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  1. Steven Seagal accused of raping teenage actor in 1993
  2. I agree that those interesting themes were not touch upon enough and the story lacked a proper big emotional resolution. But to me they at least got close to brushing up on interesting issues, as in those episode where Kara finds out the truth and they clash about it. IMO so far s3 hasn't really done anything like that, it's even worse so far in bringing up potential, such as James sitting in board meeting with the most powerful people of the city and then not doing anything with it and it's not like s3 either returned to doing meaningful photography or delving into something new, like James being a powerhouse in the city. I thought James being the first and one of like 2 people we know who got murdered by nazis was insulting to all hell. That new Supergirl trailer looks a bit bland to me. Too many dark and samey looking locations. I had hoped the trailed for this team up would instead play up the fun factor. It seems like we'll have Reign battles non-ship for 3 episodes in a row.
  3. But that's the whole point, some of these cases are not really workplace situations. It makes sense that the rules in he workplace can be stricter, than the legal rules are. Seems to me the most desirable situation would be if we were able to create an environment where people feel safe enough to say no without fearing repecussions and people who get told no actually abide by it (or else!). And just find special solutions for people who can't fit into this framework due to let's say anxierty. Rather than outright appraoching the situation as if everybody had social anxiety. (and no, I'm not saying that the people who didn't say anything in these cases did so because of social anxiety, they did it because of fear of repercussions, so to me we have to fight the repercussions, the threat of repercussions)
  4. Personally I didn't think that it was that out of left field that after things not working out with Kara he'd have a bit of a masculine identity crisis and I've read some decent meta about how James showed some undercover signs of being a bit vain in season 1 already. But I can see how that might not appeal to fans who had James in a different mental "box". Either way, I never saw it as an attack on James character but the writers trying to give him something that made it easier for them to write stories for him because they could use him to tell stories that could parallel problems in the other stories. I'll be very disappointed if they don't use James/Lena to at least tell a "should I tell her about being Guardian/at what point?/will she be cool with it?" story. But then again S3 has been pretty disappointing in a lot of ways already so they might not even bother with this really, really obvious story potential.
  5. And if a story is badly executed then I'm not gonna pretend it's well written even if I like the outcome as a concept. Just because the concept of "James is a sweet and supportive friend of Kara who never does anything wrong" or "Kara has a group of female friends rather than primarily male friends like in season 1" might be appealing as a concept to people doesn't mean that it can't be executed badly. And the show going "tell don't show" on us with Lena/James and Sam/Kara, were what the characters say directly contradicts what we as the audience SAW, is bad writing. For the record, I agree that a huge problem of the Guardian storyline was that it never climaxed. It felt like it should have climaxed as him either giving up on Guardian because he learned his lesson that it was a mistake or it should have climaxed with Kara admitting in a big moment that she was wrong about him and that it's a good thing that he's Guardian. The ending of the season felt like it sort of put in groundwork for the first option with the episode where James is upset that people are scared of Guardian, but then he clearly doesn't give it up. And he is still doing it this season even though we don't see as much of it. But he didn't get his proper moment of validation either. So don't get me wrong, I'm not claiming that the Guardian arc was super well written. But to me it still very much fulfills the requirement of "characters having a life of their own". And compared to s3, it was, you know, an actual ongoing story rather than just random scenes that go on in the background. IMO James still got meatier material in some of the Guardian episodes than he has gotten all this season so far, especially since imo the writers really screwed up James and Lena getting together. It just feels like they couldn't care less if they don't even bother putting in a minimum of romantic buildup. Again, maybe this will change, but we are a third of the season down and it's pretty frustrating to me that if there's supposed to be a story there that it still hasn't really started. But to me that is more a sign of the bad writing of season 3 than a complaint against he bad writing of season 2. If s3 didn't want to continue the Winn/Lyra storyline all they would have had to do was to drop us a sentence that they broke up, it's not like there was no groundwork with the arguments they had the last time we saw her. Just like they still haven't told us what happened to Lillian Luthor after the s2 finale. Did she go to jail? Is the on the run? Was she exhonorated? To me those are all examples of the bad, careless, lack of attention to detail writing that s3 is riddled with and that shows up in the writing of all the supporting characters. And I don't see how "Alex was gay, but in self-denial" is a bigger out of the blue wtf than "Alex has always been obsessed with being a mom she just never mentioned it ever before". So it's not like s3 isn't doing their own share of "cheating" with characterization. As you said, it was a thankless task but he got screentime and got to express emotions. Which to me beats the thankless role he has this season where he is there for Kara and gets rewarded by Kara telling a character she had 2 conversations with that she never had a best friend, but she has best friends now in Lena and Sam. => two people she's constantly lying to because she doesn't care enough to share her secret with, while she couldn't wait to share it with her work friend Winn in season 1. It just feels like the show is trying to pull the wool over our eyes to FORCE this storyline to fit, but they don't actually want to put in the work to build it up. Which is exactly why s3 imo suffers from A LOT of bad writing, even if the general focus and themes of the season might resonate with you more. I just want better attention to detail writing and it bugs me that they are so bad at that in s3 when they used to be better at that in s1 and even in s2 as well.
  6. Ah sorry, I've seen people do the same thing with Kreisberg as well, including consistently continue spell it burg even when other people in the conversation wrote berg. So I assumed it was some sort of strange subtle insult I wasn't getting. Ronan Farrow, the Hollywood Prince Who Torched the Castle Actor Johnathon Schaech: I Was Molested by Director Franco Zeffirelli
  7. LOL, that must be one of the most vague episode descriptions I've ever read.
  8. I would rather have a character be abrasive rather than a character be nothing than just a yesman. Especially since I didn't find the season 1 story of waffling between Kara and Lucy all that compelling either. S3 doens't have this problem, but then again, I'd argue James hasn't had a story in s3. He had a story setup but the show has done nothing with it. James is getting very close imo to "sexy lamp" syndrome. I'd rather have a character I can sink my teeth in, who has strengths and flaws that get explored, than a character who comes across as pleasantly agreeable furniture. I hope it's getting better now that they have started the Lena/James bit, but I can't shake the feeling that it's gonna be very predicable in rather than exploring his character they will just have James protect Lena to signal to the audience that he is now sexy again. I think it's very telling that rather than having James and Lena have meaningful conversations and fall in love over it, the moment they want him back in sexy love interest territory, they bust out the Guardian tech again. It's because they don't actually know how to write for pleasant furniture James. And I have no problem if anybody said "Supergirl Season 3A was successful in returning to a more hierarchical main character structure which is exactly what I think it should be like". But to me it's just exactly the opposite to claim that s3 has been good for supporting characters (remember: to me Alex is not a supporting character) especially when to comes in the context of praising Legends for being a show that really gives all their characters space. IMO Winn and J'onn have received the clearest downgrades with Winn just having no story whatsoever and J'onn's father storyline being treated extremely shoddily. James to me also loses out and even Lena's story suffers from being extremely choppy (I think she is hardest to compare since she wasn't a regular cast member in s2, only a guest star). The way they didn't bother to properly build up James and Lena is imo just insulting and I just hope that maybe it will get better now that they are officially a thing? Maybe the writers are more excited for writing for them as a thing than they obviously were about making them a thing? Again this is not that huge a problem. I even generally agree with the approach that Kara and Alex are the most important characters and the show stands and falls with the quality of their storylines. I just couldn't disagree more with the sentence that this season has had good writing for the supporting characters. "getting to stand next to Kara" is not the same as "good writing". Proper build up and character continuity and lack of plotholes and show don't tell are good writing. Something that the show violates a lot this season, particulary in the supporting characters' storylines. ==> I'm not even asking for the story structure to be more like season 2. I think both approaches have their benefits and drawbacks. But I would like those supporting stories to be better written. And it bothers me because they were so much better at this in the past, both in s2 and s1. Sometimes just a single line or additional scene would have done to improve the quality of those supporting storylines (like give J'onn a few lines about how awkward it is with his father around if you are not gonna show the father for X episodes, or give us an in universe reason like experiences power troubles to explain why J'onn can't go into the field, either gives us some scenes building up James/Lena or intentionally write them as a Winn/Lyra style couple that just explodes without prior build up and then goes from there, rather than telling us about scenes that were never shown on screen. Or like stop pretending that Kara and Sam are best friends and "sisters" (especially since Sam doesn't even bother to tell her "sisters" that she is having blackouts, doesn't sound like a very deep friendship to me). The storyline works just as well if Kara "just" thinks that Sam is a very sweet and pleasant and good person she just got to know rather than trying to tell us that this relationships which had like 2 scenes together is suddenly more meaningful than friendships we have seen consistently since season 1). I have no problem with people liking 3 over 2, I just don't like it when people claim things about s2 that are blatantly not the case (like: the supporting characters had no life of their own in s2 when season 2 was all about giving everybody and their dog their own homelife) You can still like s3 better because it does better in categories A, B, C and D which matter to you without having to claim that it's doing better in all categories. s2 can do things better than s3 but still be worse to you if it's a category you just don't care about like let's say "number of talking robots" or "number of times the Fortress of Solitude has been shown" or "amount of awkward social issues metaphors using aliens".
  9. tofutan

