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  1. Ugh, this episode really tugged on my heartstrings. I was sad about TBBT ending, and then they go and do this. I hope Dr. Sturgis is okay by the next season. At least he has somebody in his life that really cares about him. And the ending montage of the kids...my goodness, how adorable was that? I've already replayed the scene a million times. They really outdid themselves with this episode.
  2. Utpe

    S04.E18: Cloud Green

    I don't understand Amy. She'll yell at Glenn because of the religious ongoings, but yet take crap from Mateo and Cheyenne? At least she acted like a manager in this episode (somewhat). I chuckled at the scene with the customer and the trash bins. If I were in her shoes, I probably would have dumped it in any one of them and left, not set garbage on the floor, LOL!
  3. Utpe

    S10.E21: Commencement

    I don't believe Dylan can be an Uber driver with that clunker of his.
  4. Utpe

    Supernatural Ending

    Wow, I did not see that one coming! I started watching in 2008. I remember catching Mystery Spot (Season 3, Episode 11) when it originally aired. Every time Sammy woke up to Heat of the Moment playing on the radio, I couldn't stop myself from laughing ("Rise and shine, Sammy!"). Right there and then I was immediately hooked. I went out, bought the DVDs, and started from the beginning. Whatever the reason is behind concluding Supernatural, I'm thankful for all the years of entertainment the cast and crew has given us. It was one hell of a ride.
  5. Utpe

    S08.E16: Harvey

    Seems to be a recurring theme with this show. Also glad the WT/WT is finally over with. This series has been a drag for quite some time. Hopefully USA Network will air all final ten episodes in a row next season and tone it down with the exorbitant amount of drama and swearing. Probably wishful thinking at this point.
  6. Utpe

    S06.E15: My Valentine Boy

    Me too! I completely lost it at Pops and his banjo, hahaha! It would've been interesting to see how well (or terrible) he would be playing in Erica's band.
  7. Utpe

    S02.E15: A Math Emergency and Perky Palms

    Regarding the couple that needed marriage counseling...was the husband gay? I think that might have been the reason why they were having issues in the bedroom. Not entirely sure. Pretty sad episode. I felt really bad about the old man passing away at the end alone in that cluttered house. Even worse was Mary discovering him that way. Ugh.
  8. Utpe

    S06.E04: Four Movements

    Same here. Honestly, I never really liked Gina. Maybe in very small doses, but she was hardly ever funny to me. I was hoping when she was hit by that bus a few seasons ago, her character would've stood gone. When she reappeared, it's like a boulder fell directly on my head. I'm in the same boat as some people on here - good riddance. Let's hope it's permanent this time around.
  9. Utpe

    Suits in the Media

    Definitely agree, it's time for this show to go. I've been watching it faithfully since 2012. While I enjoyed a lot of episodes in the earlier seasons, the characters storming out of the room, swearing at each other, and them stopping by the door when somebody gets the last word in was becoming predictable and tiresome. Oh, and the whole "I'm Donna" thing...yeah, like that didn't get annoying after a while. USA should've ended it when Mike and Rachel left. No need to keep beating a dead horse.
  10. Utpe

    S03.E03: The Big Never

    "Stores aren't supposed to be this big." -Wayne Hays, shopping at Walmart in 1990
  11. Utpe

    S04.E02: Baby Shower

    I think Brett gave a picture of himself as a baby shower gift, lol. It was on the table behind Amy.
  12. Utpe

    S06.E03: RAD!

    The movie Rad came out in 1986, so BMXing must've been popular around that time. Murray's "How Not To Be A Money Moron" board was pretty funny. Rick Springfield trying to sing his own song was the cherry on top of an ice cream sundae. Not only is he a great musician, but also a terrific actor. I love him in everything he's in.
  13. Utpe

    S04.E15: I Lose People...

