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  1. Ashand11

    S04.E08: Chivalry Is Dead

    So Liv has such a bleeding heart about these humans that need to be saved by couldn't care less about the current starving zombies to the point where she is actively making their situation worse.
  2. Ashand11

    S02.E17: Overkill

    I really wish they would have continued going with the Emily/Aaron pairing, so much more interesting than Emily/Seth.
  3. Ashand11

    S04.E05: Goon Struck

    So Liz wants to kill humans for their brains and create so many zombies that they can't feed them all?
  4. Ashand11

    S01.E07: The Elopement

    Exactly. Its showing the problem with the US health system in a very real way. People think oh, treatment is expensive so people won't get it done. They don't realize that also doctors might be pushing necessary medical treatment on them to make money and patients won't know any better to say no because they will just assume that the doctor has expertise that they do not.
  5. Ashand11

    S01.E07: The Elopement

    I love how this show highlights the main problem with the US health system that everyone seems to ignore
  6. Ashand11

    S07.09: Let's Try Again

    Jesus Christ Maci use some birth control, ever heard of it?
  7. Ashand11

    S04.E09: He's Dead

    No they really couldn't. I don't care how premature they are, babies won't look clearly black coming from two white parents. It was a ridiculous attempt and rather insulting that they thought people would be fooled by that.
  8. Ashand11

    S06.E10: Divided

    Jesus Christ those 3 need to stop acting like such babies. Renee betrayed Oliver so its not like he deserved the trust.
  9. Ashand11

    S07.E05: HIGH HOPES

    Larry and Jen don't seem to realize that they didn't notice Ryan's drug use for how many years so how can she trust that they will notice it now? Not to mention Ryan might be at their house with them and she wouldn't know. Maci is actually a really good parent these days and I haven't really liked her much. Why is it so hard for Ryan to share with Maci that these drugs take that long to get out of his system and ask if there is some way to work things out? Also, why can't Tyler and Cate just fly out for the day in the middle of their vacation and then go back. Its not like they don't have money. it's nice to see that Farrah actually has a good relationship with one of her parents these days.
  10. Ashand11

    S06.E09: Irreconcilable Differences

    Lol are these guys for real? Clearly he was right now to trust them. One of them was betraying him.
  11. Ashand11

    S07.E03: TOO SHADY

    Why on earth does everyone think Maci is hung up on Ryan? Doesnt at all seem like that to me
  12. Ashand11

    S02.E05: Suckers

    What? who is the gun runner? And no they don't look like identical twins and since when do lawyers wear their hair up? They wear their hair any which way they like.
  13. Ashand11

    S02.E05: Suckers

    I'd like to see them revisit the Aaron and Emily romance as well as send Kirkman on some foreign trips
  14. Ashand11

    S03.E02: Freakshow

    Sarah is supposed to be apart of a select group that has the level of skill that she has. The fact that they made that girl equal to her in skill is a joke
  15. Ashand11

    S03.E02: Freakshow

    I didn't really like season 2. The plot line wasn't bad but Amaya and Nate are terrible characters and Snart wasn't part of the team so it did nothing for me. At least Snarts character was interesting. Most of the characters on the show now are super bland. The only reason I keep watching is to see what they do with Snarts character. Killing him off was a terrible move because now they try to use him in this show and the Flash but its totally unbelievable and just doesnt work really.
  16. Ashand11

    S03.E02: Freakshow

    This show kind of sucks without Snart Im not gonna lie. He was the only one on the team who had any competence and never once screwed up a mission.
  17. Ashand11

    S07.E07: Full Disclosure

    This law firm might just be the most unprofessional place of work Ive ever seen in my life. The way Louis treats the employees would have that company bankrupted a long time ago with lawsuits. There is no way there would be a partner like that working at any law firm or any place of business really.
  18. Ashand11

    S07.E05: Brooklyn Housing

    And why would the builder care about the prison company? They want to build more prisons?
  19. Ashand11

    S05.E02: This Has to Do With Me

    I wouldn't get why they were upset either. It was completely unjustified like they just wanted an excuse to be angry about something. Agreed, I don't at all like how they handle social issues on this show. They take social justice warrior to the max. What happened with tank was really not rape and this incident was not racism
  20. Ashand11

    S07.E05: Brooklyn Housing

    I don't understand why it's even a problem for mike to work on the case in the first place. Their client only made the prisons that are being sued. How does that affect their client in any way. Are they supposed to not sue any building this company has built?
  21. Ashand11

    S07.E05: Brooklyn Housing

    I thought the same thing about Zane. Why wouldnt he at the least ask Rachel to ask her father to help. Seems like a huge case
  22. Ashand11

    S07.E05: Brooklyn Housing

    Also, who the hell does Donna think she is? Why does she think it's her right to confront the named partners about why they were meeting. It could have been for any number of business related purposes that they were speaking. None of which are any of her business unless Harvey wants her to know. Also, why the heck does Donna get a say in who the firm hires?
  23. Ashand11

    S07.E05: Brooklyn Housing

    So Mike thinks meeting with these potential clients isnt going to get out? Why wouldnt Oliver go by himself? Mike isnt very discreet. How would this not get out?
  24. Ashand11

    Kingdom (US)

    I don't know, the preview for next week makes it look pretty clear that he dies. Also Im pretty sure his real life wife is not not the show.
  25. Ashand11

    S07.E01: Skin in the Game

    No kidding lol. She annoys me. The way she talks to her bosses would never fly in a real workplace. There is absolutely zero reason she should be a partner. Its not like she's been at the firm 30 years,, its only been 10.