to season 2 with Elisabeth. I think I would crave pizza and a cheeseburger... I would also really want caffeine.
  11. I totally hope that Denise wins this season. She pulled a total me move when she shouted "enough"...
  12. The soundtrack is so solid. I used to love this movie when I was a kid. My mom still likes to remind me frequently of asking her on vacation in St, Petersburg, Florida if that was where Anastasia went missing because I didn't realize that St. Petersburg was in Russia.
  13. This show has gone down hill significantly. I haven't really laughed all season. I think the little boy who plays Georgie looks like he's around 15 so him driving and making out with girls is really distracting. I feel like it is trying to throw around a million different story lines that don't really go anywhere.
  14. Can we just bring back King Curtis and live happily ever after. Some of the quirky families were my favorite.
  15. I forgot about Wendell he is pretty handsome also! Colby will always hold a special place in my heart for survivor hotties!
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