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  1. Mika moving to LA. Urgh does that mean she'll be on the next season? I'm not sure I'll continue to watch if she is. Having 2 bullies (Terra and Mika) who keep targeting Christy is too much.
  2. Season finale episode. Terra calling Christy names is irritating. Terra needs to grow the hell up already with that crap. She doesn't seem to understand that Tonya has always felt the wine name Black Girl Moscato was degrading to the Black community and regardless of Terra's wine launch party its being launched together. If Tonya goes it's like she's also supporting something she was against. Terra saying she bought Tonya's outfit from her exercise line, her wine and was always supportive was a cheap shot. Tonya has always been supportive of Terra. Terra wasn't ok with Christy putting her 2 cents in but was ok for Mika to? Why didn't Terra tell Mika to butt out if it was between her and Tonya? If it was between Tonya and Terra why talk about it in front of the girls and not privately among themselves? I so dislike both Terra and Mika. Elena is a hypocrite. She didn't like the wine name Black Girl Moscato either now she's ok with it?
  3. Elena has some nerve to ask Jasmine for help choosing an assistant. Elena didn't think Jasmine brought anything to the table when she asked Jasmine to be her business partner but now wants advice and help from Jasmine? Elena is nothing but a user. Jasmine should've said no but she obviously has a good heart.
  4. Why are they making Todd such a jerk to Christy? He was never that way with her. He was always a supportive husband.
  5. I thought I was the only one who can't stand her fake crying scenes. One minute she's crying a second later she's fine. There are never any tears. It's horrible!.
  6. These women just talked about they need to support one another yet here goes Mika taking shots at Christy for her weight issues. Why is that any of Mika's concern or business? This show is already losing viewers having this new chick basically bullying Christy is not going to help get new viewers or keep old viewers watching. I don't condone violence but she is one chick I hoped Tonya would've hit. Her prank was stupid even Chris said it. I don't think there was actual urine in the drink but considering Terra just mad up with Tonya this was the wrong move for Terra.
  7. I don' see why these women see everything as competition. It's sad that if one is doing one type of business none of the other women can do it. If they claim to be friends then why can't they just be supportive of each other? There's ladies went on a team building session but this chick Mika is going to put urine in someone's drink as a prank and think that will bring the ladies closer? If Terra is ok with Mike's prank then she deserves not to have any friends. I think Joe was way off talking that way about Tonya. Tonya has been very supportive of Terra. Terra hasn't been to supportive of anything Tonya does.
  8. I just saw a preview of an upcoming episode where Christy and Mika argue about Christy's upcoming weight loss surgery. Mika smashing cake or whatever that was in Christy's face was uncalled for and so damn childish. What the heck is wrong with this new chick Mika? She's acting just like Terra. Always getting in everyone' business. It' none of her business what Christy eats or what she does with her life. It' not like Mika is paying for Christy's surgery. It seems that Mika is starting crap with everybody Terra has or had issues with. Terra yelling out careful Christy likes to call lawyers. Really Terra? If there's going to be 2 Terra's (shit starters) I'm not sure I will continue to watch. Little Women LA will keep losing viewers if they keep this crap up.
  9. While Mika was arguing with Tonya, Terra was laughing at what was being said. She keeps defending everything that Mika says and does. But she keeps claiming that Tonya is her bestfriend? Tonya needs to realize Mika knowing anything about her businesses is because Terra is telling Mika.
  10. This change in Elena has not been a good one. This season she has been just as irritating as Terra. She had some nerve to say Jasmine hasn't followed through with any of her plans. But what exactly has Elena accomplished or followed through with? She quit every single thing she started!!
  11. I loved the look Christy had while sneaking away from Jasmine and Elena's argument. It was too funny. I am really liking Christy. Jasmine was spot on about Elena. Something tells me she only made up with Terra because she wants Terra to help with her "fantasy" beauty bar business idea. Elena has given up on all her other ideas so I don't see her following thru with the beauty bar.
  12. I think if Elena is serious about her blow out business she should first work in a salon to at least learn what goes on and know exactly what needs to be done. Jasmine would be better at running a salon business then Elena would. Jasmine has experience working in a salon. It just doesn't seem like Elena has ever had a job in her life.
  13. The way Terra told Tanya to just forget about Tonya's wine business was so messed up. Terra doesn't care about anybody but herself. How can she even claim to be Tanya's bf when she doesn't even support her friend in anything. I hope Tanya realizes that Terra really isn't a good friend afterall and goes off on her. Everything Elena once said about who Terra really is was right. Terra is a fake friend. As for Elena starting her own business I don't think she will stick to it. She quits everything she starts.
  14. I liked watching this show when it first started But lately all these women do is fight every single time they are together. I hate to say but these fights always seem to have Terra involved one way or another. Terra can say she wants to be friends with Elena but is always making stupid remarks about her. She does the same crap about Christy. Elena and Christy can sit there and not say a word to Terra and Terra will still say something about them. Terra is just a shit starter. Terra's bestie Tonya has even mentioned this in the past.
  15. I really dislike Tanya. It seems Von came to his senses about not marrying her. Nico is right to say she still in live with him. She makes it so obvious. I understand Sam disliking Nico but..... She can't put all the blame on him for all game playing Tanya has been a willing player in all the games. Tanya is at fault for allowing it.
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