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  1. I think Derelict deleted my tweet to him. Of course, I'm new to that medium so maybe I'm just not seeing it.
  2. There's a derickmdillard Twitter and a derick4him. He's got two?
  3. No nail polish looks better than that chipped, scraggly mess, Jilly.
  4. I've always had the impression Derelict would prefer his mother to have been the grieving widow all her days, instead of remarrying. My aunts and uncles were like that even though my grandmother had been divorced for almost thirty years before she remarried. They never accepted her second husband even though it was his pension that allowed her to loan them money.
  5. He would have if he could. His glory days as Pistol Pete, before the real world landed on him.
  6. It's all about numbers and competition for these fundies. If one of them gave a child to Michael, would it still count toward her numbers?
  7. The boxes could be empty, or have something cheap in them (cheap gifts for cheap people). I hate that I just defended Derelict and Clinger.
  8. I never expected a Duggar girl to go botanical.
  9. She doesn't look nearly as big here as in the photo with Austen. My guess is her shitty posture makes her look bigger at times. Maybe cousin Famy said, "Hey, dumbass, stand up straight so people don't think you were a harlot like me." Joy looks about fourteen in this photo. I'm so sad for her even though she never knew any different.
  10. If Jessa is pregnant, will Jilly actually throw herself on the ground and have a tantrum when she finds out?
  11. When Bill GotHard developed a fetish for them. Ew.
  12. Was it real insurance or some Christian pool insurance scam?
  13. Right down to the overly long, unstyled hair and the gummy smile.
  14. Look how skinny Jilly's arms are. I know it's partly the angle, but damn, it reminds me of how skinny Smuggar was before and just after he was married. Derelict used to be almost cute, in a dorky kind of way.
  15. Maybe she just doesn't remember the specific number. I doubt I'd remember something that relatively trivial a year and a half later.
  16. The Bateses need to lay off the Instagram filters. Whitney barely looks human.
  17. That post was actually pretty funny, people.
  18. I have a leather purse that bears a striking resemblance, in color and texture, to Mullet's skin.
  19. In her defense, the hand sex was before he got meat sweats. He was a skinny dork until the year after they were married (appearance-wise -- I'm not talking about his personality defects).
  20. I remember reading the date beforehand and then waiting to see pictures of the dress. I'm sorry about your dad.
  21. They bought a house in Laredo. I don't foresee them going anywhere for a good long while.
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