    She's Superman's Cousin!: And Other Supergirl Spoilers

  10. I have to ask, is this some sort of insider thing to call people called -berg -burg instead? Is that supposed to be considered insulting in context? But why is this done specifically done to people with -berg names? I remember Sarah Brown from General Hospital. She raked in the Emmys like nobody's business. I feel like soap operas are pretty infamous for unequal pay like that, despite the whole genre often relying heavily on their female characters.
  11. tofutan

    Super(girl) Media

    This season relies way too heavily on people acting like like plot devices rather than people. Like, we are supposed to buy that Sam suddenly has this meaningful friendship with Lena and Kara, one would think she would mention to her friends that she is having weird episodes.
  12. tofutan

    Super(girl) Media

    Seriously, why hasn't a single person asked them: 1.) Who the other people in their 6 pods are? 2.) Why they were 12.000 years in the past anyway, what the heck were they doing there? It's like, wtf, they basically live in the DEO's basement and nobody asked them who the other people in cryosleep are? They should at least have established the rules of timetravel like by having somebody asks whether they can leech off some future technology from the Legion or get some future knowledge and the Legion saying no.
  13. But isn't this kind of the vicious cycle? There are no fixed rules, in theory the person can't know for sure it is unwanted till they try => so the rule could be "if you do it again if you've been warned off once". But then you have the women who felt they didn't feel in the position to tell the man off. But again, this varies a lot from woman to woman and there is no clear rule for disparity of power either because while some things like boss/employee is clear, this has been used in a lot of different situations too where it was just "oh, so and so was such a famous actor even though he didn't have direct hiring and firing power over me". Some situations make me think that it's more a "pattern of behavior" kind of thing. Like some countries having workplace bullying laws that only apply if it takes place repeatedly, over a prolonged period of time. Which f course also sucks because to the victim it sounds like "yeah, sorry that it happened once, let's just wait for it to happen a couple of times more, then we'll do something":
  14. Yet another Supergirl trailer, showing off a lot of Reign with her priestess mentor (does she have a name yet?)