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  1. transitfan

    Station 19

    I thought Vic was staying at Travis place? She had been bunking with Andy and Maya, but it was a bit busy there, so Travis suggested she stay with him. That's what I remember, I could be wrong.
  2. transitfan

    S15.E25: Jump into the Fog

    Yeah, there was a post in the "Grey's Anatomy in the news" thread. Ellen resigned for 2 more years, so the show goes on. I hope it ends after that point. Why do I watch these shows with long-ass timeframes? NCIS-16 seasons (but I started near the end of season 3). Grey's-15 seasons. Oh vey.
  3. transitfan

    S16. E23. Lost Time

    Yep. IIRC, law enforcement officials are required to report a felony (especially one that has no statue of limitations). And (also, IIRC), failure to report said felony makes the law enforcement official(s) themselves guilty of a felony. But that's just in real life, not in NCIS-land 🙂
  4. transitfan

    S15.E24: Drawn to the Blood

    Well here's another thing. There's no way that private jet flew all the way from London to Seattle. I thought they flew commercial from London to probably NY (British Airways or Virgin Atlantic) and then the private plane (maybe out of Teteboro?) to which ever airport in Seattle (probably not Sea-Tac, but a GA field that can accommodate private jets. Meaning they would have had to clear customs at JFK, and that's where the doctor would be taken away. Once they cleared at JFK, the second flight to Seattle is purely a domestic flight, no ICE to meet them there. Unless they were saying the jet did fly from London to Seattle (or stopped to refuel and since they did not get off the plane, they hadn't officially entered the US at the refueling point). You can never tell on this show.
  5. transitfan

    Station 19

    Glad it was renewed, the show has grown on me. But Krista running Grey's and Station 19? Hopefully, she hasn't bit off more than she can shew, those of you who also frequent the Grey's board have probably noticed that not everyone is enamored of her work on the that show. We shall see.
  6. transitfan

    S16. E22. ...and Executioner

    I wonder if the actor who played Pedro gets residuals every time they show that clip of him driving the truck. If so, he may not have to worry about getting actual acting jobs 😄 (He didn't have any lines, just was driving).
  7. transitfan

    Station 19

    Well, Seattle is by far the largest city in Washington. Still, there are some sizeable cities closer to L. A. (Portland, San Francisco, Oakland, San Jose, San Diego...) Shonda logic lol
  8. transitfan

    The Code

    She definitely is not from the main NCIS (set in the Navy Yard). I haven't watched NCIS New Orleans recently, but don't think she is from there. Never have watched NCIS Los Angeles, so I don't know. I suspect she is not from the NCIS universe, and in fairness, the case wasn't in any of their venues (Washington DC area/New Orleans/Los Angeles).
  9. transitfan

    S15.E23: What I Did for Love

    Maybe I missed something, but this seemed strange. Ripley arrived at Grey/Sloan via ambulance, with NotGlasses riding along (conveniently a private ambulance and not an Aid Car where he (Ripley) would have been recognized immediately, but I can let that go, as there could be an arrangement where privates handle some calls in Seattle). Then after he sneaks out, somehow he is driving his Seattle FD-issued vehicle! Where did it come from? #ShondaMagic
  10. transitfan

    All Episodes Talk: S.W.A.T.

    Could be. I checked IMDb, and the cast listing for the 1975 show lists the character played by Rod Perry as Sergeant David 'Deacon' Kay. OTOH, the 2003 movie, lists LL Cool J's character as Deacon "Deke" Kay. Interesting that Deacon's character went froma Sgt in 1975 to regular officer in 2003 and back to Sgt. now. Then again, Hondo was a Lt. in 1975, and a Sgt. thereafter. Of course, 1975 SWAT was a fictional department (LCPD), while the others were portraying actual LAPD, so maybe that more accurately reflects the makeup of real life LAPD SWAT teams.
  11. transitfan

    Spoilers and Spoiler Speculation: Benchmarking

    Mt. Rainier, I'm looking at you! 🙂 (I guess St. Helens is too far away to have a drastic effect on the Seattle area) Speaking of Mount St. Helens, I recall that at least one game had to be cancelled for the AAA baseball team in Portland in the aftermath of the May 1980 eruption (I'd loved to have seen in the paper "XXX at Portland, volcano" 😄
  12. transitfan

    S15.E21: Good Shepherd

    Maybe the Catherine Fox Foundation owns a jet? They were traveling from one Fox hospital to another. Sure beats a 5 hour SEA-JFK flight on Delta!
  13. transitfan

    All Episodes Talk: S.W.A.T.

    Pretty good episode, but "Marine CID"?!? Really? On a show on the same network that airs a show called NCIS, which deals with Navy AND USMC crime?!!? 🙄 I know it's not the same producers, but could have been an opportunity for a NCIS-LA crossover. Of course, the whole point was Hondo working with his former Marine seargant, which would require an enlisted Marine.
  14. transitfan

    Station 19

    Could be, otherwise kinda quick to book the flight and hotel, get out to Sea/Tac and take what I believe is a 4-5 hour flight. Plus, I think she mentioned one of the other islands other than Oahu/Honolulu. I think Delta and maybe Alaska or Hawaiian fly SEA-HNL, I don't know about the other islands, would probably require a connection at HNL, which adds another hour or so.
  15. transitfan

    All Episodes Talk: S.W.A.T.

    Not sure if this has been discussed yet, (or if anyone noticed), but this version of S. W. A. T. has already surpassed (in terms of episodes) the 1975-76 show. That version had 37 total episodes, last weeks episode was #39 for the current version. Way to go! 🙂