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  1. 1 hour ago, zenme said:

    Well said! I’m always so skeptical of people who have to tell you “I’m a Christian.”  Don’t tell me. Show me. And for what it’s worth, some friends of mine who are atheist have so much integrity and morals, one would be surprised!  

    Why would one be surprised that atheists have integrity and morals? 

    That "news" article, from the Sun, has about as much credibility as Smuggar himself. You might as well read the National Enquirer.

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  2. 3 hours ago, SMama said:

    Alyssa must be reading here or other forums. She has an IG story and at the end she is cooking dinner. Rice, lots of broccoli, and meat. I was expecting her to show three little glasses of milk. BTW, do any of you cook broccoli in a frying pan? I have never seen that before. 

    I have a one-pot sun-dried tomatoes with frozen broccoli and pasta recipe that is cooked in a skillet. But for broccoli on its own, I roast it in the oven. 

    Why am I not surprised that Alyssa keeps up with her snark coverage. Hey, Alyssa, how long until you and Lurch just have to try for that son? And if you get one, a brother for him? Not like your parents, my ass. 

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  3. 7 minutes ago, zoomama said:

    i just ordered new glasses. hers are trendy right now. i tried on a similar pair but went with a different one.

    I got a pair of glasses last December. A lot of the frames in the shop were like hers. I think they're cute on her, as well as age-appropriate. 

    Outside in north Texas in July? Okey dokey. I hope their deodorants are working. 


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  4. 3 hours ago, BigBingerBro said:

    I have always been under the impression that Jana was always a bit marriage-shy and probably turned down several potential husbands over the years.  I could be totally wrong.  I do think she's probably more ready now.  We'll see....

    I think so, too. Jana is old enough to remember the grinding parental-inflicted poverty before the TLC money, plus she ran the household and raised many of her siblings while her fuckwad parents worked on more kids. I would not be surprised if part of her was actually afraid to get married lest she be in poverty with a zillion kids again. 

    SW has nice eyes and he's not a balding slug like the Duggar boys. The shirt doesn't surprise me. I'm not going to be marrying him so who cares what he wears, as long as he's not forcing his icky beliefs on me. 

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  5. 3 hours ago, Panopticon said:

    Fleur Delacour would be just about the worst Harry Potter character for them too. Not only was she fine with using her beauty to distract men (Nike!) but she was the best student in her school and competed against boys in physical/magical events. Plus she had enough strength of conviction to risk her neck fighting in a magical war… she didn’t leave that to the menfolk either. 

    Of course she did get married barely out of her teens to an older man who was one of many sometimes-interchangeable brothers, so the Duggars might be okay with that part.

    But Bill was Head Boy, became a Curse-Breaker for Gringotts, and had long hair and an earring. Duggars say "nope!" 

    Topic: Jim Bob looks happy holding Fern. I do think he loves his children and grandchildren. Not so sure Mullet does. 

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  6. 8 minutes ago, emmawoodhouse said:

    Almost positive that I spotted Steven Wissmann next to Jana in Jessa's last video. It was the scene at the dining room table where Spurgeon held court in ugly sunglasses.


    If in fact JD and SW are in a serious relationship, I wish they'd just GET ON WITH IT so we can snark the dress, wedding, food, decorations, and everything else. 

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  7. 3 hours ago, mythoughtis said:

    I had a great Aunt Fern…. Born in the 1890s. 

    I had a great-aunt Fernetta (seriously), probably born in the 1910s. She was married to one of my great-grandfather's younger twin brothers. 

    Please don't ever let any Duggar name a kid Fleur. I can see them rhyming it with sewer. It's probably a moot point anyway -- if they had any inkling that Fleur is the name of a Harry Potter character, they'd nix it faster than you can say "veela." 

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  8. 51 minutes ago, BitterApple said:

    Wow, he's just completely useless isn't he? I could give Bin a pass on the squeamishness if he was killing it in other areas of responsibility, but aside from impregnating Jessa, what does he do?

    There are a lot of people who can't handle blood or pain. It doesn't mean any of them is useless. 

    Topic: Does Fern Fern Fern (to everything there is a season) have Jessa's lips, or is it just my imagination? 

