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  1. Kimmel77

    Into The Badlands

    I'm the same. I loved the black-eyed stuff, but not center stage. There is no mystery anymore to the show. Glad its ending because season three hasn't been entertaining for me.
  2. Kimmel77

    S01.E14: Touched By A Demon

    I know. Is there anything he wouldn't do these days?
  3. Kimmel77

    Season 5 Chat

    Interesting episode. Never really noticed colourism in my life until the last few years.
  4. Kimmel77

    S04.E06: Call to Action

    I bet they get bracelets instead.
  5. Kimmel77

    S01.E06 Kappa Spirit

    It means four children by four different fathers, 4x4.
  6. Kimmel77

    S01.E06 Kappa Spirit

    WOW, the mom wasn't too far off being what we call a 4x4..
  7. Kimmel77

    S04. E06. CA-Ca-Candidate for Cri-Cri-Crime

    I think the same. It was a brutal killing for Zapata to carry out. I also don't know why she would legitimately be working with the evil lady crime boss, so she must be undercover in my eyes.
  8. Kimmel77

    S01.E10: Bluebeard's Castle

    The finale left me a little dissatisfied; I needed to see Beck die for closure [the same with Peach]. Has this show got an issue with showing female death.. Paco must have figured out Joe killed Beck. I also find it now a stretch that everyone connected to Beck and Peach has not grown suspicious about three intimately connected people dying/disappearing in the space of a year. That PI has to be on that trial in season 2 along with everyone else. Candice being alive didn't surprise me as that wasn't conclusively dealt with in her last appearance. I guess Joe tried to bury her alive or something. Season 2 may be interesting. I do hope it doesn't spin into Joe falling for Candice and seeing her reappearance as an act of god bringing them back together.
  9. Kimmel77

    S01.E09: Candace

    Ethan must be curious why the place has a 'Do not enter' sign on it so regularly in recent years.
  10. Kimmel77

    S05.E06: We Can Find Him

    I was getting weird vibes that he could be Tegan's dad.
  11. Kimmel77

    S01.E06: Amour Fou

    With Peach's death I feel the show has just lost a big part of itself. The show needs someone from with the inner circle (friends or family) to weed out these predators. Also, none of Beck's other friends are smart enough to detect Joe's pervy nature...so its now up to the Police to close the net on him. Not sure if I was right, but did Peaches & Raj use sex toys because they are both gay (knowingly)? and it was all a ruse to rape Beck? Paco's mom surely will have a role to play in the final few episodes. I was actually surprised to see her featured. I wonder if she knows Joe's true nature having lived next to him for so long. Blackmail for end of season, I hope.
  12. Kimmel77

    S01.E01 Pilot

    Felt 'pretty' and very comedic, too much so that it made demon hunting Ghostbusters like. There needs to be more overarching story for me apart from Demons coming after them for the sake of coming after them. Interesting angle with not trusting the whitelighter. Doubt they would do anything dark with that like Harry killed their original whitelighter because he wanted to prove himself as a whitelighter after being disgraced.
  13. Kimmel77

    Dispatches from K'un L'un: Iron Fist In The Press

    Season 2 was worse than season 1 I believe. The producers couldn't bring this show alive and give its own personality.
  14. Kimmel77

    Magnum P.I. (2018)

    Was looking forward to this but it failed to grab my attention. The set up on why Magnum was so special and was needed in the area was lost on me. His friends, though they were given designated specialties, had no character or flair to them. The British woman is just a British woman too. This show hasn't got much going for me to want to tune back in.
  15. Kimmel77

    S01.E03: Maybe

    With the way the show depicts Beck, I can't really get a grip on her character. I'm hoping she is a lot more calculated rather than reactive to her situations. It would really shatter Joe's illusions and make him question what he has sacrificed for her. Interesting to see how that works out on the show as well. With Peach's getting suspicious (and with her money), I can see her easily getting a private investigator to check out Joe's past rather than doing it herself. But that would be too easy and too quick for a show like this so she may well become a sleuth all on her own. I think he killed the original bookstore owner but has the ex-girlfriend caged up somewhere. Don't think Joe kills his obsessions.