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  1. ellenr33

    S10.E24: MIA

    Jade just seems to have so many losers in her life. I think she just needs to flee and not tell everyone where she is going and raise Khloe all by herself. Tell MTV not to ever say where she is located. I wonder if Briana contacted Larry and told him what a shit show this all was.
  2. ellenr33

    S10.E24: MIA

    Did anyone else wonder why Briana didn't just offer to take care of Kloie so Sean didn't have her to take care of also!
  3. Dude the obsession Dale has over Hazel creeps me out.
  4. All I have to say to this episode is Preach it Leah!
  5. Your right. Amber just sucks and I can't believe that I ever agreed with Jenelle over something but I thought it was unfair that Jenelle got kicked off the show when Amber is still on.
  6. Amber while you may not beat your child and not feed her, That doesn't mean your a good mom. So much more goes into being a good mom than taking care of their physical needs. I've watched you for years be annoyed at your daughter fussing and acting like a kid when she was a kid. I'm glad Leah is at an age where she realizes that her mom isn't there for her and I'm glad she has someone in her life that is.
  7. I liked how they were so concerned about masks when it came to trick or treating but I've rarely seen a mask this season.
  8. I can't watch this show after I heard the way he spoke about his daughter.
  9. ellenr33

    S10.E16: Say OK

    Did these women actually have self-awareness this episode? Did Kail have an issue with Jo and actually understand his struggle? Did Brianna have awareness that she put herself in this situation? I’m proud of you ladies. I had to make sure that I was really watching teen mom 2. Now if Leah could’ve actually disciplined Addie when she put gum on the camera man’s camera. I would’ve been proud of all these ladies. But baby steps!
  10. I also realized that Leah appreciates a bargain as much as I do this is from Big Lots!!
  11. When its just Jade and Kloie I see her as a nurturing mother but when she is around Sean or her parents I think she is just so stressed that she takes it out on Kloie. I think she feels like she has to be the person to keep it all together and wants Sean so badly to want to achieve more in his life. She reminds me of Chelsea in the early seasons where she is hanging on to this guy who just sucks. Every once in a while he will show you something in him that gives you hope but he has no goals and ambition to really achieve anything in his life. I wish she would just find a really good guy like C
  12. Am I the only one who doesn't find Addy's attitude cute in the least bit? If I ever told my mom to shut up or that she doesn't discipline me I would have gotten in so much trouble!
  13. I wish they would just move on with their lives and quit pointing fingers at each other and realize that their both old news. Nobody cared about Kate trying to find love on TLC. I'm sure whenever Kate or Jon say something about each other the kids get asked about it. I wouldn't want all my families dirty laundry aired when I was 16 and I'm sure these kids are over it. I'm sure the kids did love getting to go to Disney, Australia, or wherever they went to because of the show. But can they just move on with their lives. I can't wait till one of these kids write a tell all book about their parent
  14. Was I the only one who thought that when they decided to finish repairs that they actually received their Covid relief fund.
  15. The look of defeat on Jade when her parents asked if they could stay there broke my heart. I think she generally tries to be a good mom but she's around such toxic people in her life. I root for Devoin also. When he is a shitty parent he's super shitty like when he got drunk at the pool when he was with Nova but I've also seen generally sweet moments with him and Nova. Stella has more of a connection with Devoin than she does with her real dad. Kail just pisses me off. How did she get such charming boys like Isaac and Lincoln? Can we just get rid of her and her baby daddies drama a
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