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  1. Giesela

    S35 Previews and Speculations

    So that's....4 left on the tribe that was at TC tonight. How many are on the others? 5 or 6? So that's 15 people left? Merge usually happens with 11 +/- so 4 more people have to go before the merge, 4 more weeks/episodes. Usually no episode before Thanksgiving so merge before or after Thanksgiving?
  2. Giesela

    S35.E04: I Don't Like Having Snakes Around

    I was so confused. Jessica said that she had the power to block someone elses vote. So.........did Devon block his own vote without letting his tribe know? If you can block anyone's vote you can block your own right? So, if he didn't want to vote he could just say, the advantage says I can't vote. But would Probst bust his strategy? Because honestly I don't think swing voters usually fair very well. Edited: I had to google! Jessica was able to use the advantage to block someone at a different tribal and she was the one that picked Devon and she blocked him Ah. So... if they both make the merge I assume that wont be a friendly arrangement.
  3. Giesela

    Season 34 Spoilers & Rumors

    I think the speculation from Reddit is that Varner goes over something that happens with Zeke There is also some rumors that this elimination is for bringing up some personal issues about Zeke which puts Varner on the hot seat. This is not 100% confirmed but probsts ew tease this week said this weeks episode will show why survivor is still culturally relevant. This is the speculated final 6 again from reddit. Sad to see Varner gone and Ozzy not even final 6 The final six in the finale will be: Cirie Aubry Tai Troyzan Brad Sarah I'd like to know when the merge is and who makes the jury. Final ep May 24(?)
  4. Giesela

    Big Little Book Talk

    In the book she says that when Jane reveals he is the rapist his response is so very so what psychopath no emotion so when Celeste confirms his arm whips out and cracks her, the book says almost casuallysolutely knew exactly what he was doing (or would if he were a real person:) I think he abo I'm reading into it my own interpretation but he does have his "reputation" to lose and visiting rights with the kids. So that's why I think he takes his shot and that would have been it. I think at that point he knew it was over and wouldn't apologize or he never would have hit her publically in the first place. People can rationalize the one hit.
  5. Giesela

    Big Little Book Talk

    The thing I really missed, along with the everyone starving and drunk and the fight, was Renata's "planting seeds" that started the fight. I guess they transmuted her nanny sleeping with everyoe into Maddy's affair but Maddy's affir was so useless. Renata getting her revenge on the inevitable gossip by the seed planting was so unexpected and funny.
  6. Giesela

    Big Little Book Talk

    I disagree. While I thought the idea of Perry, who is very very into control, hitting Celeste once in the book was sort of unrealistic, the idea of him totally off his nut and beating the shit out of her for whole minutes on the show was really off. At least with one pop he can then, you know, hit, her, call her a name, tell her he's going to fight her for the kids, and walk off. You can almost see him doing that once he realizes that with Celestes knowledge of Jane's rape he can't manipulate her into staying so he gets in that one last shot. But he is just too controlled to just start wailing her in front of everyone.
  7. Giesela

    S06.E08: What Will We Do This Time About Adam?

    I wasn't that surprised by Adam's being interested in raising a baby as they set them up with helping with Laird and his sisters baby. It was one of the one times when his OCDness on a person actually seemed to fit a life role although as the kid got older it would turn into helicopter parent of the worst level. I'm not sure what happened with Adam and Hanna as I was watching way to late but yea, they seemed to be building on an unrealistic rose colored glasses we can turn back the clock emotional high all day then all of the sudden the overfilled happy balloon sprung a leak and totally deflated? What happened to Shosh's stattaco speech and over speeded manner? Its like she was a different person. I have never understood the Jessa hate and in some ways like her most of all. I too wondered if she was pregnant and if that is one of the reasons she went so far off the rails. I wondered if that was why she was down with Laird and the baby and why she was so upset when Laird got mad because she was too loud. Like she was testing the waters of motherhood and someone told her she sucked. I actually thought when she was marching down the street she was heading to an abortion center. She has always felt guilty about Hanna/Adam and both didn't want to get in the way of that if thats what needed to happen and also needed to know if he came back that it was finally decided. So that day was really hard for her, waiting to see what would happen. She really needs someone, Adam apparently, to love and lover her back. I don't think its easy being Jessa. She has the self awareness to realize how hard she can be but none of us have the ability to change who we are that fundamentally and I think the show has shown her struggle with that for those who look. That bar scene just seemed so full of self destruction, insecurity/fear and darkness and was very real to me. People with her childhood can have no emotional foundation. I think its the best scene in all of Girls and the Jessa actor nailed it.
  8. Giesela

