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  1. Watching the first part of Richie comes home and I admit, I love those scenes when they see each other. I liked how they are talking at the table at Arnold's and just trying to think of what to talk about. 😂 Didn't like how we said goodbye to Ralph though, could have been better. I confess, I didn't like Howard in the first part as I thought he was being a bit pushy but I guess we all have parents like that so it was good to show that Richie had trouble with what he wanted versus what Howard wanted. I do like how things ended in the second episode.
  2. Yes, in some episodes Ward and June can be really annoying. I remember the episode where Wally turns 17 and he's ready to get his license but I admit, I think it was too soon for him. lol Then after he gets his license he wants to go for a drive as Ward and June freak out sorta.
  3. I liked this episode and I admit, the hospital volunteer seemed way too happy in his first scene. I wonder how many people are googling DNA and bone marrow transplant as that's really interesting. Don't care for Nestor and didn't care for Rita either. I did think Rita would somehow be a bad person but I still think of her that way. I did think Isobel was a bit cold and maybe could have been a bit more understanding of how Jubal was feeling.
  4. Meh... I think Casey just sounded a bit stalkish the way Gallo talked about him jumping out of the truck. That was some bad assed though. 🙂 GOF storyline just needs to die and if I was a staffer I'd be pissed that my job was taken over by some high school girl. I like the new paramedic but I think Gallo needs to hold his horses. (So glad this site saves the messages..)
  5. This was okay but I don't get why the informant did what he did... No more Kristen. 😞 Just seems so out of the blue. I hope to warm up to Tiffany but I thought she was annoying.
  6. I'm not feeling this show right now. Cruz was crazy ridiculous, what is up with him? Brother with the gun, how can you work with that on you anyways. Persistence may pay off but sometimes it can be a turn off as well and Stella was annoying. Would have made more sense to have the treasure near Molly's if it was possible but I wonder if someone told him where it was for sure.
  7. It looks like Derek is still on the show. I am going to miss his tweets and I sure hope the rapid fans didn't scare him off. I know some got tired of him but it was fun to follow him and if you find him, let us know here. 😞 There is a link from the One Chicago page on FB that mentions Derek and what is going to happen this season. This all 3 Chicago shows are on that one page that used to be Chicago Fire. Not sure I like that. https://tvline.com/2020/11/09/chicago-fire-spoilers-season-9-casey-brett-covid/?fbclid=IwAR1y-BAfUhWj5cTCMjzTeGrsq-t-N-fWU9mbSl1qNAtW3Hh374sxcMm_-M0
  8. I wish I had saved the link to a website that gave the kids ages and school until the fifth season but if I remember right, in the final episode Peter stated he was going to High School the following year but no mention if Jan would be but I would think she would as well. But consistency was not the shows favorite thing to do.
  9. When I first saw this show, I had seen it a year ago when they did a story on Florence Henderson and I don't remember hearing she had surgery when it was announced she had died. Also, it seemed like she was just born to work and not allowed to rest and I think that might have made things tough for her and her health. I don't know what made me stop watching it but suddenly I started watching again. It is really interesting for sure and some people have mentioned this and I didn't think of it at the times that I saw it but why do people call friends or relatives before calling 911?
  10. Watched the episode of Beaver and Andy. I thought it was a good episode and it does show that you shouldn't hide things from kids. If Beaver knew that Andy was a drunk, what do you think he would have done if Andy asked him for alcohol?
  11. I bet they wished they had worn a bra but I would think they would have seen that in the script, they would be running. Yes, Robert Reed was hot, hot, hot, especially in that speedo/swimsuit he wore in the Hawaii episode.
  12. I just watched The Bus Ride episode and I liked it. Just got one question, did Wally really need to tell Ward about what happened in the end? Everything worked out but I would think the Cleavers didn't need to know about what happened and I would think the Peytons would not want to say anything to the Cleavers.
  13. Lets see if they can bring me back to watching again.... I just don't trust the writers anymore.
  14. The Visiting Aunts episode or Aunt and her friend... I hated this episode just because everyone had to suck up to June. It seemed like it would upset the aunts if the boys had other plans especially if the friends ended up coming over. Ouch... The only thing I like about the episode was the ending with the chat concerning Ward and the boys and then them and June. I know it was to show that sometimes you can't do what you want to do and sometimes you have to make yourself unhappy to make others happy, as Ward said.
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