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  9. 12 minutes ago, Kellyee said:

    I don't mind the name Fern. It's an actual name people recognize and can spell. I just can't with the weird names and spellings people come up with these days. I wonder if Spurgeon will change his name to Elliott one day when he grows up.

    It would be nice if Jessa stopped at 4 kids and gave them lots of attention and let them grow up without a million siblings. 

    Fyrn and Ayeveigh 

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  10. 21 minutes ago, 3 is enough said:

     I never looked for it or noticed. Usually these things show up on my MSN homepage, but not this time.  But honestly the article was just a play by play of the video.  They don't have any details either.  

    People never does, but that's beside the point -- it did in fact have an article. I didn't look for it, either. It was on Yahoo's home page. 

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  11. 3 hours ago, Snow Fairy said:

    My guess for a girl - Faith. Is there some Faith in their bunch?

    Johannah Faith. 

    50 minutes ago, 3 is enough said:

    Really, I don’t care.  I’m glad the baby arrived safely, in a hospital, but this two part posting and leaving people guessing is a pathetic and desperate stunt for clicks.  She must be PISSED that there is no show and no birth special.  Even People/Us are dragging their feet on this one. 
    The fact is, the show is over, people are moving on, and a fourth baby is not news, especially when you already have both boys and a girl. The only thing that is keeping the Duggars in the public eye at this point is pervert Josh and his legal troubles. 

    People had an article up an hour after the video/announcement was posted. 

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  12. 10 minutes ago, Albanyguy said:

    I notice he didn’t list his stint with the FRC, the only actual paying job he ever had. And who the hell puts his wedding picture on a professional resume!

    I think the LinkedIn is very old. Look at the photo. I'm pretty sure it was written and posted around the time the Smuggars were married, which was also around the time the series started. That would have been around the time being a "reality" star became Smuggar's full-time job. 

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  13. 33 minutes ago, Cinnabon said:

    A 13-year old

    It doesn't read like a thirteen-year-old wrote it, to me anyway. It reads more like something from a young adult (or a very immature person like...Hilary Spivey or your average Duggar-humper). 

    When I was thirteen, I had crushes on musicians. Not somebody who isn't cute and has zero accomplishments besides "my parents had too many kids and I'm one of them." It's kind of sad, if in fact a young teenager did write the ode to Jason. 


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  14. On 6/30/2021 at 1:09 AM, MunichNark said:

    I still read "boinking together" every.single.time

    Damn you. EVERY time I see this thread title, I think "boinking." And every time, it prompts a hard cackle. It's all your fault. 😆

    Topic: It must be so weird for Katey Duggar, living in BF Arkansas (or close to BF) and married to Jedidiah. I wonder how long they actually knew each other, as in spoke to each other, before they were married. "Sweet friends," whom they saw across the mob at fundie events but never spent time with, don't count. 

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  15. 3 hours ago, Rootbeer said:

    It's been a long time, but, as I recall, a patient was being transferred to another hospital and Chuck, a paramedic, was supposed to go on the flight; but, when the other hospital's chopper landed, it turned out one of their nurses/EMT's was already on board so there wasn't room for him.  So, he was on the roof when the chopper took off and crashed shortly afterwards and was struck by some shrapnel.  I think it was his spleen that got ruptured.

    It would've been so much better if we'd seen Susan in the relationship before they married.  Sherry Stringfield has such a beautiful smile and Susan was the queen of witty banter.  I agree with others that Chuck was not much in the looks department, but, if we'd gotten to see his relationship with Susan develop; it could've been good.  But, we were in the midst of all-Abby all-the-time and there was no screen time for any other characters as we needed to see Abby shopping in the liquor store, filing her nails, staring at her navel....

    He wasn't seen on the roof -- that's my point. I rewatched that episode last night; the camera panned the roof, and Chuck wasn't on it. 

    The writers left the impression that he'd been on the chopper, which crashed and Susan had all the sad, then *POOF* hero Chuck arrived on the elevator, bagging an unknown patient who also wasn't on the roof. His spleen rupture, saved by St. Abby, happened after he'd been downstairs for awhile. 

    I always saw Susan with a nice doctor, maybe one who worked in an office rather than with long ER shifts, to create relationship tension. Not with Chuck the flight nurse who looked like he smelled. All the guys we'd seen Susan date before were clean-cut. 

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