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    The Good Fight

    I found the firm being stuck with Blum a nice karma over firing Maia. At least they get a taste of what she had to deal with on her own.
  2. meira.hand

    Whiskey Cavalier

    I was especially amused with the interactions as she is Scott Foley's wife IRL.
  3. meira.hand

    S05. E16. The New Normal

    I loved all your post but apart from the factual errors there is another good reason to make up an island. They are talking about a real place where real people live and tell story that destroys it completely? This is not a science fiction series, where you see NYC destroyed and don't take it personally. This can seriously alarm a whole nation by implying their island can disappear in the next severe storm. The dangers of climate change are certainly important to talk about but not by using a real place at the present time with wrong facts to boot.
  4. meira.hand

    The Enemy Within

    Twice the FBI get to a place they just got the information on and twice the bad guys arrive minutes before them and no one suspects there is a mole in their office informing on them?
  5. meira.hand

    S16. E15. Crossing the Line

    There was one glaring mistake that really annoyed me. The sister said that by the time she realized she sent her brother the drug laced drinks it was already too late, i.e. she found out her brother was dead. She knew a tray of deadly drinks was still on the ship and didn't bother to warn them? This is attempted murder all by itself.
  6. meira.hand

    S03. E16. Forfeiture

    Yes. His name is Astro
  7. meira.hand

    S03.E08: Now Am Found

    They left an open door for the secret to be shared, by showing us that Wayne's son decided not to throw the address and kept it in his pocket. Its very likely that he will later show it to Roland, even if Wayne does not have another moment of clarity. Maybe this is why they did not age Julie enough so its clear that its still possible to recognize her from the convent photographs.
  8. meira.hand

    S03.E05: A Show of Unity

    I think it's simply that she really does not want to return home to an apparently unhappy marriage. Her way to stay is make sure she becomes an indispensable consultant and companion to each of them while ensuring that they do not grow close again as then they would no need her any more. What bothers me a little is that I suspect the whole situation comes from the writers imagination to create extra drama. There is something unpleasant when you do this to non-fictional characters.
  9. meira.hand

    S02.E08: In from the Cold

    Just a shout out to a post for this episode on Reddit that puts Clare's scenes here on a whole new level. Its a quote from the Wiki page of the actress playing Clare, who used to be a Scientologist:
  10. meira.hand

    S03.E05: If You Have Ghosts

    Me too. I was really surprised about this. So many characters and names. I am sure the lawyer representing the Woodard children mentioned the name, I just did not connect it with the "garbage man". This may explain why the investigation was dropped the second time. Clearing the name of a dead man does not carry the same urgency as releasing a possibly innocent man from prison.
  11. meira.hand

    S02.E08: In from the Cold

    This whole passage of past recollections (Anna on Prime and Emily on Alpha) and the way they moves between the two scenes was an editing masterpiece. It also revealed that Emily Alpha went to prime to spend time with Anna, which makes hiding it from Howard Alpha much worse than any of the spying secrets. The face of Emily Prime while Anna was describing these meetings, as she slowly realizes why she cannot remember them and that this was the real motivation for Emily Alpha crossing over, was heart breaking.
  12. meira.hand

    S02.E08: In from the Cold

    And Emily Prime also discovered that Emily Alpha has visited the Prime world. But as Emily Alpha memory is not fully back, she probably does not remember this yet.
  13. meira.hand

    S03.E03: Et in Arcadia

    I looked him up and its Ferdinand Kingsley - Ben Kingsley's son !
  14. meira.hand

    S02.E13: teMpted

    Yes, he played Max. Max, played by James Carpinello, who happens to be Amy Ackers husband IRL.
  15. meira.hand

    S04. E10. The Big Reveal

    I cannot believe no one wondered how the doctor's company thugs have suddenly found out that she was alive and appeared on the scene. And if they did, they should also have known it was the son's fault and have been really angry at him. He is basically the reason Jane may die and his mother was shot. They were all smiling and happy for him like nothing happened.
  16. meira.hand

    S01.E10: Flesh and Blood

    According to this, its Shawn :) https://www.tvmaze.com/episodes/1574539/the-rookie-1x10-flesh-and-blood
  17. meira.hand

    Berlin Station

    Agreed. He also popped up on Counterpart this week, with no IMDb credit. Both these series have the same German co-production company, which may explain close or similar locations as well.
  18. meira.hand

    S01.E06: Part 6

    I actually felt this was a really smart way to tell this story. If you do not know anything about the real story behind these characters, than its possible to watch the previous episodes with a real interest about the prison escape and almost see their point of view and need to get out. You know they are in jail for a good reason but its more theoretical than visceral as we don't really see them as particularly violent during this period. Especially Sweat is portrayed very low key and we are so used to killing in TV series that we become a little numb to it. The way they spent 14 minutes showing us how nice and decent the traffic cop was until we felt like we knew and liked him and then watch his stomach churning brutal and cruel murder, brought home who Sweat really was in a way that prepares us to really want him to be punished in almost a personal way. As Matt was already quite repulsive in the first episodes, what he did and how, did not need as much time. I feel that if I had seen these scenes in the first part of the series I would have simply stopped watching.
  19. meira.hand

    S02.E02: Outside In

    I don't think so, In season 1 Howard prime said (don't remember to who in what circumstances) that Emily Alpha warned him about the infiltration from Prime to Alpha and they were working together to figure this out. This was his reason for crossing over in the first place.
  20. meira.hand

    Berlin Station

    There is a little more action on the reddit forum: https://www.reddit.com/r/BerlinStation/ I think the lack of per-episode entry and the misleading title of this old thread (Berlin Station Anticipation) may turn people away assuming there is no conversation here. I agree that this season is very good and this episode especially. The relevance to the current political climate is a little frightening.
  21. meira.hand

    S06.E08: Who Once Was Dead

    Unfortunately its not her character, its her. She dresses like this IRL, e.g. http://celebsgossipnow.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/07/Susan-Sarandon-hairstyle.jpg
  22. meira.hand

    S01.E05: Part 5

    At first I became a little impatient as well, but then I realized that this was the only time you understand just how complex and long the route actually was and that this was quite amazing.
  23. meira.hand

    S02.E01: Inside Out

    Every time we see Roland Fancher (Quayle's father-in-law) with Prime Clare and the baby, its a little heartbreaking. I keep dreading the minute he finds out his daughter was murdered and he has been spending all this time with Shadow. Than I thought what could convince him that this is the case or maybe even be the trigger for him to realize this and remembered something from last year finale. He could not understand why during the attack on his office, the prime assassin that replaced his secretary, killed everyone around him but passed right in front of him letting him live. He kept asking why. They made sure to have him mention this specifically twice. So now I suspect this will come up again to explain that his position was crucial to Quayle's advancement and in turn prime Clare's access to information. Or alternatively it could throw suspicion at him.
  24. meira.hand

    S01.E03: Part 3

    His original excuse was that he wanted to build a proper frame for the painting of her dogs and at first she seemed to buy it.
  25. meira.hand

    S01.E07: The Ride Along

    It was Shawn Ashmore according to Wikipedia.