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  1. ellenr33

    Kate Plus Date

    I think that growing up on television and with their mother has seriously taken a toll on Cara. I can't imagine having everything I ever say or do being under review. Kate seems like such a control freak and when she was with Jon it seemed like she had someone who could reel her in a little bit. After the divorce I remember her wearing high heels everywhere and screeching and yelling about everything on every outing they ever went on. Cara is probably too afraid to speak. I hope that in college she lets loose! Maddy has unfortunately turned into her mother.
  2. ellenr33

    Kate Plus Date

    I can't wait till the tell all book from Hannah or Collin. Hoping its Collin about her! I remember very very early in the show she seemed like a semi-pleasant to be around. I wish she'd realize how very D-List she is. Jon went and got himself a job why can't she. Her kids are 15 now they can handle themselves for a couple hours a day now!
  3. ellenr33

    Kate Plus Date

    I'm pissed I watched 6 episodes of Kate looking like a sourpuss for an hour for her to say at the end that she wasn't going to say if she was hanging out with any of these guys. These guys are too good for her! I hope they all ran for the hills...
  4. ellenr33

    Post a Link to Your Blog

    I just started a blog its called The Misadventures of Ellen check it out https://ellekaelin.blogspot.com/
  5. ellenr33

    Mama June: From Not To Hot

    Honey Boo Boo had a big personality. She was sassy, quick-witted, and from what I could tell intelligent. I never saw her as "bratty". I never saw her throw tantrums or seriously misbehave. I could clearly tell she had never been taught basic manners like saying "please" and "thank you" or basic table manners. I always felt worse for the older kids because I imagined Honey Boo Boo's friends at school not knowing what Toddlers and Tiaras and Here Comes Honey Boo Boo was. I wondered what middle school and high school must have been like for Pumpkin, Anna, and Chubbs. I always thought Mama June was a bad parent. I couldn't imagine what it was like to go to school and have everyone see your family the way they portrayed themselves. It was clear to me that those girls grew up with little structure and little guidance all their lives. I thought Mama June was a mom who clearly loved her kids and I always appreciated teaching her kids to be accepting of people from all works of life. She lost my respect when she started hanging around with her child's molester. Even if she did "just see him a couple times" if I ever re encountered someone who harmed my child in any way shape or form I'd be in jail. Its sad to see how low shes fallen and I hope for Alana's sake that someone who won't exploit her gets custody of her. What's Uncle Poodle up to? She's at an age now where I wouldn't want my friends seeing my family like this. Mama June needs to be thrown in jail because clearly she doesn't care if shes violating her sentence. Geno needs a restraining order to stay away from the family. WE TV needs to look out for these girls. At least they have some money hopefully put away for them for them to fall back on.
  6. ellenr33


    I see Adam went the Jon Gosselin job route where you don't "really" have a job you just live off your TLC paycheck! I didn't watch this show too often in the beginning and have watched this show here to there. Danielle did seem rather annoyed with Adam.
  7. ellenr33

    Booksmart (2019)

    Billie Lourd was also the performance that I loved!
  8. ellenr33


    I loved that foster mom with all the kids also. There were several tears and several smiles throughout this documentary. I hope the best for the dad whose girlfriend who tested positive for cocaine. I hope that this was a scary wake up call!
  9. I'm so tired of celebrities not getting in trouble for their wrong doings. I hope they both go to jail. I hope Felicity is able to make some type of comeback. I hope Lori never gets work again. Felicity actually seems like she is sorry for her behavior from what I read is that she was going to do it for her second daughter and that she decided not to. I get the vibe that she did it and knew she screwed up but immediately regretted her decision. Lori is just pissing me off with this stuff I get a very holier than though vibe from her and I don't like it!
  10. This film was actually filmed in my hometown. The scene where he jumped out the window at the court house where he was running through the streets was filmed in Main Strasse in Covington with some mountains edited in the background. The scene where he was in the diner was filmed at this little restaurant called The Pepper Pod so I thought all that was cool. I thought it was a really good movie and I liked that it didn't show all the violence because with every account I read everybody said that nobody suspected him. It bugs me in movies when characters don't age though so Lily Collins and Zac Efron looking the same throughout the movie bugged me. And what happened to Haley Joel Osment ten years ago I thought he'd be a huge star. He's looking rough!
  11. Scooby Doo while a shitty movie. They couldn't have done any better with the casting every actor has the perfect look for their character!
  12. ellenr33

    Wife Swap

    I wasn't shocked. I thought they'd eventually divorce some day. I got the vibe that her way was the only way in terms of parenting.
  13. ellenr33

    Party of One: Unpopular TV Opinions

    I still like Sabrina. It's just a fun show to watch! It's never too serious.
  14. I feel bad for Felicity Hoffman's daughter because I don't think she had a clue about this whole thing. But Lori's kids knew they weren't on the rowing team. They too me are just as guilty.
  15. ellenr33

    Season One Discussion

    Oddly I was introduced to The Twilight Zone when we had a substitute in 6th grade science. My first episode I've ever seen was Nightmare at 20,000 Feet. And then I read an article about the top 100 TV episodes and watched It's A Good Life!