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  1. Was this the planned finale, or was there one more episode that they couldn't film due to COVID? I'm thinking about the cartel leaders last words before he was dispatched. Something to the effect of "when the city is in flames, remember, I tried to stop it". It was mentioned briefly afterwards and then not again. I wonder if some bad event was supposed to happen which the cartel leader for whatever reason wanted to prevent, which is why he took the risky trip to the US. Maybe if there was supposed to be another episode, it would have been addressed later. Or if not, maybe something for next season.
  2. Yes, that was Dr. Amelia Shepherd, a neurosurgeon, and sister of the late Derek Shepherd. She was originally introduced on Private Practice (another Grey's spinoff that I never watched), where apparently she had drug issues and recovered, then they moved her over to Grey's when PP ended. I thought Sullivan's injuries were such that an orthopedic surgeon would be needed, but it's neuro-related? Maybe the spine is somehow involved. I don't recall if they mentioned the exact complaint on the episode(s) where Sullivan crossed over to Grey's.
  3. I could be wrong, but wasn't Dixon the police chief and then transferred to FD? Could be after he did that favor for the mayor, he was fasttracked up the ladder at PD (Sgt, Lt, Capt, maybe Commander or Asst Chief and then the big job). What wasn't clear was why the lateral from police chief to fire chief. Or maybe I have it all wrong.
  4. I was wondering if it was the finale, but I just checked IMDb and there is one more episode (Diablo). But it doesn't air until May 20! Wonder why the almost a month gap. IIRC, the May sweeps start today (if they are still doing that in light of all the COVID-caused early wraps to most shows), so an episode airing on May 6th would still be within the time frame. Oh well.
  5. Yep, quite a few Crown Vics in this show, unusual for a car that's been out of production for a few years. I always thought a good undercover car would be a totally tricked out Dodge Charger, since that model is a different animal, a car popular with both LEO departments and the general public. If it would really be tricked out, could probably fool even some halfway savvy skels who would make a plain unmarked Charger in a heartbeat. Then the department could just include it in the order for markeds and unmarkeds. I suspect they mostly use confiscations anyway of non-PD models.
  6. Yeah, huh? Maybe there was going to be a conversation about it on an episode of Grey's which was not filmed due to COVID. We shall see if it comes up (not really an issue unless Miller does in fact die, and I don't see the show going there, at least not at this juncture).
  7. I seem to remember an episode a few years back, when Vance addressed Abby as "Ms Scuito" (sp?). IIRC, she was under some sort of investigation (don't recall exactly the nature, but of course she was cleared in the end). May have been at the beginning of Vance's tenure as Director, when he seemed to be more formal.
  8. I noticed when I tuned in last night. Oh well, it was nice to see Stephanie Sigman again, I miss her.
  9. I thought those were the armored car guards, but maybe not.
  10. Thanks for posting that. Neither Grey's or Station 19 posted previews after last week's episodes (unless it was a screwup at my local ABC station (which is an affiliate)).
  11. Yeah, and no preview for next week. I had to check to see that there was a new episode scheduled for next week (keyword being scheduled). Station 19 did the same thing, interesting. When DeLuca was speeding on the motorcycle, I just knew we were going to hear a screech and a crash as they faded to black. Glad that we didn't, of course that doesn't mean something didn't happen afterwards. We shall see.
  12. LOL, I have this record, though I have no idea why. It's not a bad song. but it really doesn't interest me that much.
  13. I had that same thought. But then I was thinking maybe not, as, AFAIK, surgery isn't a treatment for COVID19. But they could probably do something with it, like having one of the residents/interns come down with it, and everyone else freaking out appropriately. 🤐
  14. Yes. She was originally Phylicia Ayers-Allen (in the early days of The Cosby Show), until she married former NFL player and announcer Ahmad Rashad.
  15. Of course they do. And probably IMDb when those boards were still around.
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