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  1. I'm not really a Carole apologiser but recently she had press releases featuring her which mentioned she was the widow of Anthony Radziwill and widow of the cousin of JFK Junior and she politely asked if that could be removed, and they threw in something about RHONY instead. She brings it up, I don't feel she milks it. They may not have cut back the episodes if there aren't many breaks in between now and July, when they film the reunion.
  2. No she planned it. She planned that reunion take down. All over the Berkshires. She wanted to go after Ramona as well but maybe they didn't show it or it was cut. She can be funny, beautiful, caring but she'll get as nasty as you can imagine and claw you if you cross her. Did anyone catch this the other night?
  3. She filmed one scene with Lu Tom and another Housewife. That was it I think Dorinda said "she" and I think she meant Sonja.
  4. It was all set for Bravo to go down and film some of the wedding if not the ceremony, the crew were said to be there on December 31. What ever happened in the middle that was shot down and Bravo were asking guests to submit pictures & videos from the event that Lu's publicist approved of. Trust me season nine is going to be a lot of buildup to Lu's wedding anyway so we probably been spared
  5. She only heated the rooms they are in. Tinsley is talking about it to other wives behind Sonja's back
  6. If you are or were a Real Housewife in Beverly Hills, yup! So ridiculous. Rinna's like Mama Rose with her kid on IG.
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