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  1. Loved the cameos! Having one last final heist was the perfect way to end B99. Thank you, NBC, for giving this show another chance when FOX did not. And a big thank you to the cast and crew for eight wonderful seasons.
  2. I don't really care for Cobie Smulders playing Ann Coulter. I can't help but to burst out laughing whenever she's on-screen. Perhaps it has something to do with watching Cobie on "How I Met Your Mother" for nine years. Too bad Betty Gilpin had to bow out from the show due to scheduling conflicts.
  3. Utpe

    S08.E22: Konets

    Good riddance to Megan Boone. No more wooden acting.
  4. Didn't they blow Alan Alda up in the box and completely destroy it at one point? I don't remember it ever being reused after that.
  5. https://deadline.com/2021/05/the-goldbergs-the-blacklist-final-season-end-the-good-doctor-get-spinoff-sony-tv-1234763518/ If they're planning on "many more seasons," then it could possibly extend beyond a tenth. Ugh.
  6. ABC will milk it for one more season like they did with Modern Family.
  7. So, that's what John Connor did to the bunker after Terminator 3. Never knew he was forming a cult!
  8. That was a terribly disappointing series finale. Given the dreadful writing these past few seasons, I'm not the least bit surprised. So long, Shameless. You bowed out with a whimper.
  9. Utpe

    Mayans MC

    Damn, they killed Juan Denver off way too soon. I'll be listening to Rocky Mountain High in memory of him.
  10. Excellent way to end the series. It didn't bother me that Jonah & Amy got back together. They actually made it work. Thank you for six wonderful seasons.
  11. Out of all the characters, I always loved Pops the most. I hope ABC finally ends The Goldbergs after this season. I can't imagine it without him. R.I.P. George Segal
  12. They really need to work on those subtitles. I had trouble reading the red text at the beginning of the episode.
  13. Joe as Puddy from Seinfeld. Brilliant!
  14. That scene at the end with Ian and Mickey was golden. Easily the best part of this episode.
  15. I can totally relate! My dad used to record all of the Christmas and birthday events with his RCA CMR300 camcorder from 1987. My aunt hated it. She always told him to put the damn thing down. Relatives also thought it was annoying and intrusive at the time. When he finally digitized all of his VHS tapes in the early 2010s, my aunt had a change of heart. She was actually glad he was able to preserve memories of deceased relatives. It didn't seem so bad some 20+ years later.
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