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  1. I remember how emotionally gripping the series finale was in 1995 with Full House. This one didn't have quite the same impact. All in all, I'm grateful we were given five wonderful seasons. I absolutely adored Jodie Sweetin growing up. Even read the Full House spinoff novels of her character at the time. So happy she's still doing well!
  2. And yet, ABC's still going to keep beating the dead horse that is The Goldbergs. Schooled was a breath of fresh air. I'm terribly sad to see it go. I wish it would've been the other way around (cancel Goldbergs; keep Schooled).
  3. This was one of the few better episodes in quite a while. I enjoyed the Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go cold opening. But please, for the love of all that is good, make the eighth season the last. Adam will be a senior in high school. Time to wrap this show up.
  4. At least Red got to him before the law ever did.
  5. Isn't Mean Girls from 2004? Or are they referencing something else since that movie didn't exist within the era of the show?
  6. I don't have much to say, other than wanting Modern Family over and done with at this point. It should have ended last year. The 10th season finale felt more like a natural conclusion than this mess. Dragging it out was completely unnecessary. Anything for the almighty dollar.
  7. I'm satisfied with the finale, even more so that they ended Five-0 after ten years instead of eight or nine due to Alex O'Loughlin's injuries. Did they ever address what happened to the 1974 Mercury Marquis? I remember seeing Steve and Danno push the vehicle in one episode, then it was never mentioned again as far as I remember. Kinda curious as it was part of the original series.
  8. Or in the hospital when her husband passed. Seems like that would've been a major turn-on for Elodie with her $10 million prenup.
  9. Terry: "I'm so glad you're helping me. Maybe I won't blow it after all." Capt. Holt: "Oh, you'll do plenty of blowing...of that flute."
  10. I was half-expecting Haissam Haqqani to stand up for the third time in a row. The guy can sure take several bullets to the chest and abdomen. R.I.P. Max. I loved you from the beginning. Him being gunned down was probably the saddest death in this entire show (that I can remember at this point).
  11. That would've been even better! I cracked up at the bit with Mr. Takahashi: "If not food, must be waitress. Diane. And her diarrhea." "Nooo, nooo, nooo, nooo!"
  12. Right? You could feed a family of five with what they "cook" on TV shows. It's always excessive.
  13. Cancerous tumors turn Carol on!
  14. LOL at The HampsterDance Song towards the end. I haven't heard that one in a while.
  15. I thought it would run as long as the original series. Color me shocked!
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