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  1. Wow I never thought I'd see the day where Adam says that Emma was the heart and soul of the show. I guess that's as close to any admiting that doing S7 was a mistake. Cause what good is a season of a show without the heart and soul of the show in it? And I'm pretty sure Jen would have stayed if she was given the things she requested and deserved.
  2. I'm just here for my minute of Emma, Killian, and their beautiful true love baby Hope. I can give two craps about anything else especially Regigi being queen of whatever the heck/whomever the heck and the failures of S7 that literally nobody cares about.
  3. Congrats Lana. You got the series finale centered around you, the bad news is it'll likely be a series low. But girl you go and get that coin cause you are THE show. Oh wait what did the Emma-centric fniale get last season, oh yeah bigger then anything this season. Yeah so much for Regigi being the lead. I do enjoy the karma though. They all said Lana is the star, well congrats the one season she's the star the show tanks. Tell me again how this season will go down cause ratings pretty much point to it being ignored. TAKE THAT BOW GIRL YOU EARNED IT!
  4. Sean literally said at a con that the fans write better stories then the writers. I stan him again. After this absolute trash of a season.
  5. I have to disagree. If there's one thing these people did right with S7 is not give Rogers a romance. It was not necessary and it was way too soon. So I'm glad they did not go there, plus all the controversy and backlash they did not need not when they were already struggling to maintain viewers.
  6. Okay is this the episode where they got their cancellation announcement. Because it explains why all of sudden they're referencing the original show and Emma, The Charmings, and OG Hook all within one episode. Before this episode Henry couldn't even be bothered to even reference his own dang mother. The anti-chemistry couple strikes again, they literally have the worse chemistry I've ever seen on TV. It's just awful, and they chemistry tested with each other and still got the parts, HOW?!
  7. Exactly they're not giving Wish Hook an LI. Unless in the series finale when Alice him and Robyn are wanderuing around the WR he collides or meets a collapsed person on the ground whom when he turns them around is Wish Emma, similar to how Hook and Emma met. That'd be an interesting twist. So it's like a suggestion that he found an Emma of his very own.
  8. At least ABC split the finale nights which means we don't have to torture ourselves watching the first half with the newbies and just watch the series finale.
  9. Hmm seeing the video makes me think she is coming back. She's smiling and excited and stuff. Also word on everything the audience member said about S7.
  10. Or Henry and Jacinda have even a smidge of chemistry.
  11. Jen's panel at ECCC is more talked about then the episode that just aired that's freaking hilarious but it's the truth.
  12. Of course Zelena would be the one to bring up Captain Swan, that's her OTP right there. Does anyone else find it hilarious that the episode aired almost 3 hrs ago and the majority of what people are talking about is Jen potentially coming back for the finale? God it just goes to show how S7 has been received and how vital Jen was to the show. We all knew that of course. Emma Swan is the heart of OUAT and without it the show has died very quickly.
  13. Or if only it never happened. Which probably is what the feeling is, this isn't is a waste of time.
  14. So Ginny and Colin are recieving multiple calls for Pilots. Jennifer just signed with CAA the best agency in Hollywood Josh has been cast in a new Pilot. Hmm an overrated someone is missing off that list, I wonder why? Jen apparently is SO difficult to work with why would CAA want her over the precious client? I wonder.
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