    I'm surprised the alarms worked at all, or the fact that they were even equipped with one. Did nobody try breaking into these vehicles prior to the gang showing up? It would've been pretty amusing (or warped) if Jimbo jumped and nothing had happened. Same with Morgan throwing the walker off of the roof.
  14. Noice!!! Here's hoping B99 gets a full-season pickup.
  15. Utpe

    S05.E13: When the Saints Go Marching In 2018.08.01

    Sad ending but glad they were able to wrap it up, even if Elijah's death was pointless (at least to me). I won't be watching Legacies. The Hope character isn't enough to keep my interest. And now that Klaus and Elijah are both dead, I think it's safe to say Joseph Morgan and Daniel Gillies will not to be making an appearance. It was fun while it lasted. The Originals was far more entertaining than The Vampire Diaries.
  16. Utpe

    The Conners

    Same here. Even during the show's original run, I was always in it for John Goodman. The guy never disappoints. I'm thrilled about the news. I believe it can continue and be successful without Roseanne Barr.
  17. What an emotional roller coaster this has been. I am thrilled beyond belief another network decided to grab it while it's hot (title of their sex tape). Thank you so much NBC!!!
  18. I was thinking the same thing! If they can give New Girl an 8-episode sendoff, then why not B99? This is one of the few shows that actually has me in stitches damn near every single time. I'm keeping faith B99 will be picked up by a streaming service. The writing is fantastic, as well as the ensemble. Capt. Holt Soundboard: Screw. FOX.
  19. Utpe

    S05.E20: Show Me Going

    "Oh hey Raymond, I can't wait for you and Kevin to come over and meet the baby. We're still on for Thursday, right?" "Screw. That." "I'm sorry, I thought you wanted to meet baby Carol? Her surgery was such a success." "Screw. That. Screw. That. Get. Some. Good. Bye." I definitely need a Capt. Holt soundboard, LOL!
  20. Utpe

    S03.E18: Local Vendors Day

    I can relate. One time my supervisor asked the employees to purchase a Christmas present for the CEO. Even though she didn't say anything outright, it was implied that you absolutely must or be excluded from the party that was being held for the company. I decided not to since I was only working part-time (15 hrs/week) and being paid minimum wage. Of course, everybody received an invitation while I did not. Other than that, it was parents trying to pressure colleagues into buying whatever their children were selling to help raise funds for school. I didn't mind that one so much since it was usually a cheap candy bar and the like. It rings very true to real life.
  21. Utpe

    S05.E17: Colors

    I always LOL seeing modern-day vehicles in a period that's supposed to be 1980-something. It was so blatantly obvious when the "Frentas" were power walking up the street in their neighborhood. I'm guessing actual people reside there. I've never seen the movie Colors (1988) so I can't really comment on it. Loved learning more about the real JTP. JTP!
  22. Utpe


    Just read about his passing. So sad. I'll always remember the episode (The Life You Save) in which his character has a near-death experience. Very fine performance. R.I.P. David Ogden Stiers.
  23. Utpe

    Suits in the Media

    ‘Suits’ Renewed For Season 8 Without Patrick J. Adams & Meghan Markle, Ups Dulé Hill & Gets 7B Premiere Date By USA
  24. Utpe

    S05.E00: The Goldbergs: 1990-Something

    This seemed like a good idea on paper, but after viewing this episode, I would have given the spinoff series a hard pass. I couldn't care less for Octavia Spencer as the narrator. Gigi (Summer Parker) was annoying. Coach Mellor is good as a supporting character only. Having him and Mr. Glasscott as the leads didn't turn out to be that great. Though, I did laugh at Johnny Atkins (RUSH guy) becoming a Radiohead fan in the 1990s.
  25. Utpe

    S05.E10: We Didn't Start The Fire

    I still don't know all of the lyrics to We Didn't Start the Fire (1989), even to this day. Same with Don McLean's American Pie (1971). Yeah, I could Google them, but I'd much rather hum the tune while listening. Great episode. Anything involving Pops is gold.