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  1. It just dawned on me. I believe Myrla was confused and signed up for the wrong Lifetime show. Her intentions were to be matched with someone (an old man with a head full toupe'd hair) from Marrying Millions. You've all been enlightened. You're all welcome.
  2. Without getting into the details of outlining the things you posted. I'd like respectfully disagree with EVERYTHING you've type here. From a man's perspective, the expectation of sex for goods is NOT what I'm seeing from Gil or noticing in the threads. Maybe a couple of hours of non-complaints and an unforced smile with some kind words would be nice. What I AM seeing is a woman who just seems very dour and negative about everything she's encountered thus far in her 15 minutes of her arranged marriage. If she wants to crap all over everything (which she has) then at least wait until
  3. Nail on the head. Several of his mannerisms appeared to "come out". Also, the 27 year old (can't remember his name) might be in denial. And he could be trying to spare his parents from some type of humiliation. As you pointed out, "Can't get sued for an opinion".
  4. Once again, my wife and I agreed with you. We questioned her "friend's" motives. I'm not trying shame anyone's weight. But maybe her "friend" was a bit jealous. Rachel was heavier and reshaped her body and is regaining her self-esteem. Sometimes people are NOT happy when you're happy. And try to mind f**k you into remaining as miserable as they are. Everything she said was negative and hurtful. And Rachel's mom never jumped in to show any support.
  5. Is it this actress? https://www.imdb.com/name/nm1024264/?ref_=tt_cl_t_5
  6. I'm with you on this. My wife and I spotted one for sure. And I was curious about another. I'm pretty sure who your two are.
  7. My GOODNESS! I expressed each of these thoughts to my wife as we were watching on Sunday. I have said in the past that the writing has now turned this show into utter CRAP. Basically, it has become EMPIRE 2.0. I checked out on that "cluster" early in the second season. You try and give your people and their shows a chance. They start off good and interesting. Then, I don't know what happens. I'm teetering on punching the "check out" button on this as well.
  8. Anyone else get the feeling that "Billy Bad Ass, St. Christopher" was very relieved that it was Paige and a producer following him outside, and NOT Pastor (former hood thug) "Sharpie hair alignment" Antoine? For all of his boasting about "meet me in the parking lot". He sure as hell went straight to his car. He probably already had his finger on the "Start" button. Looking to see who's coming. He would've truly had some "hands laid on him". That Pastor was seconds away from "keeping it real". Notice how calmly he said, "You gonna stop cussing me." Wide hips/Big chest wanted no pa
  9. Here's a thought. Has ANYONE even considered the possibility that HALEY just might be one who's "bad in bed"? Maybe she's just into "basic caucasian sex". Maybe she just lays there and Jake was having issues trying "bang" that stick out of her ass. I'm not saying that's the case. But there are two sides to the story.
  10. I wouldn't necessarily say Paige is "as disliked as Chris is". Not even "Zatch" rose to that level. To me, Paige is annoyingly and frustratingly predictable. I can just about forecast every single one of her responses/reactions to anything Chris says or does. It has to go beyond her man/woman/marriage biblical beliefs. Something (we're not privy to) must have happened in her past that has turned her into such a gullible doormat. Her self-esteem is at ocean depths.
  11. As soon as he stormed off, I said to my wife and daughter, "Queue Paige to stand and follow".
  12. Maybe that is why it looked like Ryan was wearing Clara's jeans during the "footbowl" outing. My wife and I were wondering why was he wearing thigh hugging, skin tight, skinny jeans.
  13. "Hello, my Queen." "My name is Chris. You'd make nice respectable trophy."
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