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  1. Didn't like Upton for sure and I'd rather she not come back. They could have had Kristen or maybe Scola with OA. I didn't like what she did with the evidence even though it did make the FBI look silly. If a cop from another city comes and talks to me, I would not talk to them, for sure. Btw, do we know if Missy had her baby yet? I hope things are going well for her.
  2. I did record the show on COZI but I guess the network doesn't like closed caption so I can't really hear everything. Has anyone watched the Steel Inferno? I wished they showed the guys from Station 51 but its fitting that station 110 was shown more.
  3. I didn't care for this episode and I didn't think Julie would die but I guess I can see that now. Girls on Fire, I was expecting it to fall apart and I still do. Stella was a pain in the ass and maybe the other lady should take the role head on. Btw, if Scott is the father, Sylvie would not be getting the baby. That was funny about Casey but I think Cruz could have asked a few more questions to find out which person the guy wanted to ask about. You could see two people in that pic.
  4. I liked the episode but there was too many agents. lol I think Owen's dad should be charged with something and I feel bad for Owen. He lost all his friends who were on the bus. I don't watch crossovers so I guess I need to check out the message board and see what happened to his daughter.
  5. I didn't really care for parts of this episode but I loved that Hermann got his due and he is an idiot. The old woman was a jerk for sure and maybe the case should have gone to court so the old bat could testify but I would think any judge would return the kids to his mom. The real estate guy was cute and I wish Sylvie would date him. I like Stella's idea but I bet its harder to make new programs like that no matter what it is.
  6. Nope. All DW shows are done for the season.
  7. I wonder why they are not going to resume after the virus passes...
  8. Saw this on the Chicago Fire category and wanted to bring the link here. I assume the site will update when it needs to. https://www.spoilertv.com/2020/03/list-of-shows-with-delayedhalted.html
  9. I liked this episode and I don't get how the father knew where the girl would be as well as the other people he blamed. How do you guys know the person is the killer as soon as he is on the screen? I admit, I wonder how long until Mona and OA break up. Not sure why but I don't see this working out at all.
  10. Blech.... I did like the idea of Casey telling Severide not to go in the water and I felt bad for the driver of the car who was lied to. I would have thought the police officer would have asked for divers before 51 got there. I ff'd through part of the episode and maybe Brett's mom is scamming her but I would think that would be scary to not know who your mom is or what she looks like and this woman suddenly shows up. That's all I got.
  11. I started watching the show in the 7th season but did catch them on reruns when it was on TNT. I don't understand why this show doesn't get much traction either. I adore Gary Sinise and he was the reason I watched it. I did a search for CSI on Specturm and it shows none at all. Maybe for my area, I think. I do have all 9 seasons on DVD.
  12. Episode was meh... Maybe when you are 17, a 25 year old really is old. I was expecting 40. I did think it was funny that Sylvie's and Foster's lunch was accidentally given to Tuesday.
  13. Have any of you read Sherwood and Lloyd's book, 'Brady, Brady, Brady.?
  14. This was a bit of a meh episode but I admit, I wonder if in the end Cruz won't get married but I do agree that Kelly does not want to be best man. I do agree with all the other comments as well. I do feel like I'm losing interest in this show, very slowly.
  15. Only thing I can think of is, they probably just didn't want the kid actor to get wet and maybe he couldn't swim?
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