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  1. He was hoping to disappear and fake his own death. We can't discredit anything. Who says this isn't an elaborate plot
  2. As it stands, the suspect list for Jason's murder is both exhaustive and none existent. It could be anyone, or no one. Is he even dead? Has he returned? Is his face in Cheryl's dream? That last episode raises many questions and possibilities. However, we must entertain the idea that this series exists on the premise that it is a 'whodunnit' show. so, without further adieu, the nominees are..... Veronica Lodge: Not my favourite suspect. Lacks a motive (so far, anyway), and it doesn't seem in her nature. Then again, when is it ever the murderers obvious nature. Jason dies not long after Veronica and Hermione arrive in Riverdale. Coincidences happen. Sometimes they don't.... Hal Cooper: The latest episode offers a plethora of motives; bad blood between the Blossoms and the Coopers runs for generations. Hal is not going to be thrilled at the idea of his sweet daughter, Polly, becoming tainted with Blossom blood. How far will Hal go to prevent the tragic Romeo and Juliet Romance from 'blossoming' (excuse the pun). Polly was indeed a conquest for Jason..her name featuring in the dreaded 'book' found in the boys locker rooms. How hurt was she? What will daddy do to defend his daughters honour? Vengeance is a strong motivator in the land of slashers and whodunnits. Revenge is a key motive, bringing us to our next suspect.... Polly Cooper: Is she really getting better? Is she even where her family say she is? Her very absence gives her a lot of presence, in the sense that she is the driving force behind many of the characters who either fiercely adore her, or fiercely loathe her. Did she kill Jason in a fit of rage after finding out about the prank played on her. Is she really in hiding to avoid prosecution and being defended by her parents? It would definitely explain why Betty cannot see her. Cheryl Blossom: One of my favourite theories is the idea that Cheryl and Jason had such a strong relationship, she could not bear the thought of Jason having another woman in his life (Polly). They have been through their whole lives having each other as a go to and comforter whilst living with parents that make Uncle Vernon and Aunt Petunia seem angelic. The thought of living in a world where she is not Jasons main lady has the potential to instill murderous jealousy in her. Not only has Polly stolen her twin, she inherits the Blossom family ring that Jason proposes with. She certainly steps on Cheryls toes. Is this enough to kill Jason? Well, you know what they say...killing the loved ones and watching them live without them causes greater suffering than anything else. If she couldn't have Jason to herself, no-one could. I also like those who toy with the idea of Twincest... they are certainly close siblings. Does it teeter into uncomfortable territory? Who knows. Archikins: The squeaky clean, Mr Perfect of the series has to have a flaw at some point. Besides being the most bland character going (which is impressive, who actually makes an affair with a teacher boring?), we haven't had much else from him. He's the music playing, football playing, all around good guy, who has not so scandalous affairs on the side. He breaks Betty's heart as the series opens, letting her know she is just a friend. He changes over the summer to a massive extent. He cuts off Jug, distances himself and writes songs about Jason later on. Is this his conscience sneaking up on him? Did Jason see Archie and Grundy that hot summers day? Did Archie have to silence Jason later on? Those muscles that appear over summer? Did they help him overpower Jason? Was he defending the honour of his best friends family after learning about how Jason treated Polly? Is he annoyed that he looked like Jason? Can we make Archie interesting?
  3. This show isn't rated enough. Hope season 3 ties up some of these loose ends. The Halloween special was fun, but poor storytelling. Idea seemed rushed. How many times can a girl have her love interests go so wrong? Her and Noah need to establish that they should remain forever single. Audrey still rattles my inner cage? Does anyone else get this vibe? Something never seems quite right about her, she's always in the midst of the drama, yet it always comes back to Emma, and how the plot revolves around her. co-incidentally, Emma unknowingly broke Audreys heart? Is Audrey over it? She certainly wasn't in season 1... Seems very suspicious. Is Brandon James alive? So many questions. So much time
  4. He's definitely in a different show. He's in a high School Musical spin off whilst the others are in an angsty, teen, whodunnit, slasher series. Maybe Archie needs to be the next fatality. There are certain rules one must abide by to successfully survive a horror movie.. I think Jugheads hat is a way to retain his hipster 'I don't care about appearances' look. High School kids for ya. No parent to tell him to grow up and be presentable
  5. I can't be the only one getting twincest vibes from Cheryl and Jason?
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