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  1. Yes, they wear those western hats, but switch to riot helmets if doing crowd control. I think the accommodations and training center for the Mounted Unit is all funded privately.
  2. That’s the real Restaurant Gordon Ramsay. Go on Yelp. Lots of pictures. Even a stain was visible on the carpet last night.
  3. Here in Los Angeles you can still drop a baby off, no questions asked. (See safe-haven law. I think most states have this on some form. Hopefully minimizes parents leaving a baby by a dumpster. 😢)
  4. Tuesday’s dad? Who is Tuesday?
  5. Ah, that might be Eddie’s partner, Officer Rachel Witten.
  6. Who was this woman at the church? She showed up quickly after we saw Baez and Baker.
  7. What was the Jenko con? What was the real reason he wanted to go to the wedding?
  8. Digital cinema projectors still have lamps (“bulbs”) They just don’t have film. I can’t imagine they could find a comparable lamp though.
  9. Pedophilia isn’t a “choice” or “desire”. It’s a psychiatric disorder with no known cure.
  10. Who was the narrator at the beginning of the show? I didn't recognize the voice and it didn't seem to match any of the people interviewed on camera during the rest of the show. Wonder episode.
  11. The actress who played Ellie played Doug's mother on the sitcom "The King of Queens".
  12. Three NATO members (the United States, France and the United Kingdom) are permanent members of the United Nations Security Council with the power to veto and are officially nuclear-weapon states. So that's why France was important.
  13. The bilingual summit signs would be because English and French are the official NATO languages.
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