    S01.E07: You Get What You Need

    make room for me. There were good parts and I liked the series and def the overall story, no problem with Perry as the dead guy. But as I said above I think this was the weakest episode with so much filler, walking down the sidewalk of torches..whats his faces wife driving by...
  9. Giesela

    S01.E07: You Get What You Need

    In my reasonable adult voice I say; well I think this was the weakest episode of the 7 and was a disappointment. Lots of wasted time singing and more singing and more singing. Ed sounded like a 7 year old trying to sound sexy, that was horrible! Just....lots of wasted time, blurry lights whatever, stupid arcs like what mother just sits there with her high schooler and talks about how she feels about cheating on her husband? Does that seem like Maddy to you? It doesn't to me. The therapist didn't act like a therapist at all. Celeste all broody at the apt. IDK there were more questions, more important things to delve into. Ach. Didn't like the remake or whatever of the Stones song at the end either. Really disappointed.
  10. Giesela

    S34: Debbie Wanner

  11. Giesela

    S34: Debbie Wanner

    You have two choices as an older woman not attached to "normal" (mom) or at least married. You can be pretty much ignorned, used as vote or ally but basically invisible, no one expects you to have an an opinion, something of value to bring to the table or to care when they look right through you. And in the case of survivor vote you out when convenient. Or, you can speak up. In order to speak up and not have people like "what was that? did you hear something? You have to push your weight around, yell, cause a scene and then suddenly - oh there she is - dayum she is crazy.
  12. Giesela

    S34: Debbie Wanner

    Yes, I'm pretty sure Debbie has kids. Her season I read quite a bit about her. My memory is terrible so I don't know. I remember there was that season that had a vaguely older women goddess lesbian vibe, there was one older woman leader but other than that I don't remember much about her might have been someone on there. Do you remember the season with the woman who worked in a school, like a janitor or cafeteria worker? I think her name was Scout her that was the name of the Air Force master sergeant who basically decided her fate. I remember wishing she had won but she had kids I'm pretty sure. Yea you are kind of missing the point. It isn't a conscious thing.
  13. Giesela

    S34: Debbie Wanner

    Is it possible to be viewed a strong older woman who isn't also a wife and mother?
  14. Giesela

    S01.E06: Burning Love

    Not because Bonnie stole her man, not because she wants Nathan, not because she is a bully. Her enduring hate for Nation stems out of: does he love his new kid more than Abigal because how could he leave her? He left her (Maddy's) child and is a good parent to another child, that is kind of f'ed up and as a mother it would make you furious. Bonnie gets caught in the cross hairs because Nathan staying with Bonnie and child makes her doubt herself. What is she lacking that Bonnie has? Nathan is a different person with Bonnie, a better husband and father....why?
  15. Giesela

    S34: Debbie Wanner

    I still like Debbie. Or least don't have a problem with her. Amazing that people hate her but not Jane who I think was soooo contemptible and gross. If I got on Survivor but didn't think I could win what would I do? Everybody theoretically can win but the reality is far less so. Surely some people realize that and even though you have to express "I' here for the million' I wonder how many have other goals, make the jury, get the 100,000, be someone with name recognition. I wonder how much of Debbie is an act. She has been poor with what I gather is a very dysfunctional family for her whole life. What she has, schooling, being a Captain in the Civil Air Patrol etc. was probably hard won. Getting on Survivor and any money she can make with appearances etc. is most likely a huge big deal to her and I wonder if acting crazy is part of trying to build a reality persona. Honestly I have no idea. She is probably annoying in real life, but so are soooo many men. I think the dislike/hate here is at least in part that shallow lazy hate for older unattractive women who don't conform to sweet mothers/grandmothers. The fact that she occasionally blows up/acts dramatic provides a thin justification. Even if its not an act I wonder what set her off. Clearly she lost focus on the million with her behavior. I'll be interested in what Brad and Hali have to say in interviews about it. As an older woman who is not ugly but not particularly attractive being invisible and not heard can really warp you. And it is definetly a thing, like black men getting stopped by cops, older unattractive women might as well not exist outside their roles as mothers. Whether its the edit or reality, in Debbie's mind or most likely some mix of all of thise, she is feeling invisible and dismissed. I suspect that the shown challenge was just one more thing that tripped something.