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  1. And Nina loved playing Katherine, it's a real chasllenge and real.ly interesting for actors
  2. I guess you missed the big fuss they made about her return before and after the confirmation. It doesn't matter that Nina left. I'm talking storywise it should have been Elena's scene the last one
  3. I disagree. The brothers relationship was the focus only for 2 seasons when Elena was for 6.And no one said that the brothers reunion shouldn't happen but it sure shouldn't be the last scene of the series because the series wasn't about their relationship
  4. Nina didn't want a delena endgame,that didn't keep her from doing her job and be professional,Unlike Ian
  5. It's not the appropriated ending since the show started and was about Elena, losing her parents, feeling dead inside, falling for 2 vampire brothers, Elena losing her whole family.And it should have ended the last scene, with Elena reuniting with her family.But JP kisses Ian's a...from day one,so no surprise here,Now Defan fans got what they wanted but no, it's not the appropriate ending,not storywise
  6. Elena,like her or not was the heart and the soul of the show for 6 years.Everything was about her The brothers relationship was only the focus for the last 2 seasons.The last scene should have been Elena reuniting with her family and right before it, Defan reuniting.This is not supernatural, the brother's relationship wasn't the focus of the show till Nina left.
  7. Her brother was still alive so it was kinda hard to get him in that scene
  8. Actually the finale didn't focus on the brothers. It focused on the family.We had Bonnie seeing her grams.Damon reuniting in the afterlife with Stefan.Elena reuniting in the afterlife with her family.Caroline seeing her mom,Alaric seeing Jo,Matt and his family.So I didn't feel that the focus in the finale was the brothers.But the last scene should have been Elena reuniting with her family. For 6 seasons the show was about Elena, her triangle with the brothers and Elena losing her parents and feeling dead inside, Elena losing her whole family...so for me the last scene should have been Elena reuniting with her family.But whatever,I had no problem with the finale even though I'm no delena fan.I just hate Ian's acting in the whole episode ,He didn't move me once.,not with Paul, not with Nina, not with Candice..he was off
  9. Seriously?The show was about the triangle.A teenage girl falling for two vampire brothers.So delena was gonna happen,no matter if they were endgame or not.Nian's relatrionship had nothing to do with it. And Nian were over at the end of season 4.Before they started filming season 5.JP could have ended delena as well but didn't.Nian had nothing to do with delena happening or being endgame
  10. The show was about a triangle, so delena was gonna happen regardless wether they were endgame or not
  11. Fotr me it's crystal clear that the scene in the cementery both are alive. But whe they walk in ordinary cloths at the end and Damondisappeared, it's Ejlena who died first and joined her family in teh aftrerlife and Dmaon died after her and joined Stefan. No I don't think that Damon was supposed to be sad, and cood towards Elena in all these scenes. I can believe it for their reunion when he was right behind Caroline, even though the kiss could have been better,or they could have shown us him carrying her the way he did when it was katherine, ,both crying over Stefan, she pulls aways looks at him in the eyes,wipes his tears with her hand and kisses him on his forhead and hugs him again.It would have been way more emotional than that fake kiss. But there is no excuse for his look and lack of love and joy around her in the cementery scene,he was looking backward as if he couldn't wait to be over with it, as if he had better things to do.And that forced smile he had when they were walking in the afterlife...no excuse..He didn't show concern wether he would see his brother or not,,,,he showed indifference towards her..Ian's acting simply sucked
  12. I don't see the problem with Nina's acting as katherine. I think it was flawless despite of the shitty script. Actually these are the scenes of the finale that I keep rewatching along with Elena's reunion with her family.I see no difference in her acting in this episode than in all the 6 seasons she was in. She's flawless.People are disappointed with katherine's return because of the script. I don't get how anyone can say anything about her acting. She didn't skip a beat playing both, Elena and katherine. We didn't like the script, the wigs, but nothing to say about the acting. It was flawless
  13. No need for hot sex scene.Just a proper kiss and Damon looking with love showing love at Elena.Not once in all delena's scenes he delivered, unlike Nina.
  14. Elena never made it all about her. The other characters made it all about her. Let me tell you that no, not most of fans hated Elena, she was hands down the most popular character on the show.Only Stefan/stelena fans and Bonnie/Bamon fans hated her. the first ones because she dumped Stefan for Damon and the second one because they were jealous she was the leading lady, wanted Bonnie to be the leading lady
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