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  1. It probably is out of habit, but technically (very technically) even suspended, Gibbs is still an NCIS employee, at whatever his position is (Team Leader?) They never said if the suspension is with or without pay, but he is still in his position, not sure how benefits would work. And an indefinite suspension can be lifted at any time, whereupon, Gibbs continues as leader of the team. I suspect McGee is now a Senior Agent (like Tony was). Probably a bump in grade and pay over the other agents, I don't know if he does anything supervisory, like conduct performance reviews, etc.
  2. Wow, that was fast! I watched the part of the first episode, mainly for Katey Sagal (Married...with Children is my all-time favorite sit-com), but it didn't hold my interest to even watch the whole episode. Too bad.
  3. Me too! The producers must be on an Elton John kick, the series finale the following week is titled "Someone saved my life tonight".
  4. Hmm...possible spinoff series "Grey's Boston"? Although since most likely Meredith wouldn't be involved, probably a different name. Probably Avery-something.
  5. I don't know the TV ages either, but Shemar Moore is 51, while Kenny Johnson is 57 (will turn 58 in July)
  6. Even the bad guy henchmen was like "how will he get it out!" 😂
  7. Interesting that you mention Tucker, as Joey, the homeless boy that Ben and Miranda took in, showed he may have a real interest in medicine in the last Station 19 episode. Of course, no guarantee that they would run with it, as Station 19 is a show about firefighters, with medical stuff being incidental.
  8. Lindsay Wagner played Bishop's mom? She's been popping up in a few of my shows, she also played Alex Karev's mom on Grey's Anatomy.
  9. Wasn't that right after Derek was consulting with the President about something and was gone for awhile? (An aside: during that story line, Scandal was still on the air, and I was totally hoping that Grey's and Scandal were in the same universe and there might even be a scene with Derek and a cameo with Tony Goldwyn as President Fitzgerald Grant. Alas, it was not to be, and my hopes were dashed by a later line when Meredith and Derek were arguing about his absence and she said something to the effect of "...while you were hanging out with Obama!" Oh well. Interestingly, Tony Goldwyn direc
  10. In fairness, the actress playing Ducky's mother died, so they really had no choice. Same with Jackson Gibbs (Ralph Waite)
  11. I suspect you won't see much of Carina on Grey's at least. It has been mentioned that she is a regular on Station 19 now, so she will be seen there, mostly in scenes with Maya. Since she was not a surgeon, it would not be unusual for her to hardly been seen on GA.
  12. "SWAT Anatomy" 😂
  13. At this point, they should just make it a 2-hour show called "Grey/Sloan/Station 19" 😂 Kidding (somewhat) 🙂
  14. IIRC, Luca wasn't in the movie, I think they replaced him with Michelle Rodriguez's character (Chris Sanchez). Gamble was the one that turned bad (Street's partner who got kicked off the force after he shot the hostage), but I think he was just there to set up the eventual ending.
  15. I remember that. IIRC, Jo and Alex were on a break, and somehow Alex found out. Instead of getting mad, he busted out laughing. 😂
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