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  1. Can I just say how much I hate the new Jake from Statefarm!
  2. Wow I can't believe the strength that Leah is showing more and more. Six seasons ago I would have guessed that she would be the person she is becoming. I hope to god that Gary doesn't make her pursue a relationship with Amber!
  3. I've come to the conclusion that the producers are afraid of Amber.
  4. Hey Mackenzie how about maybe giving your son a consequence. Make him apologize to his teacher, make him sit in timeout when he comes home, make him understand why that behavior isn't okay. I hate the tone of voice she uses when trying to discipline. She has no sense of authority when it comes to her kids. I worked in childcare for years and it drove me insane when parents didn't back me up when it came to issues with their children.
  5. MTV I absolutely refuse to feel any sympathy for Amber.
  6. If I was Brianna I would be absolutely terrified of how scared Stella is to be around Luis.
  7. ellenr33

    S10.E24: MIA

    Jade just seems to have so many losers in her life. I think she just needs to flee and not tell everyone where she is going and raise Khloe all by herself. Tell MTV not to ever say where she is located. I wonder if Briana contacted Larry and told him what a shit show this all was.
  8. ellenr33

    S10.E24: MIA

    Did anyone else wonder why Briana didn't just offer to take care of Kloie so Sean didn't have her to take care of also!
  9. Dude the obsession Dale has over Hazel creeps me out.
  10. All I have to say to this episode is Preach it Leah!
  11. Your right. Amber just sucks and I can't believe that I ever agreed with Jenelle over something but I thought it was unfair that Jenelle got kicked off the show when Amber is still on.
  12. Amber while you may not beat your child and not feed her, That doesn't mean your a good mom. So much more goes into being a good mom than taking care of their physical needs. I've watched you for years be annoyed at your daughter fussing and acting like a kid when she was a kid. I'm glad Leah is at an age where she realizes that her mom isn't there for her and I'm glad she has someone in her life that is.
  13. I liked how they were so concerned about masks when it came to trick or treating but I've rarely seen a mask this season.
  14. I can't watch this show after I heard the way he spoke about his daughter.
  15. ellenr33

    S10.E16: Say OK

    Did these women actually have self-awareness this episode? Did Kail have an issue with Jo and actually understand his struggle? Did Brianna have awareness that she put herself in this situation? I’m proud of you ladies. I had to make sure that I was really watching teen mom 2. Now if Leah could’ve actually disciplined Addie when she put gum on the camera man’s camera. I would’ve been proud of all these ladies. But baby steps!
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