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  1. I have a subscription to SiriusXM and I always have 70s on 7 on in the car, because that was the best decade ever for music 🙂 On the weekends, they rebroadcast an American Top 40 (with Casey Kasem) from the 70s. This past weekend was the show from the week ending February 12, 1972. Yep, Precious and Few was on the chart that week at #4. Weird hearing it on the AT40 broadcast and again a few days later on NCIS!
  2. Even if that was the case, Weatherly wasn't going to appear on screen (Robert Wagner didn't), so Jimmy could have just said "Tony sent these..." Very strange.
  3. Seems to me there might be a hospital shortage in Seattle, recall that then then-Seattle Grace absorbed Mercy West, and now this. Not the best thing for a large city.
  4. The whole episode I was like, she looks familiar. I don't pay attention much to the opening credits (where the guest stars are listed), so the first time I realized it was Daphne was when I saw it posted here. And I watched Melrose Place! Granted, it's been over 20 years since that show ended.
  5. It was back in the first season. JJ lived in an apartment building that had a really bad fire (I think the apartment above hers eventually collapsed into her apartment, fortunately after she had been removed. She had slight injuries. I think Dean may have been the one who rescued her, then after that they got together. IIRC, Dean felt that she was getting to be a distraction to his being a good firefighter, so he stepped away (I think there was a scene in the final episode where Dean and some of the others were at the station, and his phone rang. You got to see the display saying JJ, and he did not take the call. I figured that was the end of it until this episode. On one hand, it was nice to see Brenda Song again (I admit to having a minor crush, which is creepy as the woman is 1/2 my age!), but I am wondering where they will go with this development.
  6. I think Jack complained to one of the cops on the scene, and she was like "complain to your chief" (meaning Dixon). And the cop probably knew what he was about since until recently he was HER chief.
  7. Put me down as one of the ones that was blown away by the reveal. And I agree that Phineas is too young to be Ari's son. I'm trying to recall, didn't Sahar/Sarah mention something about a custody battle with her (presumed) ex? And I think Phineas mentioned something about staying with his father. So apparently at some time, Sarah/Sahar was with a amn who was not Ari and had a son (I doubt that a kid of Phineas' age could carry off a story about that, i.e., S/S was doing a long game, but he wasn't). So I suspect S/S came to the US at some point to start the long game to get Ziva (who was working with NCIS at this point), and along the way met a man (either by design or not) and had Phineas (again, either by design or not). I feel bad for Gibbs, knowning that he is going to have to tell Phineas something that will shatter him. For all of S/S murderous intentions toward Ziva, she seemed at least to be a loving, if strict Mom. It will be interesting to see how this plays out. If the father really exists, he now would have sole custody, obviously Phineas is too young to be emacipated (sp?) if he really doesn't want to live with his father. Should be interesting.
  8. I know that mentioning that Delilah and the kids were going away was simply a plot device to set up the McGee-has-the-place-to-himself scenario, but I'm wondering how a wheelchair-bound Deliliah would manage to travel on (presumably) an airplane with two toddlers in tow. Maybe someone was traveling with her (or maybe she wasn't going by plane), but still...
  9. Exactly what I was thinking! Maybe the producers were being ironic 😉
  10. If not dump her, at least see less of her. IINM, Debbie Allen has somewhat of a full plate behind the scenes at Grey's (I think she is a producer now, and will probably direct an episode or two), plus her recurring role as Hondo's mother on SWAT. Maybe the whole Gemma storyline is a way for maybe Catherine to leave Richard and be out of town constantly at the other Fox hospitals. Funny, my take on it was maybe he thought that his brother was only carrying credit/debit cards and didn't have actual cash on him, rather than not having any money at all. (some vending machines do take plastic, but seems to me that Pac Gen wouldn't have any of those).
  11. I think there was a scene where Tom and Penny are talking and they mention him, don't recall the details. As for Leo's absence, maybe Taylor Buchanan was not available. Just checked on IMDb and he was in 2 movies that came out this year, plus 3 more that have wrapped. Still, I'm sure he could have showed up for one day of filming and come out with Tom, Sasha and Penny when Tom was about to give his speech. Who knows?
  12. In one of the earlier episodes, I think she resigned, I forget why
  13. The interesting thing is that Bailey's first pregnancy was written to accommodate Chandra who was pregnant in real life. I suspect that is not the case this time, so who knows why they came up with this.
  14. Maybe there will be a future (maggie-centric) episode called "Maggie May" 😄 (Trivia note: Rod Stewart never actually sings "Maggie May' in the song. Maggie, yes. May, no)
  15. I may be mistaken, but wasn't the truck at the gate to the Navy Yard when the body was discovered? That definitely would make it NCIS' jurisdiction.
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