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  1. I was looking for this thread but didn't think of it as a kids show but I guess it is. I used to like this show and kinda liked Zack the most. I liked Mr. Belding too, especially with this.... hey, hey, hey, what is going on here? and this laugh. I liked the school song episode, I like that song that Screech wrote. Its so strange to have Tori there for a few episodes then you see Kelly and Jessie back for the last few episodes. I didn't care for 'The New Class' much though.
  2. Sometimes I wished they would make this show in color or at least one episode. I just want to know what color that chair is that either Ward or June always sit in. I thought it was an okay last episode for LITB but I admit, I think the writers could have come up with a better last episode especially when they had some continuity issues. A few episodes ago, Wally graduated and Beaver is going to see America and then the last episode, the boys are doing their homework. Wait, what?
  3. Those jerks who scared Hass away, I hope they are happy. It feels like the show isn't coming back and I realize there is a virus going on but still. Has anyone heard anything at all?
  4. I bet something happened, maybe the parents just got too much into the show business stuff and the producers took offense to that. As annoying as Larry was, I think I liked him out of all the trouble making friends Beaver. had.
  5. Yeah Beaver did act like a jerk. I have to confess though, sometimes I think June is too nosy. I wish we could have seen the reaction of the two girls who never saw Beaver.. haha
  6. I wished Hugh Beaumont had directed more epiosdes because I think he was a good director and some episodes he did were good.
  7. I realize there is a bit of a difference but Carol had no problem with Peter playing football in season 2.
  8. Al Delvecchio, he was the most annoying character, in the show I thought. Who was it that he kept saying in almost every episode? Rosa, Rosa, Rosa?
  9. Okay, I couldn't remember the actor's name actually. lol I know he played Roger.
  10. I did like the seasons before Richie left but I admit, I wished they had ended it after he did cause it went downhill from there. Brady Bunch fans blame Oliver for the show's demise even though it was going downhill, does Roger get the same criticism? Wish Jenny was the friend who we hear about and not be seen in the later seasons.. ugh.
  11. (Picks up phone, checks twitter then searches for Derek Hass) 😲 Aww.... I liked him.. I had no idea what issues he was having. He didn't deserve the crap he got but I liked him and thought it was cool to talk to a show-runner of a TV show. I do think they need a new show-runner and I do wish Derek well.
  12. I think anyone who has watched the Lone Ranger and remembers who played Tonto would have noticed that. I confess, I never watched the Lone Ranger so I would not have known the guy who played Tonto was the same one who was the grandfather of the Indian boy who wanted to see the stars. Thanks for the interesting trivia. 🙂
  13. Watching the fifth season of this show, the second episode about having someone stay with Beaver... dang, sometimes June sounds so much like Carol in the early seasons. Beaver is sometimes oh wait, kinda most of the time like Cindy... has a big mouth. EDIT: Beaver is lucky that Richard and Gilbert didn't stick around, if I was Beaver I would make sure they left the house cause I could see those guys pretending to leave...
  14. Which house did you guys like the most? First one or the second one? I think I like the second one, just seemed like it had more space and loved Ward's den.
  15. In the soup episode was on.... Is this episode the reason why we don't see any soups like that afterwards? lol So no kid would say, 'I saw it on Leave It To Beaver' and I wanted to try it. 😂
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