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  1. Maybe she can walk out but cannot survive in our world for long. I’m guessing she is the mirror world conduit and it won’t let her go without sucking her back in.
  2. I would like more mystery front and center on this show. They’re trying to build up the savior and “they’re coming” thing but it’s not quite working for me. Rosa plight was interesting to see. Didn’t think the character would see through her self-indulgence to realize Max was important. The alien baby doesn’t interest me at all. Plus, they can always terminate it!
  3. She knows too much.(Though I understand if it’s the show’s way of using exposition to move things along, cos Doug would be really blind with no help in bringing down Treadstone) And wherever she leads him, or where they go - the targets are always eliminated as they were always intended to be.
  4. What an ending. I think Frank admitted to helping Wes during his clash with Gabriel. Or maybe I read it wrong. Asher dying makes sense as he is loosely tied to most events, but his death/murder has impact. Don’t think Bonnie would kill him though.
  5. Something doesn’t feel right about this season; the show has either been reset or downgraded. The girls not having their powers, the storylines and overall direction doesn’t sync with season 1 for me.
  6. I'm the same. I loved the black-eyed stuff, but not center stage. There is no mystery anymore to the show. Glad its ending because season three hasn't been entertaining for me.
  7. I know. Is there anything he wouldn't do these days?
  8. Kimmel77

    Season 5 Chat

    Interesting episode. Never really noticed colourism in my life until the last few years.
  9. I bet they get bracelets instead.
  10. It means four children by four different fathers, 4x4.
  11. WOW, the mom wasn't too far off being what we call a 4x4..
  12. I think the same. It was a brutal killing for Zapata to carry out. I also don't know why she would legitimately be working with the evil lady crime boss, so she must be undercover in my eyes.
  13. The finale left me a little dissatisfied; I needed to see Beck die for closure [the same with Peach]. Has this show got an issue with showing female death.. Paco must have figured out Joe killed Beck. I also find it now a stretch that everyone connected to Beck and Peach has not grown suspicious about three intimately connected people dying/disappearing in the space of a year. That PI has to be on that trial in season 2 along with everyone else. Candice being alive didn't surprise me as that wasn't conclusively dealt with in her last appearance. I guess Joe tried to bury her alive or
  14. Kimmel77

    S01.E09: Candace

    Ethan must be curious why the place has a 'Do not enter' sign on it so regularly in recent years.
  15. I was getting weird vibes that he could be Tegan's dad.
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